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[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

A true gift from nature, Hoodia Gordonii is a supplement that promotes weight loss. Hoodia Gordonii is a succulent plant native to South Africa and Asia. Indigenous populations, notably the Khoi-San, traditionally used it as an appetite suppressant and thirst quencher during long hunting expeditions that they carried out in difficult environments. These appetite suppressant qualities have made Hoodia Gordonii one of the most sought-after weight loss supplements on the market. In the following lines, I tell you about the plant, the forms of supplements available, its uses, and why it is so popular.

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From the history of Hoodia Gordonii, to specialist opinions

In 1937, a Dutch anthropologist studying the San Bushmen tribe noted that they used Hoodia to suppress the appetite. In 1963, scientists at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), South Africa’s national laboratory, began studying the plant. They claimed that laboratory animals lost weight after receiving Hoodia supplements. South African scientists, working with a British company called Phytopharm, have isolated what they believe to be the active ingredient in Hoodia Gordonii, a steroidal glycoside, which they have called p57. After obtaining a patent in 1995, they licensed the use of p57 by Phytopharm.

According to analysts, Phytopharm spent more than $20 million on research into this fast-delivery supplement. Eventually, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer expressed interest in developing a drug based on this plant, which appears to be just as expensive. In 1998, Phytopharm sold the rights to develop p57 to Pfizer for $21 million. Ultimately, Pfizer returned the rights to Phytopharm, which now works with Unilever.

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Much of the hype around Hoodia began after 60 Minutes correspondent Leslie Stahl and her team traveled to Africa to try the product. They hired a local Bushman to go with them into the desert and pick some Hoodia. Stahl ate it and felt the plant had the texture of a cucumber. She reported that she lost the desire to eat or drink throughout the day. She also said she didn’t experience any immediate side effects, such as indigestion or heart palpitations.

Hoodia Gordonii, a plant like no other
Hoodia Gordonii, a plant like no other

Description of the plant

Hoodia Gordonii is a succulent, fleshy plant in the Apocynaceae family. It is native to the Kalahari Desert in Africa. In the opinion of botanists, it is found mainly in South Africa, but also in Botswana, Namibia and Angola. The plant is often confused with a cactus due to the resemblance, but it is actually a succulent plant.

Hoodia Gordonii can reach 50 cm in height and has fleshy, ribbed and thorny stems. It emits a foul odor similar to rotting flesh to attract flies to flowers and aid pollination. Hoodia Gordonii flowers are purple and it can take up to five years for them to appear. Only at this stage can the plant be harvested. Because of this long lead time and its rarity, commercial products made from Hoodia Gordonii tend to have a rather high price.

Mode of action

Hoodia Gordonii supplements are made from the fleshy part of the stem. Formal research into the properties of began in the 1960s, but it was not until 1977 that the active ingredient, responsible for suppressing appetite, was isolated by the South African Scientific Research Council and industrial. This substance, known as P57, is a steroidal glycoside oxypregnane that increases the amount of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in the body.

In the opinion of biologists, ATP is a nucleotide that, when broken down, releases energy that the body can use during metabolic processes. A high level of ATP will cause the hypothalamus to send a signal to the brain so the body knows it has enough food. Hoodia works by tricking the body into feeling full, which helps curb appetite and reduce calorie intake. Glucose also increases ATP levels and suppresses appetite but, unlike glucose, P57 does not contain calories.

According to nutritionists, one of the most common obstacles to weight loss is poor habits related to food. These habits can take the form of excessive snacking, late dinners, overconsumption, or poor food choices. Many people simply have trouble curbing their appetite. Using an appetite suppressant like Hoodia as part of a comprehensive weight loss plan, which includes a balanced diet and exercise, can help the patient eat less and force the body to use fat as a source of energy. Are you interested in the mode of action of this capsule? I offer you alternative and compared products in my comparative article right here !

The effectiveness of Hoodia Gordonii has led to the proliferation of supplements and cosmetics based on inferior extracts on the market. It is important to ensure that the supplements you purchase come from reputable sources and are of organic origin.

As a reminder : Unique Hoodia is no longer available for sale, the article is preserved for information purposes!
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Hoodia Gordonii: effectiveness confirmed by research

In addition to its historical cultural use and anecdotal popularity among naturopaths, Hoodia has also been studied in various clinical settings. The findings of these studies support the appetite-suppressing mechanism of Hoodia Gordonii and suggest that it may be effective as a weight control supplement if used with calorie restriction and a healthy lifestyle.

David MacLean, an adjunct associate professor at Brown University and former researcher at Pfizer, published a report in Brain Research on September 10, 2004 documenting his study to determine whether P57 had an effect on the amount of hypothalamic ATP in the body. In his study, MacLean collected the hypothalamus from a group of fetal rats. A separate group of rats were injected with P57 directly into their brains and their hypothalamus was collected 24 hours later. Comparing the two, MacLean found that rats injected with P57 had 5 to 150 percent higher levels of hypothalamic ATP. Additionally, another aspect of MacLean’s study involved injecting P57 into the third ventricle. In these rats, increases in ATP of the order of 40 to 60% were observed.

Richard M. Goldfarb, medical director of Bucks County Clinical Research, conducted a first-of-its-kind efficacy study of DEX-L10, a nutritional supplement based on Hoodia Gordonii. Goldfarb’s study consisted of seven obese participants who were instructed to take two capsules per day, while also eating a balanced breakfast and a multivitamin complex. The participants’ other eating and exercise habits were not changed. The results at the end of the 28-day study were astounding. Most participants experienced a calorie reduction within a few days, meaning they ate less food. Goldfarb observed a 3.3% reduction in body weight and a median weight loss of ten pounds.

Several studies have been carried out on the subject

Hoodia Gordonii Products

Due to the overwhelming demand, many companies and laboratories have developed pills, capsules, supplements and other products containing Hoodia Gordonii. It would be wise to learn more about these products and their benefits.

Hoodia Gordonii tea

In the opinion of enthusiasts, this tea is one of the most reliable and popular products based on Hoodia Gordonii. Its effectiveness is great and its action rapid. In addition, no adverse effects have been observed so far. It is a shredded, dried form of the plant that can be consumed like tea by steeping it in hot water. Most teas available on the market are rarely made from pure extracts. They are usually mixed with green tea and other herbs.

Hoodia Gordonii supplements

These supplements are dietary supplements that primarily contain Hoodia, along with other ingredients. They are used for weight loss. These supplements, due to their Hoodia Gordonii content, give the feeling of a full stomach and therefore lead to loss of appetite. This in turn leads to lower food intake and utilization of stored fat, which induces subsequent weight loss. Unlike many other weight loss supplements, it is safer in the sense that it does not contain artificial stimulants.

  • Hoodia Complex

Hoodia Complex is a medical preparation that combines Hoodia Gordonii with other herbs and is intended to suppress hunger and appetite, while revitalizing the body and providing it with antioxidants. In addition to Hoodia extracts, it contains vitamins, some minerals, green tea, St. John’s wort, cocoa seeds, garcinia, Gymnema leaves, as well as compounds like sorbitol and stearic acid. The composition of Hoodia Complex may, however, vary depending on the manufacturer.

hoodia plants
  • Hoodia Pops

Hoodia Pops are lollipops containing extracts of Hoodia and other plant extracts. These candies are artificially flavored and sweetened. Hoodia Pops have become very popular among celebrities these days, not only because they help in weight loss, but also due to the fact that they are within easy reach. These candies help with weight loss in two ways. Firstly, the presence of Hoodia in them helps curb the appetite and secondly, they keep the mouth busy so that the patient does not think about eating.

  • Hoodia Dex-L10 Gordonii

Due to very high demand around the world, Laboratoires Nutralab Inc. has developed a range of products called Hoodia Gordonii Dex, better known as Hoodia Dex-L10. These products include Hoodia Dex-L10 Basic Diet Pills, Hoodia Dex-L10 Complete (a blend of Hoodia with some herbs), and Hoodia Dex-L10 Gordonii Soft Chews.

As a reminder : Unique Hoodia is no longer available for sale, the article is preserved for information purposes!

How to buy Hoodia?

Target News’ Mike Adams estimates that about 80 percent of so-called Hoodia products currently purchased by consumers are mixed with other ingredients or don’t even contain extracts of the plant. Additionally, many delivered products do not contain a high enough dose to be effective.

The scarcity of Hoodia is the reason why there is such a high proportion of counterfeit and contaminated products. All products containing hoodia must be CITES (Convention of International Trade on Endangered Species) certified. It is an international agreement between governments to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten their survival. This document is required to sell Hoodia products. It is used to verify that it was obtained through legal means. Thus, displaying such a certificate by supplement retailers is one of the ways consumers can confirm the authenticity of the product they are purchasing. However, it has been reported that some products have counterfeit CITES certificates.

Experts say even when companies can produce a certificate, some companies may have submitted a real lab sample to obtain the seal of authenticity and then used adulterated Hoodia in production. Some nutritional supplement companies might not even know they’re using fake products because they don’t independently test their products.

Aspects to Consider When Purchasing and Shipping Hoodia

The price

Price is a factor that must be taken into account. Consumers all love to hunt for deals, but the old adage that you get what you pay for rings true here. Hoodia Gordonii is rare and expensive. It takes about 5 to 7 years for the plant to mature and provide good quality supplements. Price is therefore a good starting point when considering purchasing a Hoodia supplement. There would be two basic reasons for cheap Hoodia supplements: either the diet pill does not contain real Hoodia extracts, or it contains very low amounts of active ingredients.

People who look at buying guides, user reviews and price comparisons on the Internet should be very careful. Most of these sites were created secretly by companies selling. They explain why other companies’ products are inferior, even though there are no reports showing their own products are more effective.

The label

You must carefully read the label of the product you want to buy. When reading the product label, you will need to pay attention to several important points. Does the label specify which part of the plant is used? The European Nutrition Supplement Regulatory Authority requires supplement companies to clearly indicate what part of Hoodia Gordonii has been used in the product. The product to be purchased must be formulated from extracts of the aerial parts. If the product label does not indicate which part of the plant is used, then one can be sure that either the manufacturer is using insufficient quantities or that the product does not contain Hoodia.

The quality of the ingredients

Does this weight loss pill contain other ingredients, or just pure Hoodia Gordonii extract? According to experts, there are many products that contain additional ingredients and stimulants such as caffeine and green tea. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, the question is, are these additional ingredients available in sufficient quantities to produce tangible results? The main function of Hoodia is to suppress the appetite, resulting in reduced calorie consumption leading to weight loss. If appetite suppression is the desired effect, then opting for a pure product with no added ingredients is the best choice.

Caffeine, a complementary stimulant to Hoodia Gordonii
Caffeine, a complementary stimulant to Hoodia Gordonii

Side effects

In the opinion of scientists, there have been no extensive clinical trials that have thoroughly examined the safety of Hoodia as a nutritional supplement. Although, apparently, African tribesmen who chew the plant do not have side effects, it must be remembered that there are large differences between population groups. Likewise, tribe members are unlikely to take high blood pressure tablets or other medications.

Side effects reported so far include anxiety, high blood pressure, feelings of nervousness, gastrointestinal problems and increased bleeding. Suppression of appetite can lead to malnutrition. In the opinion of specialists, components other than the active ingredient P57 could affect liver function. This action on the liver could thus interact with certain medications taken by the patient.

People with diabetes should exercise caution when using Hoodia, as one of the suggested theories is that it exerts its effect by interfering with blood sugar feedback mechanisms. Without proper regulation, it is possible for blood sugar levels to drop to dangerously low levels because the active ingredient has tricked the brain into believing that blood sugar levels are sufficient.

It is probably best for pregnant women, those who are breastfeeding, children, and people with liver or kidney disease to refrain from using this product, as its safety in these groups has not yet been established. been established. Since Hoodia has the potential to suppress thirst, it is likely that the patient will experience severe dehydration. It is therefore strongly recommended to drink large quantities of water. There are stories of shepherds in Africa who took medicine to relieve hunger, but died of dehydration because they were not thirsty.

Precautions for use

Prescription medications containing hoodia or its synthetic derivative P57 are still not yet available on the market. The products currently available are nutritional supplements. People who decide to use this appetite suppressant should talk to their doctor. You should then choose a tested and good quality product. You should also make sure that it comes from a reputable company.


Patients start by using 1 capsule one hour before lunch and 1 capsule one hour before dinner daily for the first two weeks. When the appetite suppressant effect occurs, it is recommended to take only one capsule per day. Always follow the instructions of a qualified healthcare professional. It is recommended to start with 800 to 1500 mg per day of Hoodia extract and gradually increase the dose up to 4500 mg per day, which is generally the maximum amount allowed per day. In any case, the doses recommended by the manufacturers should always be followed.

People suffering from anorexia, bulimia or other eating disorders should avoid using this nutritional supplement. The same applies to children under 18 and people who suffer from a blood clotting disorder. Likewise, people with depression, diabetes, and heart problems should avoid this medication if possible. A person who has liver problems, breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women should not use this type of supplement.

Hoodia Gordonii is worth considering by people looking for a natural weight loss supplement designed to suppress appetite. The different Hoodia Gordonii supplements on the market, however, do not have the same value and certain precautions should be taken to avoid being fooled. Supplements based on Hoodia Gordonii have over time proven their effectiveness in clinical studies. They safely suppress appetite without producing harmful side effects.

However, it is important that taking these supplements is combined with a balanced weight loss program that includes regular exercise, a healthy and nutritious diet and plenty of rest. In these times when obesity has turned into a global epidemic threatening the health systems of various countries, Hoodia Gordonii represents a real godsend. However, it is urgent to find suitable techniques for cultivating this plant, because wild populations are threatened with extinction due to excessive harvesting.

As a reminder : Unique Hoodia is no longer available for sale, the article is preserved for information purposes!

The alternatives

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