Why You Should Try Apple Vinegar?

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

Few people know it, but organic apple vinegar is a excellent product for the skin. Far from creams and other products on sale, apple vinegar (or cider vinegar) is an entirely natural product that is easy to buy or make yourself. The ingredients contained in it have positive effects on the skin. Plus, it costs less than many facial products that offer the same positive effects. Among his major roles: deep facial cleansing as well as the fight against acne and age spots.

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Organic apple vinegar, a pH regulator

The pH of the skin is an important factor in the premature aging of cells. As the first barrier against external elements, the skin is subject to a lot of stress. Even more so in our Western civilization where pollutants are everywhere around us. Thus, the atmospheric pollution caused by car emissions is a key factor in the deterioration of the epidermis.

To help the skin fight these attacks, apple vinegar is a very good solution. Thanks to this product, you will be able to control excess oil on your skin. By removing this layer produced by the body, you will succeed in balancing pH levels to avoid daily attacks (pollution, for example).

Indeed, having a balanced pH is synonymous with protection and health. It is also the best solution to fight other “diseases” such as acne. So, a spot treatment with vinegar will help your skin in the medium term. So there is no need to apply it every day, you just need to alternate a treatment with a period of rest.

Apples in their apple tree
Not all apples make good vinegar

Acne and blackheads

Acne and blackheads are the best known skin ailments. And, it’s not just a question of adolescence where hormones are at work… Blackheads are often skin clogging and spores. Acne, a reaction to external attackss. In all cases, these are markers of daily aggression to the skin… To overcome this, nothing beats a short treatment with apple vinegar! Indeed, it is interesting to realize that this natural product is very rich in malic acid. The latter has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties.

When you massage the skin with it, it will cleanse it deeply and fight bacteria and other dirt lodged on the surface of the skin or in open pores and pores. remove by friction. Likewise, apple vinegar fights infections and other inflammations of the skin while allowing pores to stay clean by eliminating toxins.

Ultimately after a short treatment, the skin on your face will take on a different shade and you will have what we call a “radiant face.”

Age spots and other marks of time

Apple vinegar is rich in compounds called alpha-hydroxy acids which eliminate dead cells from the epidermis. Thanks to them we stimulate blood circulation and oxygenation of areas where the pigmentation of the skin has changed. Moreover, the traditional beauty treatments also always contain them small amounts of this alpha-hydroxy acid.

Speaking of changed pigmentation, age and age spots aren’t the only discolorations skin can experience. The best known of all is the famous “sunburn“, a burn that changes the color of the skin to red. In this case too, apple vinegar can be useful… One of the many benefits of apple cider vinegar is its ability tosoothe the blows of Sun. It’s a natural astringent and organic which allows speed up the healing process. It is also effective against itching, irritation and inflammation caused by sunburn.

In the same vein, apple cider vinegar can help relieveinflammation caused by razor bumps. It contains acetic acid which softens your skin, and helps ingrown hairs grow easily. An ideal product in your bathroom, for you and your man.

Finally, and as with all vinegar, apple vinegar can help you in the event of a sting. Remember grandmother’s famous remedy which consisted of pouring vinegar on a bee sting to soothe the pain. Well, it’s the same for the one made from apples… It also contains acetic acid, the molecule which will play a role in pain (anti-inflammatory property) and against swelling.

Apple vinegar
Apple vinegar has some little-known virtues

What is alpha-hydroxy acid?

Alpha-hydroxy acid is a molecule contained in apple cider vinegar and which allowsremove dead skin cells. These same ingredients are found in facial products and creams that are much more expensive. But the content is much higher in natural cider.

If you want to use organic apple cider vinegar for age spots, simply apply a small amount of diluted apple cider vinegar to your face with a cotton ball. Leave the substance on your face for 20-30 minutes before rinsing, your skin will be as good as new.

Additionally, this substance helps in removing acnes. These acidic substances are formed during the production of vinegar; And, they offer antibacterial and antifungal characteristics effective against skin problems.

Because the vinegar of apple cider is a strong substance, it can harm your skin. You can avoid this by diluting the substance before using it. When applying to your skin, you also need to think about this point so as not to damage it in any other way.

The apple therefore has many benefits just like the banana for example, of which you can discover the benefits !