How to lose weight in your back?

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

There is no magic formula for slimming your back. You need to be patient to achieve your bodybuilding goals. If you want to lose back, sometimes you have to lose weight. Losing back weight quickly is possible for those who have fat deposits. Aesthetics is often the motivation for women and men who do bodybuilding. Whatever the case, a dietary rebalance is essential. I invite you to discover all the secrets of a muscular back in this article.

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Why do we have back fat?

For women, bulges in the back are often a source of self-consciousness. I reassure you, you can eliminate fatty deposits in these areas of the back. Fatty foods and junk food are the direct causes of fat deposits on the back. Losing weight in your back is a real project that must be well prepared. Back fat becomes encrusted with fat from the thighs and stomach. Unsightly back folds are eliminated through exercises and dietary rebalancing.

Lose weight in the back
Back fat can have various causes

Back muscle exercises burn bad fat. However, poor dietary hygiene is responsible for masses of fat all over the body. I recommend that you take care of your intake of quality foods and favor targeted exercises for the back. If your goal of losing weight on your back is difficult, I advise you to ask for help from a bodybuilding and nutrition coach. Their expertise and experience can ease your mind.

You must be well motivated and disciplined to obtain visible and tangible results in a few weeks. If your back fat is not yet too high, you need to do the right exercises and prefer less sugary and fatty foods. These two elements are responsible for metabolic disorders. By reducing them from your body, you eliminate fat stores. Muscle strengthening exercises target areas where back fat is present.

How to get rid of back fat?

The secret to a smooth back depends on your efforts. Losing back involves spending energy to strengthen your back. At first you will have some aches and pains, but don’t give up on exercises to lose back fat. The quality of your muscles will also depend on the quality nutrients you provide them. If your muscles are not adequately nourished, your back may become flabbier than before. You need to change your eating habits.

Good daily dietary hygiene can be enough to lose weight on your back quickly. You should favor certain foods and remove other ingredients from your dishes. Targeted exercises to lose back are important for aesthetics. If you follow a slimming diet without muscle strengthening exercises, the spaces left by fat deposits will add unsightly folds. In short, you need to strengthen your back to extend the skin at the folds.

What sports are there to lose weight on your back quickly?

Most sporting activities work all of the body’s muscles. Back strength exercises allow you to lose back weight quickly. However, some sports target the back muscles and dislodge back fat. Note that physical exercises increase muscle mass. The latter burns bad fats in targeted areas. These few disciplines help you sculpt your back:

  • Front crawl: Swimming is a complete sport in itself. Crawl or back crawl targets the back muscles. The exercises allow you to work your entire back. The results are uniform and the muscles are worked in depth.
The crawl to lose weight on the back
The crawl to lose weight on the back
  • Yoga: Yoga postures allow you to refine your back gently and quickly. It is suitable for those who do not like physical exercises. However, quality nutrition is a key element of your success.
Yoga to strengthen your back
Yoga to strengthen your back
  • Stretching exercises: just like yoga, disciplines like stretching allow you to gently slim your back. Gestures that resemble back stretching exercises refine the back quickly. The repetitions and frequency of exercises must be high to lose back fat quickly.

Muscles increase in size after hours of exercise. Muscle mass develops under specific conditions. The intensity of the exercises and the number of repetitions work in favor of your muscles. It is important to increase the difficulty of the exercises by increasing the duration or using weights. Let your muscles recover and heal with good sleep. Hydration is also vital for your muscles. You should drink 1.5 liters of water per day.

Sport and good dietary hygiene are enough to keep your body healthy and in good condition. Stress, insomnia and even hormones are responsible for metabolic disorders. Fatigue and mood swings can affect your eating habit. In short, your body is disturbed. Fatty and sugary foods are the enemies of the figure and bodybuilding. They may give you comfort, but fatty deposits are real.

Exercises to lose weight in the back

There are targeted exercises to strengthen your back without going to a gym. If your back wrinkles and fat deposits do not require losing weight, you can plan your strength training program at home. To lose weight quickly, I recommend doing cardio before weight training. In addition, targeted exercises to lose back strengthen your muscles and thus prevent many back diseases.

It takes discipline and rigor to obtain results in bodybuilding. It takes at least three weeks to effectively and thoroughly strengthen your back. However, the exercises should be intense and increasingly difficult as the weeks go by. Quality nutrient intake is essential for developing muscle mass. You have to work on these two things to hope to lose back fat quickly. I invite you to carry out these few exercises on a daily basis.

The basin survey

This exercise is famous. It allows you to target the muscles of the buttocks,refine your thighs and strengthen your back. It is also adopted by Pilates and yoga. The movements resemble stretching exercises. You can do it during your moments of relaxation on the bed to further strengthen the parts concerned.

  • Lie on your back on a mat
  • Bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the floor
  • Place your arms alongside your body
  • Inhale and contract your abdominal muscles
  • Exhale and push your pelvis using your feet
  • Inhale and return to the initial position
  • Repeat up to 15 times the first week
  • Increase the number of repetitions over the weeks

Breathing is essential for all physical activities. It helps oxygenate your muscles during exercise. This increases their endurance throughout weight training sessions and at the same time boosts muscle development.

Basin survey
Basin survey

Back extension

This exercise helps you lose weight in your back by stretching your back muscles. It also works the glutes, thighs and legs. The creases in the back fade as you exercise. I recommend learning the moves before starting your home workout program.

  • Lie on your stomach with your feet together
  • Place your arms alongside your body
  • Press your shoulders to the ground
  • Inhale and lift your head and torso off the ground
  • Try to stretch as much as possible while keeping your arms at your sides.
  • Exhale and slowly return to your starting position
  • Repeat up to 15 times after the first week
  • Increase the number of sets every week
Back extension
Back extension

Swimming on all fours

Losing weight in your back is not that difficult if you do all the exercises correctly. This exercise is very effective for quickly strengthening your back. It is adopted by physiotherapists to strengthen the back muscles. It works the gluteal, abdominal and arm muscles.

  • Get on all fours
  • Keep your back straight, inhale and contract your abdominals,
  • straighten your right arm and left leg at the same time
  • Find the balance point
  • Exhale and return to the initial position
  • Repeat the same postures for the left arm and right leg
  • Repeat up to 15 times for each limb

Losing back fat quickly requires daily muscle strengthening work. Muscles increase in size and burn fat deposits with intense exercise. I recommend that you seek the advice of a bodybuilding and nutrition coach if your back slimming goals are more difficult.

Swimming on all fours
Swimming on all fours

How to lose weight on your back without sport?

You can lose back fat by rebalancing your diet and doing targeted exercises to build muscle in depth. Diet alone is not enough to slim down your back. The voids left by fat deposits must be filled with muscle. Without exercise, the folds can become larger and flabbier. Protein-rich foods can fuel your muscles, but it takes intense exercise to build muscle mass.

Diet to lose weight on the back

Dietary rebalancing is essential for any bodybuilding program. It is important to follow a healthy diet enriched with quality nutrients to develop your muscles in the best conditions. The principle is simple, you must adopt a balanced diet, less fat and sugar. Note that everything that is good for your figure is also good for your health and well-being.

  • Proteins: I recommend that you favor plant-based proteins such as lentils, chickpeas, tofus, etc. However, you can eat animal protein sources such as fish and eggs. Try to ban meat and dairy products.
  • Carbohydrates: Direct sugars or bad sugars should be eliminated from your daily life. You can replace them with foods with a low glycemic index. Fresh sugar-free juices, dark chocolate and wholemeal bread provide you with the carbohydrates necessary for the body.
  • Lipids: You should favor good fats and forget about butters, creams and all kinds of fatty foods. Instead, choose fatty fish (rich in essential fatty acids including omega-3 and omega-6), seeds, vegetable oils, avocados, etc.

Targeted back exercises are effective in removing unsightly folds and other fat deposits. They help you prevent back problems. A healthy and varied diet should be adopted to avoid stocks of bad fats in the back and throughout the body. The best thing would be to develop your muscles to improve your figure.