What medication to lose weight?

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

Many of us are looking for a miracle product to lose weight. Some have already tried diets, but have not yet achieved their goal, while others are in a much more hurry and have preferred to turn to medication. However, not all substances are necessarily effective and, moreover, certain products have been withdrawn from the market because of their harmful effects on health. So what medication to lose weight? Focus on the subject…

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Appetite suppressants

When we talk about weight loss medication, we immediately think of appetite suppressant pills, allowing you to reduce cravings and therefore the portions consumed. And, indeed, by reducing the quantity of meals, appetite suppressant products can be effective for weight loss. However, in drug form, there are practically no (anymore) appetite suppressants authorized on the market. According to the French health authorities, these “anorectics” are, in fact, too risky. This being said, many products based on natural elements are now available and make it possible to limit appetite more simply.

We can notably cite the Pectiligne appetite suppressant squares from Nutreov, which are based on apple pectin, the fucus capsules from Naturege laboratories, or even the Garcinia Cambogia More Maxmedix. Be careful, moreover, with medications misused as appetite suppressants such as Prozac or Epitomax. Although they can reduce feelings of hunger, their health effects can, in fact, be dangerous. The best thing is to always seek advice from a doctor before taking any product.

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Fat burners

Those looking for a weight loss medication can also opt for fat burning products. These medications fight directly against the storage of fats and also promote their destruction. They exist in the form of pills, ampoules or even herbal teas, among others. Fat burners can be really effective for losing weight, provided that the treatment is combined with a more balanced diet. Weight loss is, in fact, only palpable if we limit the absorption of fat in the body. And for those who want to have express results, practicing sport will only accelerate the process even more.

Many fat burners are now available in pharmacies, and can be purchased without a prescription. The liporeducing Lipophédrine helps in particular with the elimination of fat in the body, just like Liporédux from Forte Pharma, or the Fat Sensor from XL-S Medical. And then, there is also the slimming drug Alli ®, which absorbs fat, but whose side effects still leave doubts.

Meal replacements

But since snacking is one of the main causes of obesity, it can also be combatted via substitute products. It is then a question of consuming lighter foods, but which at the same time provide a good satiety effect, during snacks and meals. These foods can be natural such as low-fat dairy products or fruits, among others, but there are also substitute products that are sold in pharmacies.

These weight loss medications have been specially designed so that we avoid meals that are too fatty or too high in calories. Among others, we can notably cite the meal replacement Linéavi, which is low-calorie and is sold in powder form, capsules raspberry Ketone pure from MaxMedix, composed mainly of fruit, or the express meal chocolate or caramel bars from Milical.


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Homeopathic slimming products

Apart from medications sold in pharmacies, homeopathic solutions can also help you lose weight. These products can act as an appetite suppressant, fat burner, or even metabolism stimulator. To refine the size, you can follow a treatment based on Pilosella (mother tincture) for 3 weeks, at a rate of 20 drops 3 times a day. Ignatia amara granules helps fight against cravings, while Thuya occidentalis granules helps avoid water retention in the thighs and buttocks. Many other remedies are offered in homeopathy to lose weight and, moreover, these products are sold ready to use in specialized stores. To find out which products are best suited, however, it is wiser to consult the advice of a specialist.

What medication to lose weight, that is the question!

So, what is the best weight loss medication?

Despite the different products available on the market, you must keep in mind that THE drug to lose weight does not exist. These solutions are, in fact, proposed to only support the process, but do not consist of weight loss treatments. To lose weight quickly and healthily, it is necessary to eat a light and balanced diet and to exercise regularly. The medications will then serve as a complement to achieve the best results. In all cases, do not hesitate to consult a specialist for advice.