Tips for a spring diet, adapted according to the principles of Chinese dietetics

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

Here are some tips from Chinese medicine to better listen to your body and in harmony with nature because in Chinese dietetics it is spring until April 25 and the season of Liver season!
Indeed, the days are getting longer, nature is waking up, the seeds are starting to germinate and we must therefore align ourselves with this energy of exteriorization, of growth! It is important to plan and bring your projects to fruition and all this with patience and moderation!

Before reading on

I’m not an expert in this field, but I am passionate about nutrition and health.

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The element associated with spring is the drink.
It is the sap that rises after winter, the awakening of nature. This season compares Man to a seed getting ready to emerge from the ground.

THE organs associated with the season will be the liver and gallbladder, themselves linked to the eyes and sight.
We also regularly observe reactions at this level with spring allergies (watery and itchy eyes).

L’emotion spring is here anger which is connected to liver .
This energy of anger will have several influences on our emotions.

So, if we experience excess energy during spring, we will feel irritable, impatient, we may lose sleep, we will have red eyes, migraines, hypertension or even hyperthyroidism.

If, on the other hand, the energy linked to spring is insufficient, we may feel anxiety, poor digestion, fatigue or hypotension.
Acupressure can help you find this balance and treat any allergies!
Practices such as Qi gong, Tai chi, yoga, meditation can also help you.

Some food tips for spring

  • Avoid overeating as this weakens the Spleen and Stomach and concentrates energy inside.
  • Favor young shoots, new vegetables, young meats (lamb, etc.) and prefer wok-fried, steamed, lightly salted cooking, with foods such as wild garlic or even sprouted seeds.
  • Avoid excesses (fats, alcohol, sugars), as the liver and spleen will be particularly sensitive to them.
  • We will favor green foods (color of the season) such as green vegetables and green tea.

Regarding the choice of foods according to their nature:

A small amount of acidic foods to nourish the Yin of the liver: apricot, porcini mushroom, spring onion, lemon, quince, strawberry, guava, pomegranate, azuki beans, kiwi, kumquat, fermented milk, lychee, tangerine, mango, orange, sorrel, grapefruit, peach, pear, apple, chicken, plum, grape, sesame, tomato and vinegar.

Pungent flavor to promote the movement of exteriorization: garlic, alcohol, dill, oats, star anise, basil, cinnamon, cardamom, caraway, celery, cabbage, chives, cloves, coriander, turmeric, fennel, ginger, cloves, kumquat, mint, millet, mustard, nutmeg, turnip, onion, oregano, peach, pigeon, chili, pistachio, leek, pepper, radish, soy and thyme.

Mild flavor to release tension in muscles and tendons; prevent blockages; protect and strengthen the spleen and stomach: beef, wheat, carrot, shitake mushroom, pumpkin, date, yam, jujube, lentil, corn, nuts, chicken egg, onion, pea, chickpea, pear, potato , pumpkin, rice, sugar (small quantity).

Physical activity side

Walking is best suited to spring, because it does not put too much strain on the respiratory tract, which is already damaged by pollen!

Some dietary advice for the off-season from April 24 to May 17

It’s the season ofelement Earth and theSpleen/stomach organ. The earth is the center of all living things. This element is found in the middle of each of the four seasons. It represents the Indian summer or the off-season, the humidity, the middle of life. It is also the mild flavor, there yellow color.

Regarding the choice of foods according to their nature

This is a time when you should eat light and bland flavor foods which are natural diuretics and eliminate dampness:

  • green beans, squash, watermelon, zucchini, cucumber;
  • barley, red beans.

Use lots of herbs and mild spices (cumin, curry, etc.) to promote spleen function and transform humidity.
The foods of neutral nature and mild flavor are also required:

  • vegetables: pepper, corn, carrot, peas, fennel;
  • fruits: banana, pear, apple juice, cherries, coconut;
  • proteins: beef, veal, cheese (a little because it is moisturizing);
  • others: bread (sourdough), nuts, rapeseed oil, cinnamon.

The spring season is the time of renewal, of change.

It’s a pretty tiring season for the body. You must therefore adapt your diet and your pace, gently, get back to basics and reconnect with nature: walks in the forest, gardening, etc.

Chase away the ruminations of winter which weaken the spleen and recharge your batteries in the sun as soon as possible!