Lose weight without dieting

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

Does your eating behavior seem unsatisfactory to you? Are you no longer eating out of hunger? You no longer find yourself in the adage “eat to live and not live to eat”?

Before reading on

I’m not an expert in this field, but I am passionate about nutrition and health.

The articles you’ll find on my site are the result of in-depth research that I’d like to share with you. However, I would like to stress that I am not a health professional and that my advice should in no way replace that of a qualified physician. I’m here to guide you, but it’s important that you consult a professional for specific questions or medical concerns. Your well-being is important. So be sure to consult the appropriate experts and take the best possible care of yourself.

What you need is to find a regulated eating behavior in order to find your balance weight, a weight that corresponds to your needs, which you can achieve and stabilize through effort, without dieting!

How ? I invite you to get back to basics: your eating sensations.

In this article: no diet! As a Dietitian, Psycho Nutritionist, I will give you my tips for losing weight without dieting.

Without exerting yourself, gently and with kindness, modify your eating behavior in depth.

The calculation is simple, to lose weight sustainably you need to change your eating behavior. You can start by asking yourself what leads you to overeat? Stress, boredom, emotional lack, lack of confidence, esteem,…

But then what is “eating behavior” you ask me?

First of all, it’s about knowing what foods you eat and in what quantity, your food beliefs which influence your choices, the attention you pay to your food sensations (hunger, fullness) or even the effect of your emotions about the way you eat.

My first piece of advice: start by measuring your progress based on the evolution of your eating behavior rather than based on your weight (and that number on the scale that can make you unhappy). Of course it is possible to lose weight through an act of will (in particular by depriving yourself), but this success will only be temporary. Conversely, you can progress with your eating behavior without (perhaps) losing weight at the beginning but by implementing beneficial behaviors in the long term. These benefits will ultimately make you lose weight really and sustainably.

And when the number matters so much? Well I advise you to weigh yourself once a month, no more. This is enough to see your efforts over time, letting your body regulate the natural variations in your weight.

losing weight

Perhaps today you are forbidding certain high-calorie foods that you enjoy? I do not recommend reintroducing them immediately, without prior preparation. Take the time to gradually reintroduce these “taboo” foods over time and as you progress, this will prevent you from risking breakdown!

In this article I am not offering you rules to follow drastically like in a draconian diet. No ! But to adopt new habits that will help you lose weight naturally, without depriving yourself and therefore without dieting!

My 3 tips for losing weight without frustration and without dieting

Tip 1: Organize yourself differently!

To lose weight sustainably and effectively you need to know how to be organized, so yes we can say that everything is a question of organization.

You can start, for example, tidying up your fridge and your kitchen: did you know that a tidy kitchen prevents snacking? Organize your closets.

Then you could try changing the cutlery: eat your meals on small dessert plates or use Chinese chopsticks. A smaller portion on a smaller plate will help you eat less, without feeling frustrated, just like chopsticks which will force you to slow down.

And your wardrobe? Sort it out. This will ease your mind, get rid of your clothes that are too small, “test jeans” and other guilt-inducing clothing! Then, take a nice little walk outside, of at least 30 minutes, to free yourself for good.

Of course if your heart and wallet tell you something, a little shopping session could also do you good.

And finally, plan your meals. You can list your menus in advance, according to your wishes, then do your shopping according to it! This will save you time and money, while simplifying your life.

Tip 2: To lose weight, you have to love eating!

Don’t fight your food cravings. On the contrary, honor your hunger! Eating helps you stock up on energy to be in great shape and nourish your body. So eat when you are hungry, when you are hungry, with pleasure and in full awareness. Take the time to enjoy your meals, your snacks and your chocolate bars!

Above all, eat without depriving yourself and even your favorite foods. Yes ! Stop frustrations of all kinds.

But above all, stop eating when you are no longer hungry, that’s the secret, when you no longer experience pleasure in eating your meal it’s time to stop (respect gustatory satiation).

What if at breakfast and you’re not hungry? Skip the meal! You understand, losing weight without dieting is above all about listening to you!! There is nothing more respectful for your body than listening to its sensations and needs.

Beautiful girl drinking coffee or tea near the window

Tip 3: Sweetness rhymes with slowness

Want something sweet? Chocolate, dessert cream, sweets? Or are you more into chips and cold meats? Do you need to comfort yourself in winter or in case of fatigue or a little depression? Don’t deprive yourself of it. As we have said, stop the frustration!

Just learn to eat your sweetness slowly, quietly, breathing, taking breaks, putting down your cutlery. Take the time to sit down, prepare your pleasure food (on a plate, with a glass of water, infusion or coffee), face a window and savor and chew.

It’s called tasting, with pleasure and without guilt.

Also treat your body to some treats: a good massage, a good bath, a physical activity that you enjoy. It is your entire fleshly envelope that I invite you to take care of.

Relearn slowness with breathing, focusing on the present moment for a few moments, in full awareness.

You will have understood, losing weight without dieting means taking the time to listen to yourself, offering yourself gentleness, kindness, as if you were taking care of your body in the same way as that of your best friend).