Fat burner VS appetite suppressant: similarities and differences

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

A fat burner and an appetite suppressant are both products aimed at people wishing to lose pounds or control their weight. They thus accompany a slimming diet and allow you to optimize the expected result. However, their actions are very different and they do not have the same effect on your diet. Discover their similarities and differences.

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What is a fat burner?

A fat burner is a product in powder or tablet form that helps eliminate excess fat in your body. Please note, this is by no means a miracle pill. It remains, in fact, ineffective without the effort on your part to adopt a healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle and regular physical exercise.

Fat burner vs appetite suppressant
A fat burner helps eliminate fatty masses

What is an appetite suppressant?

As its name suggests, an appetite suppressant is an anorexigenic medication used to eliminate the feeling of hunger. To ensure this essential function, it acts on the central nervous system and prevents it from transmitting signals of desire or even the need to eat. So it makes you lose your appetite and makes you feel full by consuming just a small amount of food.

What do fat burners and appetite suppressants have in common?

Stimulation of hormonal reactions

These two weight loss substances stimulate hormonal reactions in your body. The fat burner uses one of its active ingredients to secrete epinephrine in large quantities. Which destroys the fatty acids released into the blood. The hormone then transforms the broken down fat into energy.

As for the appetite suppressant, it stimulates the massive production of the satiety hormone called leptin. In addition to regulating appetite, this hormone also acts to increase energy expenditure even during sleep. High leptin levels force the brain to limit the urge to swallow quantities.

An essential role in a weight loss program

A fat burner like an appetite suppressant prevents you from gaining weight and helps you eliminate excess pounds. For fat burning, you can enjoy the pleasure of eating as long as the calorie intake of your diet remains low. You should also do a little sport at the same time.

For the anorectic drug, its action on reducing appetite helps you to do without snacking between main meals. Additionally, you will easily avoid heavy foods. All the conditions are there to make you lose your little bulges.

The differences between a fat burner and an appetite suppressant

Their nature and presentation

Fat burner is a food supplement generally presented in the form of a tablet to be administered orally. It is often used as a medicine to treat certain obesity problems.

The appetite suppressant, also called a weight loss pill, can be a dietary supplement or a complete food. It comes in several forms: pill, powder, drink, etc. It meets the needs of those who want to lose weight quickly.

Their effects on your diet

The fat burner is not involved in regulating your appetite. Therefore, it is unable to prevent the accumulation of excess calories in your body if you do not follow a healthy diet. Its role would rather be to subsequently eliminate the fats stored in the tissues. It then acts as a treatment, but not as a preventive medicine.

As for the appetite suppressant, everything is clear. Your appetite is limited, you will eat less and you will avoid weight gain. With a diet that is more qualitative than quantitative, you will more easily reach your ideal weight.

Fat burner vs appetite suppressant
The appetite suppressant acts on your hunger and satiety

Their actions in your body

The fat burner eliminates fat following a very specific process: the lipophysis phenomenon. This involves capturing fatty acid molecules and transforming them into free fatty acids, which are easier to discard. An active substance in the medication ensures this role. This is usually caffeine. The other ingredients nevertheless participate in the essential function of the product on melting fat by preventing these fats from entering the blood.

THE powerful, effective fat burners without harmful effects usually contain a large number of natural elements in their composition. They are more suitable for slow slimming diets that last at least 3 months.

The appetite suppressant delivers an action almost similar to that of certain drugs. It makes you more active, more alert and significantly reduces your appetite. It is sometimes more powerful than the fat burner. It may increase your blood pressure or heart rate.

In some cases, the user also feels great fatigue linked to taking an appetite suppressant and sometimes even a feeling of dry mouth. To avoid these side effects while still benefiting from the benefits of your weight loss pill, choose your product carefully. THE best appetite suppressant gives you great relief and does not cause any frustration linked to your slimming treatment. It must be proven effective and non-dangerous by several clinical trials.