Colloidal silver with many virtues

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

What is it about ?

Colloidal silver is an ionic solution of colorless liquid silver. The water used is first ultra-purified and 99.99% pure silver electrodes are immersed in it in order to produce this colloidal silver. According to medical literature, this colloid is very slightly golden, proof of its quality, and it is also injectable. This solution remains effective for at least 6 weeks. Keeping it in the dark can easily extend this period to a good year.

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Colloidal silver hydrates, heals, soothes…

L’colloidal silver is a mixed lotion because it concerns both men and women: as an aftershave, the lotion soothes, disinfects and heals. When removing makeup, it cleanses and moisturizes. The lotion is applied to cotton then to the skin or sprayed directly onto it. Its use does not cause any particular problems. It is an almost tasteless solution that must be taken as a drink to treat certain illnesses such as parasitosis, spring fatigue, etc. In the eyes, it will be useful during conjunctivitis as well as other inflammatory or irritative conditions. In fact, washing every natural orifice of the body is possible. Rinsing the nose is particularly beneficial for soothing colds, for example.

Colloidal silver

A food supplement

It is a natural product which strengthens the immune system. It destroys viruses, bacteria, mycoses, fungi. It can therefore be used for “small” pathologies such as angina, gastro, warts, fungus, acne, etc. It is also gradually being recommended by doctors in the treatment of more serious pathologies such as Lyme disease, cancer (in addition to chemo), crohn’s disease… In some hospitals, doctors apply silver-based dressings to the burns of severe burn victims.

Used as a simple cosmetic product

When applied to the skin it will have a good effect on acne, warts, open wounds, plantar fungus, for example. Colloidal silver can also be used as a simple cosmetic product. It is then a cleansing and moisturizing lotion. Colloidal silver has the property of disinfecting so it destroys the bacteria or microbes responsible for skin impurities (herpes, acne, rosacea, etc.). It also soothes and hydrates. Sensitive, very dry, irritated and burned skin particularly appreciates it.