Going on an express diet: I’ll tell you about it

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

Do you need to lose weight quickly? If so, the express diet is for you. You lose those extra pounds and refine your figure in a few days, or even one or two weeks. No more. Find out what specialists offer to help you lose weight without ruining your health.

Before reading on

I’m not an expert in this field, but I am passionate about nutrition and health.

The articles you’ll find on my site are the result of in-depth research that I’d like to share with you. However, I would like to stress that I am not a health professional and that my advice should in no way replace that of a qualified physician. I’m here to guide you, but it’s important that you consult a professional for specific questions or medical concerns. Your well-being is important. So be sure to consult the appropriate experts and take the best possible care of yourself.

The principle of the express diet

Presentation of the method

The express diet is the term used to refer to short weight loss programs. There are several, namely the method:

  • Flight attendant or Natman: – 4 Kg in 4 days;
  • From Dr Cohen: – 3 Kg in 10 days;
  • From the cosmonaut: – 10 kg in less than 2 weeks;
  • Dukan express: – 5 Kg in 1 week;
  • Ultra fast: – 10 kg in 7 days;
  • To lose 5 kg in a week: – 5 kg in 1 week;
  • To lose 10 kg in a week: – 10 kg in 1 week.

These methods share almost the same operating principle: offering a low-calorie, high-protein diet to help you lose weight. They encourage the body to draw on its reserves to burn calories. This is how you lose weight. The slimming program is drastic, hence the importance of carrying it out in the short term.

It is impossible to define a standard duration for an express slimming program. This will depend on the variety of the method. Choose the method best suited to you by defining the type of diet you think you will be able to complete. These methods can be classified into one category, namely the express diet.

Advantages of the express diet

Efficient, you reach your goal in record time. The method saves you from long slimming programs which take up a lot of time.

Do you need to lose weight quickly?
Reach your slimming goal in record time.

The Natman diet, for example, allows you to lose up to 1 kg per day.

Disadvantages of the express diet

The method is strict. Of course, it takes place in the short term, but it can seem difficult for some people to stick it out until the end. Your eating habits are turned upside down, especially in the case of mono diets. These consist of consuming only one food for days. The feeling of fatigue and nutritional deficiency are among the frequent disadvantages of the express program.

The course of the slimming program

An express diet is made up of three phases, namely:

  • The booster phase: the goal is to favor a high-protein diet or a dissociated diet. The results are most obvious during this phase. The other side of the coin is that it causes fatigue. I recommend that you avoid going beyond 3 days, to avoid a significant loss of energy.
  • The intermediate phase: it marks the end of the booster period. It consists of reintroducing recently banned foods, gradually. Foods that are sources of protein are preferred to maintain muscle mass. Weight loss is less convincing.
  • The balance phase: you have acquired a new way of eating during the intermediate period. During this phase, what you are asked to do is to be careful because you are sensitive to a yoyo effect. I encourage you to eat a balanced diet.

What should be on your plate

It is important to respect the three main meals of the day during an express diet. Eating a balanced diet is fundamental, as has been said previously. It is possible to have light snacks such as a fruit of your choice, a low-fat yogurt or a sugar-free fruit juice. This is feasible during the intermediate and equilibrium phases. I encourage you to stick to the three main meals during the booster period.

Do you need to lose weight quickly? : Go on an express diet.
It is important to respect the three main meals of the day.

Here is what your plate should contain to know how to lose weight:

  • Fruit: it is important to eat three fruits a day, maximum. They contribute to the supply of fiber and antioxidants. Choose the food according to your taste since everything is allowed.
  • Vegetables: eat them cooked, raw or steamed, depending on your preferences. Vegetables are a effective appetite suppressant thanks to their high fiber content. They reduce cravings for snacking. Raw vegetables contain a tablespoon of canola or walnut oil, and cooked foods are accompanied by a teaspoon of olive oil.
  • Fish, eggs or meat: you need to consume 100 g in each meal to find the necessary amount of protein. A reasonable intake helps prevent muscle wasting.
  • A dairy product: it provides calcium and proteins. Invest in cheese or dairy.
  • Starchy foods: these foods rich in complex carbohydrates contribute to satiety. Favor those with a high fiber intake, in particular wholemeal bread, oatmeal or even buckwheat.

Menu idea

The booster phase

Day 11 tablespoon of oatmeal mixed with low-fat yogurt + a glass of tomato juice100 g of salmon fillet + celery + lettuce salad + an appleSteamed zucchini + 100 g of chicken breast + a glass of kiwi juice
Day 20% cheese + a slice of wholemeal bread + a hard-boiled egg + a glass of seasonal fruit juice200 g steamed endives + cauliflower salad + vinaigrette + a glass of lemon juiceA vegetable soup made up of all vegetables and a little ginger + a fruit of your choice
Day 3Coffee or tea + cottage cheese + strawberry slices100 g grilled steak + tomato with vinaigrette + pickle + a glass of orange juicePeppers stuffed with minced steak + raw carrot + a glass of fruit juice

The intermediate phase

Day 1Sugar-free coffee mixed with a tablespoon of milk + two seasonal fruitsAssorted vegetables fried in a pan with a teaspoon of olive oil + 100 g of grilled chicken + a glass of carrot juice100 g of steamed fish + vegetable broth + a glass of lemon juice
Day 2Sweet green tea + two fried eggs + two slices of white bread Grilled steak + a boiled potato + 50 g of fromage blanc + a glass of strawberry juice +Vegetable skewers + 100 g of grilled tuna + two kiwis
Day 3A cup of sugar-free milk + a slice of wholemeal breadGreen beans + 50 g of poultry ham + two seasonal fruitsA vegetable omelette + a bowl of white rice + a glass of seasonal fruit juice
Day 4Coffee or tea + 150 g of fromage blanc + an oat bran pancakeSmoked salmon + 0% dairy + two hard-boiled eggs + a glass of kiwi juiceSteak tartare + 0% dairy
Day 5Unsweetened coffee or tea with a little milk + a boiled egg + low-fat yogurtTwo hard-boiled eggs + 150 g of grilled fish fillet + a glass of grape juicesmoked fish + green salad + a bunch of grapes
Day 6Three slices of sandwich bread with honey + a glass of milkA pan-fried potato and carrot à la paysanne + two seasonal fruitsSpinach with soft-boiled eggs + a glass of seasonal fruit juice

Tip to support weight loss

A slimming diet is enough to lose weight. Combined with light physical activities and weight loss products, weight loss is rapid. Before you start, make sure you have the energy to exercise. Otherwise, you risk a considerable drop in energy, which is harmful to your health. Here are some exercises that I suggest to you during the intermediate and balance phase:

  • Jumping rope ;
  • Walking;
  • Running;
  • Yoga;
  • The exercise bike;
  • Dance.

Consumer reviews about the express diet

Consumers describe the express diet as a difficult method. Many find it difficult to stick to the menus offered. They become hungry when the fiber content of a meal is not high. Despite this, they manage to lose weight.

Do you need to lose weight quickly?
Consumers describe the express diet as a difficult method.

Some consumers manage to lose 1 kg in one day. Satisfied, they recommend the method to those who want to lose weight quickly. The others seem disappointed by losing less than 500 g in one day. Taking up sport, according to them, is a way to boost the effectiveness of the slimming program.

Opinion of health specialists on the express diet

The express diet is a promising low-calorie diet program, according to the opinion of professionals. Its effectiveness lies in respecting conditions, such as eating a balanced diet, low in calories and low in fat. Following these rules encourages the body to draw on its energy reserves, a vital condition for losing weight. Staying hydrated supports your goal of losing weight. You should drink at least 2 L of water per day.

Use powerful fat burners represents a boost for your slimming diet. It is still wise to opt for an express diet lasting less than 7 days, if you do not plan to consult a doctor. Beyond this period, it remains prudent to be followed by a health specialist given the drastic nature of the method.