Who are the best dietitians/nutritionists in Nantes and its region?

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

A dietician is a professional who provides you with valuable help in finding balance eating. Whether to lose weight, stay in shape or everything simply to stay in good health, this specialist will be a support for you precious. Discover our selection of the best dieticians in Nantes and its region.

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Dietician Mousset Gautier Julia

Mousset Gautier Julia is a professional dietician graduated from the University of Tours in 2000. With around fifteen years of experience in the liberal profession, she is now part of the Loire-Atlantique Diabetes Network.

The best dietitians in Nantes
Dietitian Julia Mousset Gautier.

It takes care of all people wishing to find a balanced diet, whether they are children or adults, athletes or pregnant women.

People who want regulate their weight can also call on its services, whether they are suffering from obesity, chronic thinness or overweight.

Individuals suffering from minor or severe pathologies such as diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, digestive and metabolic disorders…

Finally, people with psychological disorders concerning eating can consult Mousset Gautier Julia in order to return to normal: frequent cravings snacking, bulimia…

She listens to her patients in order to better understand their problems as well as their desires. She not only seeks the source of your troubles, but also offers solutions adequate solutions.

Name: Mousset Gautier Julia
Website : https://www.dieteticienne-nantes.org/
Telephone: +33 2 40 08 07 31

Adèle Geslin, dietitian nutritionist

Adèle Geslin has been practicing for many years in the field of nutrition and dietetics. Her particularity comes from combining dietetics with cycling.

The best dietitians in Nantes
Dietitian Adèle Geslin

His stay in Amsterdam as well as her fervor for protecting the environment led her to abandon means of transport that are too polluting and energy-consuming in favor of the bicycle.

According to its principles, a diet food is not enough to regain an adequate lifestyle, but it Regular physical activity is also required. Cycling is a means that she considers it both useful and practical to achieve this objective.

Whether you want to lose weight, regulate your diet, receive advice revolving around diet in relation to certain intolerances, get advice nutrition for your children or during your pregnancy, optimize your diet for a specific objective (improved performance for an athlete, quitting tobacco and alcohol, etc.), you can call on Adèle Geslin.

She offers consultations to home whether you live near the city of Nantes or relatively far away.

Name: Adèle Geslin
Website : http://ladietabicyclette.fr/
Telephone: +33 6 38 67 82 06

Emilie Elstob, personality advice in dietetics and nutrition

Emilie Elstob is a dietician who you can see in consultation in Nantes. To help you reconnect with your feelings and regain confidence in your ability to manage your diet independently. It offers you a less conventional method which does not use scales or calorie counting but which is based in particular on listening, empathy, knowledge of your body and trust.

The best dietitians in Nantes
Dietitian Emilie Elstob.

Each individual has very specific needs, taking the time to appreciate the extent of each person’s particularities is essential in dietary monitoring. This is why Emilie Elstob offers an initial two-hour consultation to provide you with personalized advice in a calm and caring atmosphere.

His method allows you to avoid the stress and frustrations sometimes caused by food. It is anchored in time for lasting changes. It will help you better understand your body and its physiology to help you achieve your goals.

Name: Emilie Elstob
Website : http://www.diet-conseil.fr/
Telephone: +33 7 67 74 16 85

Delphine Caillon-Loger, dietitian: support without frustration based on pleasure

Delphine Caillon-Loger is a dietitian nutritionist who supports individuals through consultations, conferences, workshops and corporate training.

The best dietitians in Nantes
Dietitian Delphine Caillon-Loger.

His approach consists of giving concrete and practical advice adapted to real life. Support for weight loss without diet or frustration based on pleasure.

She has a degree in sociology, which helps her a lot in the way she approaches patients and finds the source of their problems. It takes into account every detail of the context experienced by each patient and offers a personalized support measure perfectly adapted to the situation.

She has just under 20 years of experience in the health and food field, which has convinced her that diet has a significant influence on health. She graduated as a registered dietitian in 2015.

Its services are aimed particularly to people (men, women, children, adolescents) wishing to lose weight, pregnant women wishing to optimize their quality food, athletes wanting to improve their nutritional quality by with a view to increasing their performance and finally people suffering from pathologies such as diabetes, cholesterol or high blood pressure and who would like to adapt their diet according to the situation.

Name: Delphine Caillon-Loger
Website : http://www.histoiredediet.com
Telephone: +33 7 83 05 87 55

Laurianne Chignard, to take stock complete nutritional

Dietitian since 2005, Laurianne Chignard offers a complete nutritional assessment to her patients, which allows them to take control of their diet in the most independent way possible from the first consultation.

The best dietitians in Nantes
Dietitian Laurianne Chignard.

It offers support fully personalized to anyone wishing to balance their diet, lose or gain weight, adjust your diet when during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

People suffering from various pathologies such as diabetes, cholesterol, problems of transit, food allergy or an athlete can also call on its services to adapt their nutrition according to each case.

Offering real coaching dietetic, Laurianne Chignard offers her patients to stay in touch permanent by email, by telephone or by the numerous social networks in order to follow them closely and maintain motivation more easily between the two consultations.

For those who wish strengthen their body with the help of food supplements, it offers also micro-nutrition. You will be prescribed vitamins, minerals, trace elements and other natural microelements for your needs specific.

Name: Laurianne Chignard
Website : https://www.dieteticienne-nutritionniste-nantes.com/
Telephone: +33 2 72 65 51 66

Chantal Eluère, for an approach behavioral

According to the findings of the dietician Chantal Eluère, slimming diets are not the solution the most effective for losing weight. Certainly they work on the court term, but the people who follow them tend to resume very quickly their initial weight, or even more after a few months. Demotivation occurs so and it becomes very difficult to lose weight again.

The best dietitians in Nantes
Dietitian Chantal Eluère.

She is one of the doctors of the GROS or Think Tank on Obesity and Overweight. This association brings together numerous therapists (dietitians, nutritionists, doctors general practitioners, psychologists, psychiatrists, etc.) caring for people suffering from overweight or intense thinness.

Consultations are happening generally in 3 stages: reconciliation of the patient with his nutrition, the reconstruction of one’s emotions and self-acceptance.

The first aims to put aside the feeling that everything you eat will constantly make you gain weight. Restriction is not a solution to your disorder.

The second step consists of regain the feeling of comfort that food provides while not Do not overwhelm with food as soon as a problem occurs.

The third step serves to regain self-esteem. Overweight people tend to no longer have self-confidence, thinking that only individuals with thin waists and well-muscled are accepted by society.

Name: Chantal Eluère
Website : https://chantaleluere.wordpress.com/
Telephone: +33 6 84 22 86 41

Dr Rémi Gressard, naturopathic dietitian nutritionist in Nantes

Practicing in Nantes for for many years, Doctor Rémi Gressard is both a dietician and a nutritionist practicing nutritherapy, homeopathy and acupuncture. He has a degree in immunology and predictive medicine as well as prevention of diseases related to aging.

The best dietitians in Nantes
About the dietitian Dr Rémi Gressard.

According to its principles, a Excellent health is based on nutritional, hormonal and energy balance. It is these 3 pillars that he will treat in order to find a healthy and healthy lifestyle. strong health.

For this, he uses the nutritherapy, a treatment based on nutritional molecules for consultations. This is a therapeutic alternative that is both original and innovative to conventional treatments. Nutritional and hormonal rebalancing is achieved by natural way, but is more optimized thanks to molecules.

Name: Rémi Gressard
Website : https://dr-gressard-medecin-nutritionniste.fr
Telephone: +33 2 40 76 08 86

Karine Guimbretière, a dietitian attentive nutritionist

Karine Guimbretière is a dietitian nutritionist in service for around twenty years in her office in Nantes and Gétigné. She also collaborates with many retirement homes in order to develop the nutritional program for residents.

The best dietitians in Nantes
Dietitian Karine Guimbretière.

His method consists of a first time listening to your patient, being interested in their history and their experiences personal experience with their diet and lifestyle overall. This will then allow him to propose a perfectly adapted plan. to the needs of his patient.

She then helps him find the pleasure of eating by gradually chasing away any negative thoughts he might have had about food. Finally, she optimizes her diet with a view to improving her overall well-being, whether it concerns her body or her health.

Overweight, thinness, rebalancing food, child, adult, pregnant, breastfeeding, menopausal, sports, etc. Karine Guimbretière supports any individual wishing to call on her services.

Name: Guimbretière Karine
Website : https://dieteticienne-clisson-nantes.fr/
Telephone: +33 6 21 06 07 10