Who are the best dieticians/nutritionists in Bordeaux in Gironde?

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

A diet to gain or lose weight must be made taking into account a certain number of parameters, including BMI or Body Mass Index. In any case, any slimming program therefore differs from one individual to another. It is in this sense that you must seek help from a dietitian nutritionist to gain or eliminate several kilos in a healthy and effective way.

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A dietitian is a health professional who offers each of his patients a dietary program appropriate to your situation. In Bordeaux, they are renowned for their seriousness and competence and provide quality nutritional education and/or rehabilitation. Discover the best dietitian nutritionists in Bordeaux.

Lou PETITJEAN, liberal dietician in Bordeaux

Lou PETITJEAN is a private dietician who helps people with metabolism or eating problems. She receives her patients in her private practice in Bordeaux and lets them benefit from her more scientific approach to nutrition.

Dietitian nutritionist in Bordeaux
The website of dietician Lou Petitjean.

She then recommends the appropriate diet for dietary rebalancing, weight loss or even a nutritional program intended for athletes or pregnant or breastfeeding women.

In addition to being a dietician, Lou PETITJEAN also works in two other clinics where her role is to help people prone to sleep and memory problems.

Website : https://www.lou-dieteticienne.com/
Telephone number: 06 58 12 52 23

Hélène Ageneau, dietitian nutritionist in Arès, in the Arcachon basin

Helene Ageneau is a dietitian nutritionist who works for herself in Gironde around Bordeaux. She has her consulting practice in Arès and his clients go there to ask him for advice on diet and dietetic.

Dietitian nutritionist in Bordeaux
Dietitian Hélène Ageneau.

This nutritionist from the Arcachon Basin is renowned for her meticulous monitoring of each case and for her satisfactory care of each of her patients. She updates you on her diet recipes, her nutritional suggestions and her numerous tips through her blog posts.

Name: Hélène Ageneau
Website : https://www.equilibre-au-quotidien.com
Telephone number: 06 95 30 25 85

Charline Wirth, dietitian nutritionist in Bordeaux and Langon

Charline Wirth is a dietitian nutritionist and receives her clients in her offices in Bordeaux and Langon. She also offers remote consultation by telephone, Skype or WhatsApp. She prioritizes physical and mental well-being in her dietary approaches.

Dietitian nutritionist in Bordeaux
Website of dietitian Charline Wirth.

This professional stands out in her field through the use of innovative devices such as impedancemetry which is used to assess body composition in terms of fat tissue and muscle tissue. Various programs focused on therapeutic dietetics, dietary rebalancing and nutritional support are available in Charline Wirth’s service.

Each age category can benefit from it, whatever the reason for the consultation: weight loss or gain, cardiovascular problems, digestive problems, smoking cessation… Making an appointment is mandatory for advice and follow-up from Charline Wirth.

Name: Charline Wirth
Website : https://www.charline-dieteticienne.com/
Telephone number: 07 69 10 06 75

Aurélie Mallard, dietician and naturopath in Gironde

Aurélie Mallard is a dietician who also specialized in naturopathy. Which explains his tendency to always resolve problems metabolic and dietary problems using natural treatment methods.

Dietitian nutritionist in Bordeaux
Website of dietitian Aurélie Mallard.

This professional welcomes her clients by appointment in her office at the Villandraut health center.

Ultimately, Aurélie Mallard stands out for her ability to ensure excellent health for her clients and even to slow the development of certain diseases.

Name: Aurélie Mallard
Website : aurelie-naturopathe-bordeaux.fr
Telephone number: 07 82 31 82 68

Sarah Pham, dietitian nutritionist in Bordeaux

With dietitian nutritionist Sarah Pham, you have the opportunity to know the precise quantity of each meal which will then make up your specific diet. Its programs include detailed information on the quantity of macronutrients present in each food group.

Dietitian nutritionist in Bordeaux
Website of dietitian Sarah Pham.

Sarah Pham takes several parameters into account before offering his treatments dietetics to each of its clients. She thus offers a diet depending on age, weight, height, metabolic problems and daily activities of the patient, but also depending on the season.

She has special sports programs composed of recipes for taking mass, muscle mass and performance. It also establishes a specific diet with a view to gaining or losing weight, or even in to meet the bodily needs of pregnant and lactating women.

Name: Sarah Pham
Website : https://ladietetiqueriedesarah.com/
Telephone number: 06 78 86 08 39

Céline MAILLARD, dietitian nutritionist in Bordeaux and Mérignac

Celine Maillard can receive you at his office in Bordeaux or Mérignac. Owner more than 10 years of experience as a private dietitian, she takes currently caring for more than 2000 patients while providing support satisfying each of them.

Dietitian nutritionist in Bordeaux
Dietitian Celine Maillard.

She applies modern dietetics which aims to improve the health of the person concerned and to offer them healthy nutrition different from a diet sometimes painful food.

Celine Maillard promises zero yo-yo effects following the dietary treatments that have given you allowed you to lose weight. With her modern approach and her mastery of the profession, she knows how to reassure his patients and helps them achieve their goals without great difficulty. goals.

Name: Céline MAILLARD
Website : madiet.fr
Telephone number: 06 68 00 71 72

Marie Aude Founeau, dietitian nutritionist in Bordeaux

Married Aude Fourneau takes a modern approach to her dietetics. She undertakes to improve the lifestyle of its patients with the help of its advice relevant nutritional information without prohibiting the pleasure of eating.

Dietitian nutritionist in Bordeaux
Dietitian Marie-Aude Founeau.

YOU determine your achievable goals and your dietitian will tell you the nutritional approaches adapted to your case, your pathology and your means. It gives you better support which makes you forget the presence of a long road to overcome to lose weight.

Name: Marie Aude Founeau
Website : https://www.fma-dietetique.fr/
Telephone number: 06 68 00 71 72

Anne-Sophie Boulas, dietitian and psychologist

Anne Sophie Boulas is a dietitian in private practice in Bordeaux and Mérignac. She at the same time provides consultations as a psychologist. She is graduated from each of these 2 specialties.

Dietitian nutritionist in Bordeaux
Website of dietician Anne Sophie Boulas.

She advances nutritional approaches that can prove their worth over the long term term. According to this dietician, it is possible to regulate your weight without resort to drastic dietary restriction.

It is to let the body react naturally to the fundamental sensations of hunger and satiety through a healthy diet. This strategy is in at the same time the best way to avoid the yo-yo phenomenon after a loss of weight.

Name: Anne-Sophie Boulas
Website : https://www.lafeediet.fr
Telephone number: 05 56 42 67 07