Who are the best dieticians/nutritionists in Angers and its region?

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

A dietician-nutritionist is a health professional who works in an office, a hospital environment or at home. Its main mission is to offer a specific and personalized dietary program adapted to the needs of its patient. The type of approach he chooses is effective so that the objective is achieved and maintained in the long term. Angers and its region are full of excellent dieticians and nutritionists. Discover them in this article.

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Caroline Louis: versatile dietician-nutritionist


Dietitian-nutritionist Caroline Louis has been practicing this profession for 3 years in Angers. She manages her nutrition and dietetics expertise practice in Maine-et-Loire.

Who are the best dieticians/nutritionists in Angers and its region?
Dietitian Caroline Louis.

This professional in dietetics and nutrition holds the following diplomas:

  • BTS diploma in dietetics delivered by the private higher education establishment: “Progress Santé”;
  • DU in sports nutrition delivered by Pierre and Marie Curie University;
  • DU in Therapeutic Education delivered by the University of Angers.


Caroline Louis offers several services around the dietetics and nutrition:

  • Consultation: carried out in his office and offered to those who wish to adopt a new diet to achieve a goal (weight loss, diet for athletes etc.) ;
  • Training and workshop: teach others to eat healthily ;
  • Education consultancy: providing nutritional advice.


Name: Caroline Louis
Website : https://www.dietetiquenutritionetsport.com/
Telephone: 06 74 92 97 13

Sophie Martin: experienced dietician


Sophie Martin has been operating as a private dietician in Angers for a dozen years. However, his experience in the field of dietetics and nutrition dates back around 18 years. She has already worked in catering establishments, hospitals and centers for children with multiple disabilities.

Who are the best dieticians/nutritionists in Angers and its region?
About dietitian Sophie Martin.


Sophie Martin’s consultations take place in her office where she receives children and adults who wish to make a change in their lives and more specifically their diet. To do this, the dietician-nutritionist carries out:

  • Firstly, a diagnosis of their condition health, food habit and preference;
  • Secondly, regular monitoring of progress of the patient’s condition.


Name: Sophie Martin
Website : https://www.angers-dietetique.fr/
Telephone: 02 41 27 16 11

Sonia Menard: kinesiologist dietitian


Sonia Menard is a kinesiologist dietician in Angers where she runs her own practice. She welcomes her patients by appointment from Monday to Saturday.

Dietitian nutritionist in Angers
Sonia Menard’s office in Angers

This dietitian supports her patients in their choices food taking into account their needs. The recommended solutions hold takes into account not only health, but also individual preferences and possibilities (financial and others, etc.). The objective being to gradually adopt little bit of good habits, without disrupting everyday life.

Sonia Menard supports patients with different needs. Some need dietary monitoring due to medical treatment specific. Others need to change their eating habits to be healthy. better health. There are those who simply want to find balance eating.


Consultations with Sonia Menard are carried out step by step. The first two are essential to know patients better and put in place the most suitable nutritional program. Then come the follow-up consultations. Note that it is possible that dietary monitoring is supported by kinesiology consultations.


Name: Sonia Menard
Telephone: 06 68 67 08 64

Vanessa Colas: state-certified dietitian-nutritionist


Vanessa Colas is a state-certified dietitian-nutritionist. In fact, she obtained her BTS in dietetics from the Nantes Academy in 2013. She followed two training courses, one was on ETP or Therapeutic Patient Education and the other on OBEPEDIA, a program national whose mission is to care for children and adolescents suffering from obesity whatever its form.

Who are the best dieticians/nutritionists in Angers and its region?
Dietitian Vanessa Colas


Vanessa Colas provides personalized advice adapted to the situation of a patient in his office located at the medical center Saint Jacques. She welcomes everyone, from the youngest to the elderly, from pregnant women to athletes. She recommends a program healthy and balanced diet to keep you in good health.


Name: Vanessa Colas
Website : https://vanessacolas.fr/
Telephone: 07 82 02 75 40

Jordan Bougeard: dietitian-nutritionist for athletes


Jordan Bougeard is a dietitian-nutritionist in Angers. He completed seven years of study before obtaining these two diplomas:

  • Master in Staps or Sciences and Techniques Physical and Sports Activities;
  • BTS in dietetics.

It also offers advice and services relating to sport since he works as an engineer in physical activities and sports.

Who are the best dieticians/nutritionists in Angers and its region?
Dietitian Jordan Bougeard.


Jordan Bougeard receives in his own office all categories of athletes. He prioritizes follow-up during his consultations. To do this, it requires careful examinations in order to obtain information on the level of fat or muscle mass. Consultations and programs food aims to:

  • Banish all forms of frustration and restrictions eating ;
  • To help the patient adapt to habits physical;
  • Generate long-term results.


Name: Jordan Bougeard
Website : https://dieteticien-sportif-angers.fr/
Telephone: 06 69 90 58 21

Bérengère Bellier: dietitian-nutritionist luxotherapist


Dietician-nutritionist and luxotherapist Bérengère Bellier has completed training in psycho-nutrition. This qualified professional has the necessary skills to practice luxopuncture and help patients needing advice related to the field of nutrition.

Who are the best dieticians/nutritionists in Angers and its region?
Dietician Bérengère Bellier.


Bérengère Bellier’s specialties revolve around slimming and well-being. Its strategy is based on luxopuncture. This practice is similar to acupuncture but without the needles. It does not cause any form of pain and does not represent any risk for the patient. Its consultations follow the following steps:

  • Diagnosis of the patient’s relationship with food ;
  • Identification of needs ;
  • Establishment of a suitable dietary program.


Name: Bérengère Bellier
Website : https://www.luxoangers.fr/
Telephone: 06 85 10 57 94

Adeline Petiteau: liberal dietitian-nutritionist


Adeline Petiteau is a liberal dietitian-nutritionist in Angers. She also operates in a follow-up care and rehabilitation center. She benefited from the OBEPEDIA course. This is a program intended to care for children and adolescents who are victims of obesity. It is affiliated with the French Vegetarian Association and the Diabetes 49 or Remmedia 49 network.

Who are the best dieticians/nutritionists in Angers and its region?
About dietitian Adeline Petiteau.


Adeline Petiteau also intervenes and organizes workshops and conferences. The themes covered are related to dietetics and nutrition. They aim to teach the audience to adopt a healthy and balanced diet without spending a large budget.

However, she also receives patients who wish benefit from individual consultation in his office. The first session lasts about an hour and the following ones around 30 min.


Name: Adeline Petiteau
Website : https://www.adelinepetiteau.fr/
Telephone: 06 13 79 93 52

Isabelle Hobé-Joubert: dietician-nutritionist specializing in overweight


Isabelle Hobé-Joubert has been working as a dietician-nutritionist for around ten years after obtaining a diploma in this field. She currently operates in her office in Angers. Now, she is training to obtain a DU in obesity nutrition and its metabolic complications at the Montpellier Faculty of Medicine.

Who are the best dieticians/nutritionists in Angers and its region?
Website of dietitian Isabelle Hobé Joubert.


Isabelle Hobé-Joubert’s consultations take place within her office. She takes care of patients suffering from overweight and obesity. His approach remains personalized for better support and motivation. She treats several cases and establishes a nutritional program adapted for:

  • Diabetics or pre-diabetics;
  • Intolerant and allergic people;
  • Pre or post surgical patients.


Name: Isabelle Hobé-Joubert
Website : http://www.dieteticienne-nutritionniste-angers.fr/
Telephone: 06 58 65 74 08