7 good reasons to seek support from a dietitian!

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

To lose weight and find a slimmer figure, you need to take stock of your eating habits and probably readjust them. But be careful not to endanger your health! It is important to take into account the needs of your body, your pace of life, and your morphology. And this, in order to avoid deficiencies and/or the possible yo-yo effect of certain diets.

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To lose weight while remaining in good health, the support of a dietician will be of great help to you. Here are 7 good reasons to seek help from a dietitian.

#1 A dietitian is a nutrition and health professional

She followed a course of two or three years of training leading to a diploma. She therefore has all the necessary knowledge to help you lose weight in the best conditions in order to avoid any risk of physical fatigue, nutritional deficiencies, anemia or even malnutrition. She will also be able to take into account your possible health problems and/or nutritional constraints (food allergy or intolerance, etc.).

#2 You will have the implementation of a completely personalized program and strategy!

Using targeted questionnaires, she will help you find the origin of your eating problem, evaluate your caloric intake and see what can be improved. She will define with you an action plan, a personalized program that will be easy to follow with simple and achievable objectives.

She will be able to define your relationship with food and detect possible eating disorders (bulimia, anorexia, food urges, etc.) and help you find strategies to adapt your responses so that they are no longer suffered but understood and better managed, and gradually.

It sets up real food education in order to teach you the rules of a balanced diet, adapting them to your pace of life and your habits, your history, your professional constraints so that you can follow your program easily, without constraints, by adapting to your eating behavior.

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#3 You will have dietary monitoring and tailor-made support!

She then guides you, over the weeks, in choosing foods suited to your health in order to help you achieve your weight loss goal. Throughout your slimming journey, she is there to advise and support you.

In Depending on your results, it helps you readjust your food so that you can achieve your objectives more calmly and with complete simplicity.

With the support of a dietitian you will achieve your goal and sustainably, without any risk to your health while retaining the pleasure of eating!

#4 You will have achievable goals and become independent on a daily basis.

You will easily learn to juggle food because your needs change and you must know how to manage your desires, depending on your meal location, your pace, your activity…

The dietitian will share her knowledge with you so that you become a food chef! One of its objectives is for you to be aware of your bad habits and to form new ones that will stay forever!

She can also give you culinary tips and recipe ideas to vary your diet so that it remains a source of pleasure and balance without guilt or frustration!

#5 It will help you keep your motivation in the long term!

Benefiting from stimulating and caring dietary monitoring is the assurance of keep motivated throughout your care and receive support in times that are more difficult to manage.

Be accompanied by a dietitian

#6 She will be vigilant to ensure that you are and remain in good health and that you have better self-esteem!

On your path to slimness and health, you will also gain vitality but also to reduce the risks of overweight, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, cholesterol, type 2 diabetes and cancer. You will gain health!

Taking control of your excess weight will allow you to reconcile with yourself: your reflection in the mirror, reestablish the link with your body and feel good in your clothes.

YOU Go on earn confident in yourself !

#7 It will then help you keep your weight in good shape!

After reaching your weight goal, the dietitian can stay there to check in with you regularly, to check that you are maintaining your new habits and stabilizing your weight. If necessary, she will help you correct mistakes, encourage you in more complicated times and congratulate you if you manage to maintain your objectives!

Being accompanied by a dietician allows you to avoid falling into this cognitive restriction, achieving your goals by being accompanied and advised by a health professional.

With her by your side, you avoid the yo-yo effect and stabilize your weight over the long term and you will gain autonomy, while having fun !

Ask the support of a dietician means putting all the chances on your side to achieve your weight and health goals!