Lose weight and lose weight after 40, after 50

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

To get back into shape after 40 or after 50, you need to pay attention to your body. A healthy diet and a good dose of physical activity are essential for losing weight once you are past your thirties. However, you must follow certain rules, as age does not play in your favor with the hormonal changes that accompany it.

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Why is it more difficult to lose weight after 40 and after 50?

Massive production of estrogen and testosterone

At 40 and even more so at 50, it is easier to gain body fat due to changes in hormone production in the body. The massive release of estrogen thickens the buttocks and thighs, and the high secretion of testosterone causes a belly.

lose weight after 40 50 years
Hormone production increases at 40 – 50 years old

Some people even find themselves with fat on their arms, shoulders and breasts. In addition, it is a little difficult to get rid of fat stored in the tissues from the age of forty and especially if the genetic heritage does not make the task easier.

A loss of mass muscular

in parallel As fat mass increases, muscle mass is quickly lost. This is a loss of 1 to 2% each year, if the body lost any only 5% in ten years during your twenties and thirties.

This phenomenon impacts the basic metabolism and it becomes more difficult to burn calories even while striving to do intense activities. It is therefore necessary to regularly monitor the evolution of your weight from 40 years. Avoid reaching a waist size of 88 cm. If you already notice that you have curves in certain areas of your body, you need to strive to diet and move more to lose weight weight.

What type of diet What food should those over 40 years old need?

Fewer calories and more protein

The youngest need 2000 kcal of energy to boost their metabolism. From the age of 40, you should not take more than 1700 kcal from food because the body easily saves a large amount of calories.

With these reduced energy needs, the body tires easily. To remedy this, nothing is more effective than increasing protein intake. With foods like fish and lean meat, you avoid muscle wasting. Proteins also ensure cell renewal and firm tissues.

Fruits, vegetables and starchy foods

THE fruits and vegetables help keep fit since adolescence, but more is needed from the age of 40. Your body needs their fibers, their intake of water and minerals and all their nutrients. In addition to those introduced into the 3 meals of the day, also take snacks based on fruits and vegetables to lose weight.

Regarding starchy foods, it would be better to consume them in the morning upon waking up where the body will assimilate better after the long digestion during the night. In this way, starchy foods ensure your energy reserves for the day. You can still take it at midday to strengthen your metabolism. On the other hand, starchy foods risk disrupting your sleep if you eat them before going to bed.

Eat less fat, less salty and less sweet

If you want to lose weight after 40, after 50, you must first rebalance your fat consumption. Fatty meats and cold meats should be avoided and eat dairy products in small quantities, including cheese, butter, crème fraîche, etc.

lose weight after 40 50 years
A balanced diet is essential for losing weight after 40 – 50 years old

Take natural yogurts to limit both fat and sugar. For the sweets and pastries, it would be better if you can deprive yourself of them downright. On the other hand, do not get into the habit of eating fake candy and substitute cookies. Their calorie intake is even higher than that of real confectionery.

Avoid also excess salt in foods. Unlike sugar, salt does not not gain weight. On the other hand, your appetite will increase tenfold if you are used to eat foods that are too salty. What thickens you after a short period if you have already passed the 40-year mark.

Why is it necessary looking to lose weight gradually?

If you want to lose weight after 40, after 50, you have to go little by little. Your rhythm is very different from that of a young person who is trying to lose weight for 2 main reasons.

Firstly, your body is more susceptible to fatigue and deficiencies; it would be unfair to put it through an accelerated weight loss diet. Then, if you want to lose your extra pounds at high speed, you will probably end up with wrinkles, which would be even more annoying.

For lose weight gradually, do not skip meals or reduce the quantity of food on your plate. Avoid falling into deficiency problems which can make you lose weight for a moment to redouble your weight after the diet. The main thing is to move at a steady pace towards a healthy lifestyle that matches your goals.

How to do sports at 40, at 50?

The importance of physical activity from the age of 40

There greatest importance of physical activity from the age of 40, it is its role in slowing the loss of muscle mass. It therefore helps you to keep the line, but also to avoid bone and joint problems, which are common especially over the age of 50.

If you are less interested in sporting activities, there are several ways to move your body from time to time. Instead of staying stuck to your armchair to read the newspaper or watch TV on the weekend, plan instead a relaxing family outing.

YOU You can also do a little gardening. Raking, watering, changing the place of flower pots makes you burn calories and firm up your muscles muscles without feeling like you are exerting great effort. Your small daily activities will make you feel good about yourself and will help you lose weight while remaining healthy.

Sports compatible with people in their forties

To lose weight from the age of 40, doing sports is very effective. Choose a discipline that you enjoy. You can gently return to a sporting activity that you practiced in your youth.

lose weight after 40 50 years
You can practice a sport you enjoy at 40 – 50 years old

If you don’t know which sport might suit you best, you can try walking, cycling and gymnastics. Every day you need a half hour of sporting activity to successfully lose weight.

Your age also allows you to do 30 minutes of swimming per day, which will definitely help you lose weight. If you have less time, jogging 15 minutes might do the trick.

The sports compatible with over 50s

THE ability to play sports depends on each person, but generally speaking, the physical strength declines a little from the age of 50. To get results satisfying without trying too hard, opt for a rather calming activity like walking or hiking.

He is not about surpassing yourself, the important thing is to regularize your pace and enjoy what you do. Watch your pace heart rate during your sporting activities to control your efforts.

If swimming tempts you, it would be more beneficial for your health. This sport particularly prevents you from back pain. However, it is necessary to avoid stay in the water for more than 30 minutes to limit effort.

Does massage help to lose weight after 40 years, after 50 years?

For regain your previous figure or keep your muscles firm after 40 years, treat yourself to massage sessions from time to time. This technique suitable for both men and women. This is a slimming tip that activates microcirculation and acts directly on the part of the body to degrease.

YOU can lose weight in the thighs using the kneading massage which will rid you of your dimples. You also have the possibility to eliminate cellulite on the stomach as well as love handles with this slimming method. The action of the message must be completed with the use slimming products to be effective. Opt for creams natural components without side effects which are more reassuring.

How to find a flat stomach at 40, at 50 and over?

There there is no magic to regain a flat stomach from the age of 40, it is the daily efforts that count. First, ensure your balance water by drinking up to 2 liters of water per day and eating fruit and vegetables that contain a large amount of water.

Fill also your plate of anti-stress foods, because abdominal obesity comes from essentially a state of repetitive anxiety. Among these foods, you have banana, easy to find and slows down excessive production of the hormone stress. You also have wheat germ to stock up on vitamin B6 relaxing virtue. Sardines and their omega-3s also regulate your temperament.

How to lose weight help from food supplements?

Fat burners

Why take it?

Men tend to gain belly weight after 40, especially if they are former athletes. For women, the hips, buttocks, thighs and of course the stomach gradually gain weight over the years.

lose weight after 40 50 years
Taking food supplements can help with weight loss at 40 – 50 years old

But the problem of being overweight at this age concerns both sexes. So, if you have gotten older, whatever your gender, it is safer to lose weight using a fat burner.

THE best fat burners should contain purely natural ingredients that have been extracted from plants with slimming properties. They are supposed to boost collagen and eliminate cellulite without causing any annoying effects. From the age of 40, the body easily retains fat and has difficulty getting rid of it. The fat burner intervenes to help your body deal with this problem.

Some well-known fat burners

This slimming medication is active from the first dose. There are fat burners for women like Anaca 3 and fat burners for men, the best known of which is PhenQ. It is a slimming capsule with a powerful active ingredient: Capsimax powder, renowned for being the best natural fat burner.

My opinion on PhenQ is positive about its effectiveness. Its action is well suited to the slimming diet of those over 40. It is also nice to have the possibility to choose between several varieties of PhenQ. This fat burner asserts itself above all by its slimming action which reaches all the fatty corners of the body.

Lose weight with appetite suppressant

Appetite suppressants are also interesting for losing weight even if they are not obligatory in the slimming diet for over 40s. To put it simply, you can opt for appetite suppressant fruits, including apple, banana, apricots and figs dry.

You also have the possibility to solve your overweight problem by choosing among the effective appetite suppressants herbal. They give you results between 8 and 12 weeks of continuous use. You don’t need to deprive yourself of food when you’re looking to lose weight with this type of appetite suppressant. Just enjoy the benefits of the product. You just have to choose from the best appetite suppressants, those with fewer side effects.


After 40 years old, there is no point in wanting to lose weight quickly. We must adopt a healthy lifestyle corresponding to the different changes in the body and regain your silhouette little by little. When you have found the right rhythm both in terms of diet and physical exercise, you must know how to follow it over the long term. It may also be useful to optimize your efforts with a food supplement with natural ingredients.