Detox: effective for weight loss?

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

Known to purify your body, the detox diet is a short-term treatment which consists of ridding your body of toxins and waste using juice or a detoxifier. It is attributed with all kinds of virtues for health and weight loss. But is it really effective?

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What is really behind this word detox?

There are many ways to follow a detox diet, ranging from intermittent fasting to drinking fruit juices, vegetables, water throughout the day. Some detox cures also prescribe herbs, teas, and even supplements intended to cleanse the colon.

So, the arguments put forward are that the detox cure will rest your organs, that it will eliminate toxins from the liver, eliminate free radicals, improve blood circulation and make you lose weight quickly!

A short definition in video:

So, is it true or not?

Unfortunately, claims for this type of diet are often made without the support of any scientific research. And that is dangerous.

Indeed, the few published studies are not reliable enough to allow solid conclusions to be drawn.

The body cleans itself, thanks to the liver, and fortunately, without dangerous side effects.

There are even detox products that claim to remove toxins from the liver. But healthy people do not have toxic substances in the liver. The liver converts waste into non-harmful substances, which can then be passed out through the intestines. You feel like you are in better health thanks to the detoxifier, even though it is your lifestyle that has improved.

If something seems too good to be true, beware!

What is dangerous?

What is dangerous:

  • weight loss is short-lived because you mainly lose water and muscle.
  • a detox diet is taxing on the body and will create fatigue, irritability, bad breath and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Detox cures are often simple draconian diets, cleverly marketed under a different name.
  • There is a real danger of overdose because some detox diets encourage consuming large quantities of supplements, water and even laxatives in order to detoxify the body.

You feel like you are in better health thanks to the detoxifier, even though it is your lifestyle that has improved.

And the Lemon Detox cure, isn’t it too acidic?

Lemon has an acidic pH due to its richness in citric acid. But in the body citric acid transforms into citrate, a base which allows us to say that lemon is not acidifying for the blood. So no, it is not acidic for the body.

On the other hand, excess acidity on an already sensitive stomach or digestive tract can worsen discomfort and excess acidity can also damage tooth enamel.

To sum up :

  • The liver knows how to detoxify your body on its own
  • A detox diet will mainly cause you to lose water and muscle
  • A detox diet can be harmful
  • It’s improving your lifestyle that really helps you