Want to lose weight, possible solutions

The adage is that all means are good to achieve one’s ends. However, in terms of diet, the time has come for caution: when you want to lose weight, eliminate your cellulite, or even lose a few dozen kilos to refine your figure, the choice is obligatory and must be careful, among the whole range of miracle slimming solutions glorified on the market. So there is no question of using “any means”, because your health is at stake.

Choose your diet or slimming product among the most effective

Between these countless slimming diets and treatments based on medications that make you lose weight, which one should you turn to? Fasting, Natman diet, cosmonaut diet, fiber diet, soup diet? Using slimming products like Xenical, Phen375, raspberry ketone, Garcinia Cambogia? Some solutions stand out, in particular because they refer to tested, proven and/or approved means.

These alternatives are generally inseparable from a lifestyle, a beauty product, a specific device or a sport to optimize weight loss. You have decided to take the time to sort through the slimming methods available to you in order to find a solution that guarantees results, respects your health and does not cost you too much. We help you see more clearly those to which specialists grant both effectiveness and performance. These are diets and products for weight loss that we do not hesitate to rank among the best in their category.

Eating a balanced diet is imperative

First way to lose weight: the best diets

Losing weight and losing a few kilos depends on your diet. You may have tried an anti-cellulite cream, for a flat stomach, opting for climbing the stairs instead of the elevator at the office or even having multiple sauna sessions, nothing works. Because, to eliminate the pounds that are bothering you, you must certainly start by stopping gaining them.

Thus, the first solution proposed in this sense is found in slimming diets. There is a whole list, but around fifteen are intended to be more relevant, more accessible and more attractive. It brings together particularly rapid diets, however requiring a certain rigor and therefore a certain motivation. Diets like simple fasting, then the Natman, Hollywood, Scarsdale, Dunkan, Thonon, Atkins diets, but also the dissociated, cosmonaut, fiber, lemon, cabbage soup, soup, mayo and high protein diets. A set of diet types that are often simple in operation, but which therefore also have some disadvantages.

There are effective treatments to lose weight

Second way to lose weight: pill-based treatments

Slimming pills are also considered a particularly effective way to lose weight. These are often medicinal products, food supplements, sold with or without a prescription. Here, a few names particularly attract attention: Xenical, Phen375, orlistat, Cambogia Garcinia or even raspberry ketone. Very famous names on the Web, because they refer to products considered very effective. The disadvantages of which, however, will not be neglected.

Xenical: a medicine often offered in pill form. Sold by prescription, it owes its slimming properties to its active ingredient, orlistat. Manufactured by Roche, this is the strongest orlistat product, dosed at 120 mg. Be careful, however, because of its great power, it is aimed in particular at people suffering from obesity, for whom it helps them lose nearly ten kilos in record time.

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Orlistat: this is therefore the active ingredient in Xenical, but it is also found in Alli, less dosed, at 60 mg and available without a prescription. Orlistat promotes weight loss by inhibiting the absorption of fat, the undigested part of which is ejected from your body when you defecate. For best results, your orlistat pill treatment should be accompanied by a diet consisting of less than 30% of the usually recommended daily caloric intake from fat.

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Phen375: also known as Phen365, this drug acts doubly to make you lose weight: on the one hand, it burns fat and on the other hand, it moderates your hunger. A dual function which makes it a particularly powerful slimming product: it can make you lose between 1.5 kg and 2.5 kg per week.

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Garcinia Cambogia pills: recommended by the famous Doctor Oz, this weight loss product is composed of a fruit extract from Asia. It is also known as Brindall berry, Assam fruit, Malabar tamarind and Gambooge. It owes its slimming power to hydroxycitric acid, which controls your appetite, promotes fat burning and prevents the transformation of carbohydrates.

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Raspberry ketone pills, known internationally as Raspberry Ketone. Several brands market these pills, which help you lose weight thanks to antioxidant components: ketones. Elements found in many red fruits. For its part, those of raspberry promote fat burning and reduce adipose tissue in the liver.

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Sport, necessary for a healthy lifestyle

Lose weight by adopting a more appropriate eating lifestyle

Beyond the diet or slimming treatment that you decide to follow to lose weight, it remains essential to follow a lifestyle in order to optimize the results of said program. This means, for example, avoiding snacking between the main meals authorized by your diet, respecting the times set for eating your meals, spacing them out well, avoiding eating just before going to bed, then drinking plenty of water. Certain rules are sometimes imposed by diet designers.

Sport, to help you lose weight more effectively and quickly

Let it be said, certain diets do not instantly eliminate bulges or cellulite, although they slow down their appearance. In order to eliminate the latter and visibly refine your figure, these types of diet sometimes require the parallel practice of a sport: fitness, running, bodybuilding, aquagym, yoga and pilates. Here, the choice varies depending on your profile and your abilities. Additional information on the subject is available on the website www.sport-equipements.fr/nutrition-sportive/perdre-poids/.