The best nutrition and slimming books

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

To free yourself from excess pounds, there is no point in following an often drastic fat-burning diet. It is wise to have a good nutrition and slimming book and discover the expert advice provided there. This type of book offers a wide variety of dietary tips and recipes, so that you can eat as you wish while staying in shape. Our selection of the 6 best nutrition and slimming books could be useful to you.

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Fat-burning program in 30 days – Anne Dufour and Carole Garnier

The book entitled “Fat-burning program in 30 days” compiles the advice of its authors Caroline Garnier and Anne Dufour. It is a real nutrition and slimming guide promising a satisfactory result after 30 days of daily monitoring.

The best nutrition and slimming books
“Fat-burning program in 30 days”, the nutrition guide to lose weight without constraints

You will find in this book tips for avoiding the production of stress hormones, which would cause excess weight. This book also offers several recipes based on a low-fat diet.

It is a work of 256 pages with a format of 16 cm x 22.5 cm released in 2006. It belongs to the collection Health Guide from Leduc.S editions. In addition to his dietary advice, he also provides information on more advantageous cooking methods to lose weight without constraint. To monitor your daily improvement, part of the book is dedicated to your daily assessment.

Lose weight with micronutrition – Dr Didier Chos and Dr Laurence Benedetti

This nutrition book from First Editions is now among the best-selling slimming guides. Many victims of overweight are convinced that micronutrition is the only way to lose weight effectively.

The best nutrition and slimming books
Lose weight with micronutrition, the book of medical nutrition

Dr Didier Chos and Dr Laurence Benedetti, the first specialist in medical nutrition, the second specialist in nutrition applied to overweight, meditated on this. These doctors released this book in January 2010 to help those who need it to follow a slimming diet without error.

This book includes 64 easy-to-make recipes that can be prepared easily quickly. It also contains tips on more suitable cooking methods. for those looking to lose weight. To avoid any form of deficiency linked to the slimming diet, Chos and Benedetti suggest in this work of 271 pages a method based on approved studies without risk to health.

For lose weight with micronutrition, you are required to start by defining the reasons for your overweight problems. It is in this sense that you can easily change your eating habits and allow your body to receive only the nutrients necessary for its development.

Dietary rebalancing – Bénédicte Le Panse

Bénédicte Le Panse had the brilliant idea of ​​writing the work entitled “Food rebalancing”. It is a nutrition book addressed to anyone who wants to achieve their ideal weight using a program dietetic.

The best nutrition and slimming books
Dietary rebalancing, the nutrition book for athletes

According to the methods put forward in this work, there is no question of adopting a eating habit based on deprivation. Just follow a diet nutritionally well adapted to its initial physical conditions. THE “Food rebalancing” offered by Le Panse also consists of to establish an eating schedule corresponding to your weight goals.

This 256-page work published by AMPHORA in March 2015, is among the nutrition and slimming books most appreciated by athletes. This fact can be considered obvious, as the author has more than 20 years of experience as a top athlete.

Bénédicte Le Panse is also a doctor specializing in physiology. His book traces its expertise in the matter and its weight loss methods prioritize well-being and health.

The paleo model – Mark Sisson

This is a practical guide published by Thierry Souccar in November 2012. It helps you adopt a healthy and balanced diet while respecting 10 parameters. Its author, Mark Sisson, chose to title this work “The Paleo Model” to refer to the principles conveyed in its content.

The best nutrition and slimming books
The paleo model, a specific book for a healthy lifestyle

It is the promotion of a way of life imitating that adapted to the time of gathering and hunting. The idea is to reduce the risk of disease and increase physical strength and vitality.

” THE Paléo model” is a 288-page book revealing practical advice focused on the following points:

  • Less cereals and carbohydrate-based foods;
  • More proteins and foods that carry LDL cholesterol;
  • More regular physical activities with intermediate pose between sessions;
  • More relaxing, stress-relieving activities.

The New Atkins Diet – Eric Westman, Stephen Phinney and Jeff Volek

“The New Atkins Diet” is the result of the collaboration of doctors Eric Westman, Stephen Phinney and Jeff Volek. The slimming method proposed by these authors is simple. It consists of limiting the consumption of foods that promote weight gain. That is to say, fewer carbohydrates, fewer starchy foods and a meticulous choice of fatty foods.

The best nutrition and slimming books
The New Atkins Diet, the guide to foods to stay in shape

” THE New Atkins Diet” also helps you know which meals provide quality proteins to your body. The old version of the Atkins diet traces already these eating habits. But in this new version, the authors recommend less saturated fat and more fruits and vegetables.

With its 368 pages, this nutrition book published by Thierry Souccar in September 2011, offers much more than just a diet. You will find practical advice that will help you deal with your health problems at with the help of a healthy diet. The goal is to make you avoid shapes complications from your cardiovascular or degenerative diseases.

My best recipes to lose weight with pleasure – Jean Michel Cohen

“My best recipes for losing weight with pleasure” was created on the initiative of the famous nutritionist Jean-Michel Cohen, who wrote it in its entirety. Bernard Radvaner’s illustrations make it even more pleasant to read. This Flammarion book has already helped thousands of overweight victims since January 2014.

Nutrition and slimming books
My best recipes for losing weight with pleasure, the illustrated nutrition book

Through its 415 pages, you will find practical advice and programs to stay in shape, or to lose weight unnecessary fats without constraint. There are around 200 special recipes including desserts, main dishes, side dishes, buffets and even snacks that won’t make you gain weight.

Each meal offered provides your pleasure of eating while accelerating your slimming. In the appendix pages of the book, the recipes are listed according to their caloric intake to make them easier to find. You risk neither nutritional imbalance nor yo yo effect by following the slimming recipes suggested in this book.

It is always wiser to follow the advice of a nutritionist to lose weight properly. However, a book is a very useful addition to achieving your goals. This selection of the 6 best nutrition and slimming books will help you achieve your goals thanks to diet recipes and expert advice.