Who are the best dietitians/nutritionists in Rennes and its region?

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

Helping a person make peace not only with their body, but also with food would be the main mission of a dietician-nutritionist. He knows how to motivate patients to achieve their goals and follow their program successfully. Are you in Rennes and its region? Discover a selection of the best dietitians in this sector.

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The articles you’ll find on my site are the result of in-depth research that I’d like to share with you. However, I would like to stress that I am not a health professional and that my advice should in no way replace that of a qualified physician. I’m here to guide you, but it’s important that you consult a professional for specific questions or medical concerns. Your well-being is important. So be sure to consult the appropriate experts and take the best possible care of yourself.

Céline KESER, dietitian nutritionist in Rennes


Céline Keser is a registered dietitian-nutritionist a degree in psychology and a BTS in dietetics. She is among the members of the diabetes network in Rennes.

Dietitians in Rennes
Céline Keser, dietitian nutritionist

Being a great cooking enthusiast and having always interested in human relations, she decided to exercise her current profession at the following an observation. She noticed that the dietary imbalance affects number of people of all ages.


According to Céline Keser, a well-conducted consultation is the key to successful treatment. For the first contact, this health specialist will learn everything that concerns her patient. The latter will be questioned about his eating habits, his professional activity, his daily life in general, his worries, his objective, etc. This first session lasts approximately one hour.


Name: Céline Keser
Website : http://www.dieteticienne-rennes.com/
Telephone: +33 6 50 90 20 74



Amélie Saunois is a dietitian nutritionist based in Rennes since 2011. Just after her baccalaureate, she began studies studies of clinical and pathological psychology. She is a member of the network Professional Weight Loss 2000.

Dietitians in Rennes
Amélie Saunois, dietitian nutritionist

During her training, she noticed a relationship between certain illnesses, the way of eating and thinking. The understanding and motivation are among its main objectives. She makes sure to understand your patients to motivate them.


The first consultation led by Amélie Saunois is completely free and without obligation. This session of around thirty minutes allows him to get to know his patient better. She asks him what he wishes to achieve, his medical history and his eating routine.

The dietitian ensures that the treatment is not synonymous with ordeal for the patient. She encourages him to always listen to his body during and after the program in order to maintain the result. It offers two dietary monitoring formulas: the first lasts approximately 6 months while that the second is spread over a year.


Name: Amélie Saunois
Website : http://dieteticien-nutritionniste-rennes.maigrir2000.com/
Telephone: +33 6 70 63 28 84



Hélène Leflaive’s rich career allows her to practice brilliantly for the position of dietitian nutritionist. To be able to suggest the best nutritional programs for her patients, she insisted on following cooking training. She trained in particular with the dietician Brigitte Fichaux and holds a CAP in cooking.

Dietitians in Rennes
Hélène Leflaive, dietitian nutritionist

She is part of the association of professionals in nutrition of Ille-et-Vilaine, of the collective “les pieds dans le dish” and the A.BRI.CO association which brings together animators in dietary cuisine.


Patients of all ages have the opportunity to benefit of the know-how of nutrition professional Hélène Leflaive. She you supports many settings, including weight gain or loss, appropriate nutrition during pregnancy, advice related to pathology and many more.

An assessment is carried out beforehand to better understand the state health of each person and implement the most appropriate program.


Name: Hélène Leflaive
Website : https://dietetiquenutritiondurable.fr/
Telephone: +33 6 67 23 54 59

Sylvie POCHART, dietician-nutritionist and hypnotherapist


Sylvie Pochart is not only a dietitian-nutritionist, but also a hypnotherapist who operates in the city of Rennes in Ille-et-Vilaine. She holds a Technical Patent Higher Dietetics and diplomas in Ericksonian hypnosis.

Dietitians in Rennes
Sylvie POCHART, dietitian-nutritionist and hypnotherapist

She supports patients in need of support and/or monitoring in terms of nutrition and advice. This professional has expertise in hypnosis to better achieve patient goals.


This professional nutritionist supports you from A to Z in your quest. This may involve losing or gaining weight or even adopt a diet adapted to your lifestyle or your state of health health. She advises you on what you should consume at such and such moment.

She provides the solution and recommends the right attitude to have towards the food and the situation.


Name: Sylvie Pochart
Website : http://www.diethypnosylvie.fr/
Telephone: +33 7 84 12 24 35

Mélanie SIMON


Mélanie Simon works as a dietician in Rennes since many years. Note that she is also a sophrologist experienced. Health and food are her greatest passions.

Dietitians in Rennes
Mélanie Simon, dietitian in Rennes

Everything that revolves around these themes interests him. She admits, however, to being against the notion of a “universal solution”. According to this health specialist, a good dietitian should adapt the solutions for each of its patients. Indeed, the metabolism differs from one person to another and each has a specific need.


Mélanie Simon proposes to establish the best diet for each of its patients. During his consultations, she questions them regularly, not only to get to know them better, but also to have a better idea of ​​the right strategies. She poses questions about family and professional situation, hobbies, daily “routine”, etc.


Name: Mélanie Simon
Website : https://visidiet.fr/dieteticienne-nutritionniste-rennes-35700-1013
Telephone: +33 7 70 10 11 13

Charlotte LE VERGER


Charlotte Le Verger is a professional dietitian-nutritionist working in Rennes. Armed with her passion for cooking, dietetics and well-being, she supports her clients in achieving their goals.

Dietitians in Rennes
Charlotte Le Verger, dietitian nutritionist

His journey is significant:

  • 2013: License in Technical Science of Activities physical and sporting;
  • 2014: BTS in dietetics;
  • 2017: technician training in hypnosis;
  • 2018: IUD in behavioral disorders eating ;
  • 2019: DU psychology and pedagogy of eating behavior.


According to Charlotte Le Verger, the change in behavior of the patient’s part is the basis for achieving a goal. It is one of the reasons why she applies the methodology of hypnosis. This strategy is mainly used to combat stress, anxiety, lack of self-esteem or self-confidence, emotions, etc. Like many her counterparts, she gives real importance to monitoring to make a regular assessment of evolution.


Name: Charlotte Le Verger
Website : http://plaisir-et-dietetique-rennes.fr/
Telephone: +33 6 71 61 61 21

Clemence AUBRIL


Clémence Aubril is a dietitian-nutritionist of Norman origin who works in Rennes and its region. His childhood has shaped to practice this profession. Since she was little, she has believed in a fashion healthy diet to live in good health. Growing up, she wished help people suffering from a pathology or disorder that could be solved by eating well and healthily.

Dietitians in Rennes
Clémence Aubril, dietitian nutritionist

Growing up, she specialized in dietetics sport and completed an internship at INSEP in Paris. It also makes a discount in dietetics in Nantes with a view to obtaining a BTS.


Clémence Aubril offers a service in office and residence. The food programs established and proposed by this dietician of Rennes prioritize the comfort of each patient. She relies on food varied and balanced, the program taking place with the greatest pleasure and not in frustration. She ensures that her clients experience fully and better thanks to specific strategies.


Name: Clémence Aubril
Website : http://clemenceaubril-diet-rennes.fr/
Telephone: +33 7 72 31 85 67



Nathalie Joinis-Lephay is a dietitian-nutritionist who followed three years of training in naturopathy. It also has a BTS in dietetics and wellness cooking.

dietitians in Rennes
Nathalie Joinis Lephay, dietitian nutritionist


This health professional offers a consultation to around an hour and a half to familiarize yourself with your patient with his personal and medical history.

She asks questions about needs and life in general of each person to establish a suitable program. It also provides cooking workshops to learn how to prepare a variety of dishes.


Name: Nathalie Joinis-Lephay
Website : http://www.nathalie-joinis-lephay.fr/
Telephone: +33 6 07 52 18 37