Tips for an adapted summer diet according to Chinese dietetics

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

The organ of the season: the Heart

The heart relaxes and promotes good circulation of blood and energy, with a feeling of lightness and happiness of well-being. It is the internal, spontaneous joy inherent in the individual that must be differentiated from joy linked to an external cause.

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The heart houses SHEN, the Spirit, its color is red and its emotion is joy. It governs the blood and propels it. Its secretion is sweat.

  • It is at the heart that the energy from food is transformed into blood.
  • The heart is the master of the vessels.
  • Its energy is externalized on the face and manifests itself in the complexion.

According to the law of five movements:

The heart belongs to the element Fire and it is coupled to the small intestine. It is also a time of warmth, growth and development.

The heart flowers to the tongue and it controls its shape, appearance, color and coating. It has an influence on speech, the way of speaking and laughing. Its flavor is bitter, its smell is burnt scorched.

Healthy tips for eating well in summer!

It’s time to express yourself and find energy, but be careful of excesses!

Excessive physical exertion can lead to dehydration, which strains the heart and kidneys.

To protect these two organs, it is important to drink more (clear urine is a good benchmark) in order to replenish fluids and electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium) and maintain the right temperature as well as good blood circulation.

Opt for light meals and avoid iced drinks and cold foods which contract the digestive system and block digestion and make it tired.

The stomach and spleen being organs that are already weakened in summer, it is important to take care of them. Exercise.


Eat foods that hydrate

In Chinese dietetics, foods are chosen for their flavor (sour, bitter, sweet, spicy, salty) but also for their nature (hot, cold, lukewarm, fresh, neutral).

This does not correspond to the temperature of the food but to its thermal influence when it is ingested.

  • At the start of summer, opt for warm foods (cherry, apricot, peach) to support the rise of Yang in the body. Eat a little more fruit and vegetables (a little raw vegetables).
  • Then, in the heart of summer, to moisten the body and fight against heat and dryness, you must drink more and eat fresh or cold fruits and vegetables (tomato, cucumber, zucchini, eggplant, melon, watermelon, Chinese cabbage…), a little grilled meat and fish, mung beans, herbs like mint and oregano. Also use mild spices such as cinnamon and ginger (small quantity) which promotes the digestion of raw vegetables and foods that are too cold.

Foods that go to the Heart:

  • Vegetables and cereals: Wheat, beans, beans, azuki.
  • Meat and animal products: Pork heart, egg yolk.
  • Spice condiments: Chives, shallot, saffron, Cayenne pepper, cinnamon.
  • Fruits: Pear, lychee, persimmon, watermelon, watermelon.
  • Drinks: Tea, alcohol, coffee, valerian.

Foods that go to the Small Intestine:

  • Vegetables and cereals: Spinach, azuki, onion.
  • Meat and animal products: Chicken.
  • Condiments, spices: salt.
  • Fruits: Grapes, banana, watermelon.

Foods that go to the Small Intestine:

  • Vegetables and cereals: Spinach, azuki, onion.
  • Meat and animal products: Chicken.
  • Condiments, spices: salt.
  • Fruits: Grapes, banana, watermelon.

Summer is the time to harness all the energies and to multiply your activities, to realize your projects, to express our joy of living!

It is also the season when it is good to cultivate our sense of adaptation both to situations and in our thoughts, to get rid of our habits and our patterns. Practice physical activities alternating with periods of rest.

Enjoy the summer, treat yourself and stay tuned!

Happy Holidays everyone !