Withings Body Cardio connected scale: my opinion & Purchase at the Best Price

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

Connected objects are everywhere today. We find them in all aspects of our lives. And if this had first affected our phones and watches, currently no object is far from a possible connection to the Internet of Things and data recovery. This is the case with scales, particularly with the Withings Body Cardio. The latter collects information about your weight and your health, and allows you to process all the related data. This is why it seemed important to us to present to you this intelligent scale which will help you with your diet. But not only that… Since the data, processed in the form of graphs, can also help health professionals to better monitor you. And this “in real time”, since the Withings Body Cardio scale can also be paired with an application, the Health Mate.

Before reading on

I’m not an expert in this field, but I am passionate about nutrition and health.

The articles you’ll find on my site are the result of in-depth research that I’d like to share with you. However, I would like to stress that I am not a health professional and that my advice should in no way replace that of a qualified physician. I’m here to guide you, but it’s important that you consult a professional for specific questions or medical concerns. Your well-being is important. So be sure to consult the appropriate experts and take the best possible care of yourself.

Withings Body Cardio connected scale: For whom? For what uses?

There connected scale Withings Body Cardio landed on the market in 2009. This For years it has had a monopoly on the bathroom scales market.

At this At the time, the vision of the connected scale was revolutionary. Especially that Withings, as its name does not suggest, is a French start-up. It was then bought by the behemoth Nokia and its Health branch, which saw a great opportunity.

Revolution so since it is one of the first bathroom scales 2.0 which has proven its added value and which has managed to find a place for itself.

This connected scale is aimed at people who want have real monitoring of their weight and who intend to use their scale for purposes other than weigh from time to time… Indeed, the intelligent scale recovers from a lot of information, processes it and renders it in the application in the form graphs and curves. Also, if you are on a diet, it is ideal for you, in order to follow the evolution of your weight loss… It is also ideal for people with a need to track their weight and maintain it. For example, athletes, people on medication, etc.

It should be noted that the connected scale is more expensive than its traditional competitors. But given the information shared, the clear and precise monitoring and the ease of use, the additional cost is largely justified!


There new edition of the Body Cardio bathroom scale does not change a lot. There tray size is almost similar in size. Only real change the bottom thickness. It is now 1.8 cm instead of 2.3 cm previously. Even if this difference of a few millimeters is not huge, it still has its importance. She brings a lot of lightness. Moreover, it no longer rests on feet, but on a aluminum seat, which allows a use on any type of ground without the slightest adjustment.

We will also note the complete abandonment of the battery system for a built-in mini battery… It is more ecological. And for recharging: the brand provides a USB cable. Autonomy announced is one year.

She recognize up to 8 users, This which allows tracking of as many people on the app.

She is heavier than its predecessor. Currently the notice announces 2.59 kilos, compared to 2.15 previously. But whatever, you’re not going to carry it every day…

There balance allows you to measure :

  • the weight
  • fat mass
  • muscle and bone masses
  • the percentage of water in the body
  • and displays a weight trend line.

This information is really valuable because it allows us to break down the elements of the body in addition to the BMI calculation.

Last bonus, Body Cardio gives you the weather trend of the day when you weigh yourself.


  • The refreshed design : we particularly appreciate that the manufacturer has decided to revamp its connected scale. The previous design was starting to show its age. Here we go again, with a superb design that will blend perfectly with contemporary interiors.
  • Battery : no need for batteries anymore… It’s a big advantage. Especially since we all know that it’s never fun to having to go get batteries, remove the old ones, put in the new ones, then dispose of the used batteries. With the built-in battery we have a real sustainable solution. Autonomy announced: 1 year with cable charging USB (provided).
  • The variety of measures : the Withings connected scale Body Cardio doesn’t just weigh you. It also covers many other settings and store them according to different users. A real smart scale!
  • The VOP : the speed of the pulse wave caused a lot of commotion, particularly when this measure was abandoned by Nokia Health at the turn of a maj… Thanks to the acquisition of the brand and with new impetus from the current owner, the VOP is making a comeback and allows us to imagine new outlets and new future options.


  • The VOP taken by surprise : well aware of the expectations of his public, the owner pushed hard to reinstate VOP among the options on the scale. But the rush made them forget to translate this interface. result: part of your data will be in English. Fortunately, this will be resolved soon during an update of the connected interface.
  • The weight : even if this is not of consequence and it is unlikely that you will take your scale on a trip, be aware that the new model gained a little weight during its makeover.
  • Measuring air quality : previously, the models provided the measurement of air quality. An interesting fact for those who live in the city. Particularly for athletes and vulnerable people who are the first affected by a deterioration in quality. Here, this option has been abandoned in favor of other options.

Where to buy your scale connected Withings Body Cardio at the best price?

It is possible to find the Withings Body bathroom scale Cardio in all good electronics stores and supermarkets dedicated. However, it is not said that they always have them in stock. Nor even that they are present on the shelves (only on the e-shop of the chain).

So, unless you do several stores, there is no guarantee that you will find it in the store near you…

Also, go through Amazon is a choice that turns out to be wise. You save time, the product is delivered to your home (even faster with Amazon Prime), and you have access to an unbeatable price which will necessarily be cheaper than what you can find in stores.

Is PWV (pulse wave velocity) back on the scale Whitings?

All at do. In the penultimate update, owners of Body Cardio had decided to clean up the available options. The VOP had therefore disappeared. Then they noticed that the scale had lost one of the key elements that made them unique! Nokia Health had also decided to reimburse people who wanted it.

The VOP, as a reminder, it is the reflection of the arterial stiffness. It allows you to detect the possibility of a problem cardiovascular.

Following to the purchase of Withings from Nokia by one of the co-founders, the VOP seems to have is making a comeback. To the delight of individuals.

Attention however, because the VOP does not yet have a French translation.

What is the Health Mate app?

The app Health Mate, or health companion in French, is an application that allows you to follow the evolution of your daily weight. On the screen you will see:

  • your weight curve
  • body composition
  • cardiovascular indicators (blood pressure, etc.)

All this based on the data retrieved by the scale.

In Plus, it provides you with valuable advice to achieve the goals you you set yourself. For example, weight loss or muscle/muscle ratio. more advantageous fat.

Finally, to be completely complete, this app works with more than 100 others app’ leaders in this market segment, in order to give you the best possible experience.

My opinion in a few words

To conclude the article, the Withings Body Cardio connected scale undoubtedly remains one of the best connected scales of the moment. And that it is a high-end scale.

I really want to emphasize its ease of use. It can be used almost like a normal bathroom scale, with the difference that the scale collects a lot of personal data during weighing. Then they are analyzed and transmitted to the Health Mate app so you can analyze them. Shown in the form of curves, you understand at a glance the evolution of your weight and your health as well as your current trend. For the athlete who is training or for a person who wants to lose weight through a diet, monitoring is easy and practical. Brief, the scale is ideal.

We will also note the great return of VOP in the options which will delight many users. This data having been the main reason for many purchases.

Finally, on the price side, it goes without saying that at this level of technology, there is a certain amount to put on the table. However, it remains very reasonable when we consider it in a value for money !

Consumer opinion

To date, more than 7,000 reviews have provided a lot of information on the performance of the scale. Overall the reviews are very positive, here are some in detail:

Gianni explains: “To give my opinion, I will break it down into several points:
Design and construction: The Withings Body Cardio is a modern and stylish scale, with a clean and elegant design. The construction is solid and high quality, which ensures increased durability.
Accuracy and Features: The scale features advanced technology that ensures accurate measurements. It measures not only weight, but also body composition, including the amount of body fat, muscle and water in the body. This information can be used to assess overall health and fitness. The scale is also equipped with the weight tracking feature, which helps track progress over time.
Connectivity: The Withings Body Cardio easily connects to the Withings Health Mate app, which records measurements and provides information on trends and progress. The app is intuitive and easy to use, which helps monitor health and fitness effectively.
Overall, the Withings Body Cardio is a great smart scale for health and fitness conscious people. It offers increased accuracy, easy connectivity and advanced functionality, making it a solid option for anyone like me looking to improve their health and fitness.”

Raff says: A very accomplished product. In addition to your body, muscle and fat masses sent directly to the smartphone, you will receive notifications and emails describing the evolution of your weight. Purchased several years ago, it continues to evolve thanks to multiple updates of the app. She followed me in my loss of 25kg 5 years ago, and allows me not to gain it again. A very good tool.”


For me, the Withings Body Cardio connected scale is very complete. It offers a premium experience with its ease of use. I can use it like a classic scale, but it goes even further by analyzing and transmitting my personal data and therefore, the composition of the body! I think it’s the best way to track your health, because 70kg can consist of 40kg of muscle or not, it’s not the same thing. Regarding the price, it is quite reasonable considering the quality and features that are offered. For me, it is a safe and effective choice for improving health and fitness!

The alternatives

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