PhenQ Meal Shake: my Opinion & Purchase at the Best Price

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

Losing excess pounds and obtaining a harmonious figure is one of our main concerns. Unfortunately, drastic diets are too restrictive and killing yourself at the gym is not easy due to lack of time. It is for this reason that PhenQ, the famous brand of slimming products, has developed its Meal Shake, a meal replacement supposed to help you lose weight easily.
Is it really effective? What is this famous product made of? I reveal my opinion on the PhenQ Meal Shake as well as everything you need to know about the product through this article!

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What is PhenQ Meal Shake?

PhenQ Meal Shake is a food substitute from the PhenQ brand. It provides a quick feeling of satiety and helps to effectively lose weight. It is made up of different ingredients acting as a fat burner while optimizing the energy level.

PhenQMealShake: my Opinion & Purchase at the Best Price
PhenQ Meal Shake is a food substitute from the PhenQ brand.

What makes PhenQ Meal Shake so special are its different characteristics that make it an effective fat burner and appetite suppressant:

  • Each serving of PhenQ Meal Shake has been designed to have very specific effects on fat elimination;
  • The product provides a feeling of satiety by replacing a complete meal while ensuring a minimum calorie intake and a maximum of nutrients;
  • The PhenQ Meal Shake ensures maximum energy intake;
  • It stimulates the process of activation of AMPK, a mechanism considered to be the “engine of metabolism”.

How does this substitute work?

Our body has a particular enzyme: AMP or AMPK. The latter is supposed to effectively eliminate excess fat in the body. However, with age, the process tends to slow down, and we have difficulty naturally reducing fat mass. It is at the level of these enzymes that PhenQ Meal Shake acts by restarting the metabolism and boosting them. If you would like to know more about the brand, discover my complete file on PhenQ.

This way, our body can eliminate fat more effectively and almost instantly. The PhenQ Meal Shake can also replace a complete meal. You can eat it instead of breakfast or lunch. All you need to do is drink a glass and you will feel full for several hours. You won’t even have to snack between meals, which will minimize unnecessary calorie intake.

Who is PhenQ Meal Shake for?

According to the properties of the product, PhenQ Meal Shake is aimed at different categories of people. First, there are those who want to lose weight because of being overweight, a desire to slim down their figure or obesity. In the latter case, it is recommended that you be closely monitored by a doctor so as not to accelerate your metabolism.

PhenQ Meal Shake can also be consumed as a healthy meal replacement. For example, during a busy day at the office, you can take some if you don’t have time to go to the canteen. Its nutrient intake is almost the same as a balanced meal, but it is low in calories. Finally, you can consume PhenQ Meal Shake if you want to avoid snacking between meals, or if you don’t have time. During a long trip, for example, taking this product before leaving will keep you going until the next meal without feeling hungry.

What is PhenQ Meal Shake made of?

What consumers appreciate about the PhenQ brand is its transparency regarding the ingredients that make up its products. You can clearly know each ingredient that makes up the PhenQ Meal Shake. Here they are :

Plant protein

The PhenQ Meal Shake contains approximately 15 g of vegetable proteins. Pea protein makes up over 12g. It contains the 9 essential amino acids, namely arginine, leucine and isoleucine. Pea protein promotes muscle gains, which is essential for athletes. In addition, it is more easily absorbed by the body compared to whey or casein.

Next, the PhenQ Meal Shake contains almost 1.5g of brown rice protein. It accentuates the gain of muscle mass and brings a feeling of satiety. Finally, the product contains 1.5 g of hemp protein. It is rich in omega-3, fiber, antioxidants and vitamins as well as minerals. Hemp protein reduces appetite while regulating blood sugar levels.


Ashwagandha is an ingredient known for its properties to accelerate weight loss, muscle mass gain, strength gain and reduction of stress and anxiety. The PhenQ Meal Shake contains almost 300 g of the most concentrated and powerful form of ashwagandha, namely KSM-66. KSM-66 would increase endurance by more than 13% and reduce body fat by 3.5% in 6 weeks. In addition, it optimizes testosterone levels and improves the sexual health of men.


InnoSlim is a patented blend of plant extracts whose virtues are said to promote weight loss. The plants making up InnoSlim are mainly ginseng and astragalus. These plants are also known to be effective in reducing appetite. Finally, the InnoSlim allows you to regulate the functioning of the AMPK.

PhenQMealShake: my Opinion & Purchase at the Best Price
The PhenQ Meal Shake contains approximately 15g of plant-based protein.


It is a derivative of coconut oil and helps provide sufficient energy and accelerate weight loss. MCT oil is also known to improve cognitive functions, memory and concentration. MCT oil helps the body burn fat, especially when you are resting. It stimulates the elimination of body fat in the form of energy, rather than drawing on carbohydrates.

Reishi mushroom

The PhenQ Meal Shake contains 100 g of Reishi mushroom extract. It is an ingredient used in ancient Asian medicine to reduce fatigue, increase energy levels and improve immunity. It also helps regulate blood sugar levels and improve cognitive abilities.

Flax flour

In the PhenQ Meal Shake, you can find 11 g of flax meal which is derived from flax seeds. Overall, this ingredient has the following properties: it optimizes intestinal health and fights inflammation. Flax flour is rich in omega-3, fiber and vitamins.

Vitamins and minerals

Here is the list of the main minerals and vitamins contained in PhenQ Meal Shake:

  • Potassium chloride ;
  • Magnesium phosphate;
  • Calcium carbonate ;
  • Anhydrous dicalcium phosphate;
  • Ascorbic acid (vitamin C);
  • Ferrous fumarate;
  • Powdered preparation of DL-alpha-tocopherol acetate;
  • Zinc aspartate;
  • Nicotinic acid;
  • Potassium iodide;
  • Retinol Acetate;
  • Manganese citrate;
  • Calcium D-pantothenate;
  • Preparation of di-biotin;
  • Copper sulfate ;
  • Methylcobalamin (vitamin B12);
  • Vita-algae D vegan vitamin D3 preparation;
  • Pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6);
  • Thiamine hydrochloride;
  • Riboflavin;
  • Chromium picolinate;
  • Folic acid ;
  • Anhydrous sodium selenite.

Other ingredients

Finally, the next ingredients make up the PhenQ Meal Shake:

  • Sodium chloride;
  • Flavors;
  • Cocoa powder ;
  • Choline bitartrate;
  • Sucralose to sweeten.


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PhenQ Meal Shake Vanille

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What are the benefits of PhenQ Meal Shake?

I will now offer you the main highlights relating to PhenQ Meal Shake.

Substitution of a complete meal

The PhenQ Meal Shake is known for being able to replace an entire meal. Breakfast or lunch, if you don’t have time to have it, you can very well fall back on this substitute. It contains all the ingredients equivalent to a complete meal to stay in tip-top shape without being packed with calories.

PhenQMealShake: my Opinion & Purchase at the Best Price
The PhenQ Meal Shake replaces a complete meal, it contains less than 270 calories.

An excellent slimming ally

Although the PhenQ MealShake replaces a full meal, it contains less than 270 calories. In addition, it contains ingredients that stimulate weight loss, including InnoSlim, the effectiveness of which has been clinically proven. You just need to combine the consumption of PhenQ Meal Shake with a healthy lifestyle to see convincing results. The first areas where weight loss is most quickly visible are the abdominal area and the waistline.

Complete substitute that fights cravings

The PhenQ Meal Shake provides a feeling of satiety that helps you last until the next meal. This way, you don’t feel the need to have a snack, and you don’t risk getting hungry. The product contains all the ingredients the body needs to function optimally.

Excellent natural energy booster

The way PhenQ Meal Shake works on the body is as follows: it stimulates the elimination of body fat by transforming it into energy. Thus, your body uses excess fat as fuel to function optimally. Not only is your energy boosted, but so is your endurance, as well as your cognitive abilities.

Stimulation of muscle strength

PhenQ Meal Shake is a product perfectly suited to athletes. It contains a certain amount of plant proteins and other ingredients capable of stimulating protein synthesis. As a result, you benefit from muscle gain, an improvement in your physical strength and your recovery capacity. As an illustration, the KSM-66 which makes up the PhenQ Meal Shake would increase muscle strength by up to 139%.

Perfect substitute for travel and travel

If you are traveling on long journeys or if you are on frequent trips, you can easily take a portion of PhenQ Meal Shake to avoid going to fast food restaurants. In addition to consuming healthier and more nutritious foods, you accumulate fewer calories. Finally, the price of PhenQ Meal Shake is cheaper than at a fast food restaurant.

How to consume PhenQ Meal Shake?

Here is how to consume your PhenQ Meal Shake:

  • Mix a scoop or two of PhenQ Meal Shake into 250 to 500 ml of water or unsweetened milk;
  • Shake vigorously to obtain a perfectly homogeneous mixture, then consume.

The duration of consumption of PhenQ Meal Shake can range from 90 to 180 days. This is a gradual weight loss that is not aggressive for the body. This is the reason why the loss occurs smoothly and over a more or less long period. In addition, a fairly long consumption period gives your body time to properly assimilate all the benefits of natural ingredients. This makes weight loss effective and sustainable and prevents you from the yoyo effect.

PhenQMealShake: my Opinion & Purchase at the Best Price
The duration of consumption of PhenQ Meal Shake can range from 90 to 180 days.

Where to buy PhenQ Meal Shake?

For the moment, the PhenQ Meal Shake is only available on the official website from the PhenQ brand. So, it is still impossible to get them in any physical or online store. This initiative is a marketing strategy to avoid the distribution of counterfeits. By limiting access to PhenQ Meal Shake to its official website, it ensures that consumers get authentic products. Payment methods from the official website are diverse and secure. You have the choice between Visa, MasterCard, American Express as well as Skrill. Additionally, you can choose the home delivery option for a delivery fee.


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PhenQ Meal Shake Vanille

Order PhenQ Meal Shake now on the official website

What are the precautions for using PhenQ Meal Shake?

PhenQ Meal Shake is a product made from ingredients specially tested in the laboratory for healthy and safe consumption. Overall, you do not risk any side effects from taking it. However, I do not recommend its consumption to growing children, as well as pregnant and breastfeeding women. If you are taking other medications, it is also recommended to consult your doctor beforehand to avoid any bad interactions between the product and your doctor. Finally, carefully read the list of ingredients that make up PhenQ Meal Shake. You will be able to see which ones you develop an intolerance to and an allergic reaction to.

My opinion in detail

My overall rating: 4.3/5

In my reflection I take into account various elements to evaluate the product, in the case of a meal replacement, here are the criteria that I took into account for the overall effectiveness:

  • The composition: in particular with micronutrients and macronutrients, essential in weight loss and health,
  • The flavor of the product: which allows you not to be nauseated and to be able to follow the program with pleasure (this is important for regular, and therefore effective, intake of the product to obtain better results),
  • The feeling of satiety is also important to feel in good shape and not feel hungry too quickly,
  • The price must be reasonable to allow us to maintain regular use of the meal replacement,
  • The dosage: taking the daily dose must be practical and without constraints.

PhenQ Meal Shake, as a meal replacement, fully meets these criteria. Not only is it pleasant to consume, but its composition is also of quality. In addition, it provides a feeling of satiety which prevents us from overeating or snacking between meals. The product therefore perfectly meets the demand!

The composition: 4.5/5

PhenQ Meal Shake has adopted a smart strategy by incorporating a high amount of vitamins and minerals, resulting in the presence of 24 vitamins and minerals, 16g of protein per serving and 13g of beneficial fat.

As I explained in the composition part of the product, I found that PhenQ Meal Shake has included the patented Innoslim blend. This technology promotes weight loss and supports well-being while dieting. Overall, the combination of ingredients provides an optimal balance between those that promote weight loss and those that maintain adequate energy levels!

Flavor: 4.5/5

PhenQ Meal Shake currently offers 3 different flavors: chocolate, vanilla and strawberries & cream. The choice is limited to 3 flavors but, from my point of view, it allows you to diversify according to everyone’s preferences.

I fell for the chocolate flavor which completely satisfied me, the taste is really delicious. This criterion is important for me, in the sense that it allows regular intake with great pleasure, much more motivating!

The price: 4/5

Regarding the price, the bill is slightly lower, because a single bag contains seven meals for the sum of around €15, or €2.14 per meal. The price can therefore quickly increase if not the shots you want to make. On the other hand, there is a subscription that allows you to save 10% on your purchases!

User reviews

PhenQ Meal Shake is a meal replacement that has won over many consumers thanks to its remarkable benefits. Generally speaking, people who have consumed PhenQ Meal Shake highlight the effectiveness of the product on weight loss and its ability to replace meals. The results are there without the product being overpriced either.
Here is what some of them shared about their PhenQ Meal Shake user reviews:


  • Free delivery
  • Subscription available with 10% discount
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
PhenQ Meal Shake Vanille

Order PhenQ Meal Shake now on the official website

Conclusion: my opinion in a few words

To conclude, the PhenQ Meal Shake is one of the best slimming options I have tested. Indeed, the product is tasty, and it is very complete, which allows it to replace a meal. It allows you to lose weight healthily while avoiding harming the body. It does not create any nutrient deficiencies, which is quite rare in a product supposed to help you lose weight. The PhenQ brand is also famous for being a reference in the distribution of slimming products. The PhenQ Meal Shake rides on this reputation of the brand and more easily wins the hearts of users. The numerous laudatory testimonials to his honor are proof of this.

In addition, it is a product with excellent value for money. In the end, I recommend purchasing PhenQ Meal Shake. If you are looking for a product that offers non-aggressive weight loss for your body, you won’t find better. On the other hand, don’t expect results after a few days. Persevere and let the ingredients work on your body. If you’re looking for meal replacement options, I’ve written my comparative article of the best meal replacements which examines the different options available on the market.

The alternatives

When looking for a meal replacement, it’s always nice to explore different options to find the one that works best for you. Even if the PhenQ Shake Meal that I tell you about in this article may seem interesting, here are some alternatives that you might also like: