Does kefir make you lose weight?

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

Have you ever heard of kefir? It is a drink little known in France but has multiple health benefits. Does kefir make you lose weight? This is the question that I am going to answer, by offering you two recipes incorporating this drink.

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In order to lose weight and have strong health, there is nothing more fashionable than fermented drinks. Indeed, the strengths of kefir in relation to health and the figure are multiple and varied, essentially via an abundant composition of bacteria. I will explain to you the reasons why kefir helps you lose weight. You will also discover two excellent recipes for slimming kefirs with fruit.

What are the characteristics of kefir?

Kefir is a drink from the Caucasus. It has been drunk all over the world for hundreds of years. This drink is obtained via the fermentation of kefir seeds. This can be done in milk or sweetened fruit juice. This is why there are different kinds of kefirs: milk, water and fruit. The small white kefir seeds have a grainy look and atypical characteristics.

These seeds offer the possibility of having a fermented drink composed of excellent bacteria and active yeasts. So, it is a probiotic drink. If you prefer, kefir is very good for your body. To find out more about the strengths of kefir, know that the intestine is a second brain made up of specific bacteria which design the intestinal flora. The balance of the intestinal flora and its richness ensure the health of the body.

How many calories does kefir provide?

Kefir has few calories: 100 grams has 37 calories. Thus, it is an excellent solution that you can use in weight loss diets. It can be used to change milk or yogurt.

Where to find kefir?

It is impossible to get kefir from the industry. The complexity of its specificities and its composition does not offer this possibility. The only way to find kefir is to go to an organic store (or organic website) which will recommend it to you. You will be able to find individuals who offer them. Do not hesitate to find out more on the forums and social networks.

Does fruit kefir make you lose weight?

Compared to a rich and balanced diet, kefir can help with weight loss. Indeed, its natural abundance of bacteria and active yeasts generates multiple and varied benefits on the body. With fruit kefir, you will benefit from the benefits of fekir and fruit. Take into account that kefir cannot cause weight gain unless it is used in large doses. On the contrary, it is a real help for losing weight. So, I can affirm it: kefir makes you lose weight!

What are the benefits of kefir?

Here is the list of the strengths of kefir:

  • Optimization of digestion
  • Balance the intestinal flora by feeding the bacteria present in the microbiota
  • Increased nutrient assimilation and improvement in food tolerance
  • Optimal control of eating sensations
  • Regulation of intestinal transit
  • Optimization of immunity
  • Prevention of excess weight by maintaining intestinal flora in excellent health
  • Reduce bloating and encourage the maintenance of a flat stomach
  • Combats cellular oxidation and premature aging of body cells
  • And finally, participation in meeting the needs for vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

The mixture of these benefits of kefir allows optimal maintenance of the body and the digestive system in excellent health. This is even more essential when we know the function of the intestinal microbiota in relation to the prevention of excess weight and the general health of the body. Various modern studies reveal, in fact, that the intestinal flora of obese individuals is less rich than that of individuals with a classic BMI (the famous body mass index).

Weak point: the fermentation of kefir causes a small production of alcohol and can therefore be bad for individuals affected by liver problems. Consuming too much kefir can cause problems such as abdominal problems (pain) and diarrhea.

At what time of day should you drink kefir to lose weight?

In order to optimize transit and digestion, it is strongly recommended to drink a glass before each meal. In order to solidify your intestinal flora, it is possible to drink it outside of meals (a large glass every morning) or during a specific treatment (a one-liter bottle every day). I highly recommend it !

How to prepare kefir for weight loss?

Here are two kefir recipes that you absolutely must try!

Kslimming efir with red fruits

Red fruit slimming kefir is perfect for stocking up on probiotic active ingredients and antioxidants. Red fruits perfectly flavor this drink. This makes it pleasant to drink daily. This kefir can be consumed every day to optimize the health of the digestive system.

Here are the ingredients to use for 1.5 liters of kefir: 1.5 liters of water, 55 grams of kefir seeds, two tablespoons of brown sugar, half a lemon, a fresh fig and 80 grams of fresh raspberries.

In order to make this raspberry kefir, you will first need to dilute the sugar in water. Next, put the sugar water in a glass container. Then add the kefir seeds, the previously crushed raspberries, the lemon cut into slices and the fig cut in half. Then stir everything together. Then, cover the jar with absorbent paper using an elastic band. Place it in a dry place away from light for one or two days.

After this time has elapsed, filter the slimming kefir through a fine strainer in order to retain only the fermented liquid. Put the drink in a new airtight, closed container. As a result, you will have a succulent fruit kefir that you will be able to keep refrigerated for several days. I strongly recommend that you open the jar occasionally so that the gas produced by the yeast and bacteria comes out and dissipates.

Lemon and fig detox kefir

Lemon and fig detox kefir is my favorite recipe. It’s also the most classic fruit kefir recipe there is. It is a basic and succulent drink that can be a basis for making more personal kefir: peach, raspberry, cherry, strawberry, redcurrant, herbs, etc. The possibilities are multiple depending on the seasons, desires and flavors.

Here are the ingredients to use for 1.5 liters of kefir: 1.5 liters of water, 55 grams of kefir seeds, two tablespoons of brown sugar, half a lemon and two dried figs.

To make this lemon and fig kefir, start by diluting the sugar in water. Next, put the sugar water in a glass container. Then add the kefir seeds, the lemon cut into slices and the figs cut in half. Then, stir everything. Then cover the container with absorbent paper with an elastic band. Place the jar away from light for one or two days.

Once this period is over, filter the slimming kefir through a fine strainer in order to retain only the fermented liquid. The kefir will be ready when the figs come to the surface. Put the drink in a new closed airtight container. You can now taste this succulent fruit kefir that you can keep refrigerated for several days. On the other hand, don’t forget to open the container sometimes so that the gas from the yeast and bacteria escapes.