What is apple pectin?

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

Apples are rich in pectin, a soluble fiber. This entirely organic substance is distinguished by a diversity of benefits. Apple pectin has real benefits for health. Its benefits include regulating blood sugar levels and facilitating intestinal transit. In addition, it proves to be a valuable aid as part of a diet, with an appetite suppressant effect. Also, apple pectin, available in several forms (powder, food supplement, capsules, etc.), is also used as a gelling agent in jams.

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There apple pectin, what is it?

Pectin is a plant dietary fiber, a kind of complex carbohydrate of plant origin and not assimilated by the body. It is present in apples with a particularly high concentration, particularly in the skin and seeds of this fruit. You must then eat the raw apple with the skin to hope to absorb a good quantity of pectin. Organic apples should be preferred, because non-certified organic apples are treated with pesticides which may be present on the skin.

Green apples
Apple pectin is present in abundance in green apples.

Also, apple pectin is present in abundant quantities in green or immature apples. This concentration is further reduced when the apple ripens. Pectin ensures the firmness or consistency of the fruit. The apple retains a particular water content thanks to pectin.

Apple pectin has the particularity of being a fiber that swells when contact with water and transforms into a viscous gel in the stomach, then in the intestine, thus increasing the volume of the bowl food and leading to a feeling of immediate satiety.

These satiating fibers thus have the capacity to absorb the water contained in food, but also to trap the fats and sugars in the mucilaginous gel and eliminate them via the intestines.

THE health benefits of pectin

Apple pectin is characterized by beneficial health properties. In fact, it helps regulate blood pressure, reduce blood cholesterol levels and regulate blood sugar levels.

Regulate intestinal transit

Thanks to its properties which help retain water contained in food, pectin improves the regularity of intestinal movements and contributes to maintaining healthy transit. It increases the frequency of bowel movements and helps treat constipation problems. The gelling effect that characterizes it is also useful in cases of diarrhea.

Reduce blood cholesterol levels

The viscous gel which forms in the body upon contact with water absorbs part of the fats in order to eliminate them. Thus, during digestion, apple pectin reduces the absorption of fats by the body and their passage into the blood. Part of the fats are then eliminated naturally and there are no new accumulations of fats in the body.

Thus inducing a reduction in the intestinal absorption of cholesterol, a reduction in bad cholesterol, and also a reduction in the risk linked to the onset of cardiovascular diseases. It is then beneficial for heart health.

Regulate blood sugar levels

in the intestine, apple pectin captures part of the sugars consumed during meals. Thus, it reduces the absorption of sugars, moderates the assimilation of sugars, thus limiting their passage into the body and the blood.

Sugars that have not been assimilated cannot be stored by the body, they are then evacuated via the intestines. Apple pectin helps slow down not only the absorption of glucose, but also the rise in blood sugar levels. As a result, it stabilizes blood sugar levels.

Two green apples
Apple pectin is good for our health by promoting intestinal transit, among other benefits.

The benefits of apple pectin as part of a diet

Apple pectin is a useful fiber in a diet. The consumption of this fiber is of interest for those who wish to stay in shape or losing weight. Apple pectin is therefore a slimming ally for those who are watching their weight or following a diet.

Natural appetite suppressant

It can contribute to weight loss by acting as a natural appetite suppressant. Thus, it can help us lose weight when we bite into the apple or when we consume it in the form of a food supplement. Indeed, when it is ingested, it swells during digestion and its volume increases, increasing the food bolus and thus filling the stomach. In doing so, it instantly creates a feeling of satiety and reduces the feeling of hunger.

This appetite suppressant effect helps reduce appetite and cravings. Apple pectin is thus characterized by a satiating effect which proves useful for the figure. It is important to drink a large amount of water (a large glass of water) when consuming apple pectin to increase the satiety effect.

Gelling of jams

Apple pectin is a natural gelling agent. It is used not only in jams, but also in jellies. It allows these different preparations to thicken and gel well. Thanks to the gelling properties of apple pectin, the jams are delicious and creamy.

Fat and sugar sensor

Part of the fats and of the sugars that we consume during meals, is trapped by apple pectin which takes the form of a gel viscous. As a result, it absorbs a portion of fats and sugars. These substances are thus captured and cannot be assimilated or stored by the body, but are evacuated via the intestines.

In short, apple pectin captures fats and sugars and subsequently eliminates them naturally, reducing their storage in the body. Hence the interest in apple pectin when you want to lose weight, because it limits the storage of fats and sugars in the body.

It does not provide fats or sugars to the body, but on the contrary, it reduces the intestinal absorption of cholesterol and helps avoid problems linked to weight gain or being overweight. By reducing cholesterol levels, pectin can contribute to weight loss.

Red Apple
Apple pectin traps some of the fats and sugars and eliminates them.

How can we use pectin as part of a diet?

When apple pectin is not natural, it is advisable to consume them appropriately. To do this, it is important to respect the dose, dosages, frequency, timing and duration of doses.


Pectin pectin comes in several forms which each require compliance with doses and the frequency of doses. This dosage may vary from one form to another. In general, it is advisable to use pectin of apple, whatever the packaging, a maximum of three times during the day. As for the daily dose, it is important to refer to the instructions to avoid any overdose. It is therefore necessary to respect the number of capsules or the amount of powder you should take each day.

When should you take apple pectin?

Apple pectin should be absorbed before meals. The moment Appropriate is about 30 minutes to an hour before the meal. This interval is recommended to allow apple pectin to unfold its power absorbent in order to capture the sugars and fats which will be ingested during the meal. Taken before a meal, it deploys its appetite suppressant effect and allows you to be satisfied quickly; it then suppresses the appetite.

For how long should you use apple pectin?

Consuming apple pectin for a very long time is not recommended. Chronic use can lead to deficits nutritional, because pectin can have deleterious effects by absorbing nutrients minerals and vitamins within the body. This is why it is recommended to use it for a short time.

In what types of packaging can you buy apple pectin?

Pectin is natural present in the apple. But it is also available in several shapes.


Apple pectin is present in shops in powder form. When presented in this form, it must be diluted in water.


Apple pectin is available in capsule form. THE capsules should be absorbed with water.


It is possible to buy apple pectin in granular form. These granules should be swallowed with a large glass of water.

Chewing gum

Another type of packaging in which apple pectin comes is that of chewing gum. The shape in which this gum comes is that of a chewing square.

You can buy apple pectin in the form of granules, chewing gum, capsules or powder.

Or can we buy pectin from apple ?

It is possible to buy apple pectin commercially and in various places. These include, among others, pharmacies, grocery stores, organic stores, supermarkets, online sales sites and platforms.