Metabolism: Is it possible to help your body burn fat more efficiently?

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

Yes it is possible, by increasing your metabolism, which is all of the reactions occurring in the cells of our body. It involves the catabolism (production of energy from absorbed nutrients by breaking down relatively large and complex molecules into smaller and simpler molecules (use and storage)) and anabolic it (construction of the elements that our cells need to function (destocking of reserves for example).

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Our energy expenditure correspond to: our basic metabolism (sex, height, weight, age), external temperature, physiological conditions (pregnancy, emotions, etc.) + expenses due to physical and intellectual activity + digestion.


At daily, it is possible to burn fat more effectively by boosting the energy expenditure of digestion and those linked to physical activity.

Burn more fat by eating well!

By adapting your nutritional intake to your basic energy needs and eating only when you are hungry because your body will be reassured, it will not lack anything and it will more willingly draw from your fat stores!

Calculate your basic energy needs by clicking here:

By eating at regular times you also reassure the body that it will know when it will have an energy supply.

By splitting meals (breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner) in order to better distribute intake and increase digestion expenses. It’s not about snacking but about distributing your intake differently.

By breakfast example: drink + toast and butter + one dairy Then around 10-11 a.m. a piece of fruit.

By increasing the frequency of meals, we distribute the calories ingested more evenly, allowing greater thermogenesis.

The distribution we need to function well is:

food group distribution

Our body uses more energy when using protein than fat or carbohydrates.

Tips: at mealtimes, start by eating vegetables and proteins and finish with carbohydrates (the quantity of which you will adjust according to your hunger).

Enjoy lean proteins such as cod, chicken breast or seafood, eggs, natural dairy products, legumes (which provide protein and starches), at least once a day.

Certain nutrients such as calcium allow better use of other nutrients and therefore less storage, hence the interest in consuming dairy products with each meal. Natural yogurts, cottage cheeses (non-fat), and fromage frais are also rich in protein and are excellent snacks when you’re feeling hungry!

Remember to drink at least 1.5 liters throughout the day, especially if you play sports. Water is essential for activities related to metabolism, particularly lipolysis (breakdown of fats).

Boost your expenses with small fasts (only for people with no health problems). Be careful, a diet with too low calorie intake causes the body to resist using reserves. Better to make a short period mini fast, for 16 to 20 hours: this allows you to boost the mobilization of adipose reserves by blocking the production of an antithyroid hormone, T3, which the body secretes to protect itself from weight loss.

Once a week, either we do not eat dinner (we eat again the next morning), or we do not eat breakfast (we eat again at lunch), but we hydrate well (water, tea, herbal tea, broth). vegetables).

Burn your fat with the right foods

The goal is obviously to combine their consumption with a diet adapted to your slimming goals.

For promote the activation of lipolysis, do not neglect foods rich in proteins such as lean meats and fish.

THE green tea is a powerful antioxidant, the lemon a well-known detoxifier, fruits such as citrus (grapefruit) are full of vitamins and low in sugar and calories. There papaya and pineapple activate fat mobilization.

There chicory is rich in inulin, the fibers from the ground root of this plant help reduce blood glucose and lipid levels. We can substitute it for coffee or, better, combine the two, so as to combine the slimming actions of inulin and caffeine. No more than 2 cups per day.

THE pepper : Fresh or powdered, chili peppers get their spiciness from capsaicin, which, by stimulating the production of adrenaline and norepinephrine, helps burn stored sugars and fats. Cayenne pepper, Tabasco, paprika… We choose according to your tastes and digestive tolerance.

chili peppers to burn fat

Burn your fat with a food supplement

Their formula helps increase calorie consumption through metabolism. Associated with regular sporting activity and a suitable diet, certain food supplements offer a concentrate of active ingredients.

THE fat burners Containing green tea or caffeine, spirulina can help boost your metabolism.

Burn your fat with the right physical exercises

The body’s expenditure at rest can vary from 200 to 600 calories depending on whether we are sedentary or active. The body continues to expend half of this expenditure in the 24 hours following the activity. Muscles are large consumers of energy: a person with good muscle tone burns more than a sedentary person, including at rest. The problem is that as we age, muscle mass naturally decreases.

To maintain and develop it, the best is to practice bodybuilding with moderate weights and/or to favor exercises that mobilize as many muscle groups as possible (core training, pull-ups, etc.).

To burn fat effectively through sport: favor endurance exercises (not too intensive), dynamic exercises and muscle strengthening.

For rapid results, schedule at least 4 sessions per week of 45 minutes of cardio exercises.

Swimming, cycling, running, Nordic walking for at least 30 minutes a day can already increase your energy expenditure.

physical exercises

It is better to opt for recovery phases rather than exhausting yourself.

Indeed, it is important to maintain an average heart rate, to allow the body to burn fat quickly. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) sports training is well known for its effectiveness and unstoppable fat-burning effect.

The important is to set the right goals and maintain activity regular physical.

Cleaning, shopping, gardening, climbing stairs, walking at least 30 minutes a day are part of daily physical activities!

Don’t let up on your efforts after a week and to stay motivated, practice sport with friends or set yourself challenges.

Finally, give yourself small rewards for each goal achieved!