Going on a flight attendant diet: I’m telling you about it.

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

The flight attendant diet, also known as the Natman diet, is an express slimming method. It allows you to find impressive results in just 4 days, the average length of a stopover. The principle ? It consists of following a drastic and strict program. It is worth it given the weight loss it generates. Would you like to know more? I’ll give you details on how to lose weight with the program.

Before reading on

I’m not an expert in this field, but I am passionate about nutrition and health.

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Know the flight attendant diet

The principle of the method

The flight attendant diet is a nutritional program:

  • High protein: the foods offered are rich in protein. These contribute to the proper functioning of the metabolic system, essential for burning calories.
  • Hypocaloric: this means that the dishes are low in calories. The daily calorie intake does not exceed 1,200 cal, to maintain muscle mass. The Natman program is one of the favorite methods of flight attendants to eliminate excess pounds during a stopover. It takes place over 4 days, and it allows you to lose up to 4 kg. It favors dishes composed of meat and vegetables, two fundamental ingredients for losing weight. Following this type of diet implies a lack of vitamins, mineral salts or even carbohydrates.

The targets

The flight attendant diet is aimed at both women and men who want to lose weight quickly, without following long and tedious other methods.

Go on a flight attendant diet.
The flight attendant diet is aimed at both women and men who want to lose weight quickly.

You should also understand that the method eliminates up to 4 kg. I recommend that you turn to other programs if you want to lose more.

How the flight attendant diet works: methods and advice

The method

In this part, I will give you more explanations of what I said above. The flight attendant diet consists of eating vegetables and meat. You can eat as many as you want, as long as they are plain. However, it is recommended not to exceed the daily calorie intake.

We must ban processed foods. Choose organic vegetables, raw or steamed. A tip is to favor foods rich in protein, and to limit sources of carbohydrates and lipids. This will encourage the body to draw on fat and sugar reserves to help it burn calories and lose weight. I offer you the best fat burners, to combine with the diet for lasting results.

The rules to respect

The slimming program is a strict method that involves steps to follow to successfully lose weight.

Here are the most important ones:

  • Don’t give in to snacking: the urge to munchies is one of the temptations that affect people who follow the Natman diet. I encourage you to resist it, during these 4 days. You can eat an apple if you are very hungry between two meals, or opt for effective appetite suppressant low in calories.
  • Avoid sources of carbohydrates, low-fat or non-fat dairy products and foods rich in lipids: these are pastries, butter and even cheeses.
  • Avoid drinking carbonated drinks and/or drinks rich in sugars and alcohol: sodas and beer should be banned.
  • Do not salt foods: salt is responsible for water retention and cellulite. You can replace it with spices to bring a better taste to your dishes.
  • Avoid doing sports during the diet phase: you do not have the energy necessary to produce a lot of effort.
  • Stay hydrated: There is a link between hydration and weight loss. Water is fundamental for digestion. Also, it is a natural low-calorie appetite suppressant.

A flight attendant diet type day

The process of the method

An effective flight attendant diet involves two stages, including the diet phase and the balance phase. The first corresponds to the slimming method itself. This period is therefore the hardest, since you will deprive yourself of several types of food. I advise you to design different menus every day to avoid monotony. The balance phase comes, once the 4-day diet is finished.

The objective is to maintain the results and avoid a yo-yo effect. Certainly this period corresponds to stopping the diet, but it is important not to suddenly change acquired habits. A balance phase lasts 7 to 20 days. During this period, you will have to limit yourself to three meals and three snacks per day. Make sure you don’t exceed 1,200 to 1,500 cal/day if you are a woman, and between 1,500 to 1,800 cal/day for men.

It is advisable to gradually introduce sources of carbohydrates, lipids and dairy products into your diet. However, avoid very sugary and very fatty products to reduce the yo-yo effects. Maintain your habit of banning snacking if you succeeded during the diet phase.

The duration of the diet

The hostess diet lasts 4 days, although there are 1-week and 8-day variations. For my part, I advise you not to exceed 4 days to avoid a nutritional deficiency. The method can become dangerous after 4 days. I encourage you not to prolong it, but rather to pay attention to your line during the balance phase.

Allowed and prohibited foods

A Natman diet allows the following foods: legumes, cottage cheese, lean meat (zebu, chicken), green vegetables, eggs, seafood, tofu, olive oil, low-fat yogurts, white fish, and slightly sweet fruits. Here are the foods prohibited during the diet: cereals, alcohol, fatty cheese, junk foods, pastries and processed products.

The effectiveness of the flight attendant diet

The Natman method promises weight loss, since the body will draw on sugar and fat stores. He will find there the necessary energy that the food supply is no longer able to provide.

Go on a flight attendant diet.
The body will draw on stores of sugars and fats

As a result, fat mass is reduced and the body becomes more slender. The high protein diet limits muscle wasting and maintains muscle mass. Bad fats are eliminated. The water stored in the tissues is evacuated thanks to the salt-free diet. All these phenomena contribute to your slimming goal.

The advantages and disadvantages of the flight attendant diet


Here are the reasons why the Natman program is so successful:

  • Many foods act as appetite suppressants: most permitted foods are rich in dietary fiber, elements that contribute to the feeling of satiety.
  • The speed of the diet: the method is one of the shortest slimming programs. It is suitable for people looking for a way to lose weight quickly.
  • The diet is affordable: no need to allocate a significant budget to follow the program. Authorized foods are available on the market.
  • The method saves you from frustration: deprivation leads to feelings of frustration. It’s easy to stick with it when the diet is short.


The hostess diet has disadvantages:

  • The diet is intensive: it can be difficult and frustrating to resist the temptation of certain foods.
  • Nutritional deficiencies: the absence of carbohydrates, lipids and dairy products can lead to a drop in energy.
  • The impossibility of losing a lot of pounds: the diet only manages to eliminate between 4 and 5 excess pounds. It may be interesting to invest in other weight loss products to see more results.

Menu ideas for a flight attendant diet

Day 1Coffee without sugar + ½ grapefruit150 g grilled steak + green salad + lightly sweetened fruit juice2 hard-boiled eggs + plate of spinach + carrot juice
Day 2Sugar-free tea + apple150 g grilled steak + celery salad + raspberry juice150 g grilled chicken + tomato salad + prune juice
Day 3Coffee without sugar + ½ grapefruit150 g of grilled steak + portion of green beans + lemon juice150 g grilled white fish + tomato juice
Day 4Sugar-free tea + ½ grapefruit2 hard-boiled eggs + red cabbage salad + pineapple juice150 g grilled steak + grapefruit juice

Consumer reviews

The Natman diet appeals to a good number of consumers on the web. Many have embarked on the adventure. They found different results, despite the method being unique. Some people have managed to lose 1 kg per day.

Go on a flight attendant diet.
Some people who have followed the flight attendant diet have managed to lose 1 kg per day.

The others reduced their weight by 2 kg during the 4 days. This difference can be caused by metabolism, but also by the way the program was followed. No one seems to be complaining about not finding any results.

Opinions of professionals

The flight attendant diet is the type of diet suitable for people wanting to lose weight quickly, according to health professionals. It promises the elimination of a few kilos, but it does not allow a loss of more than 4 or 5 kg. Drastic diets are known to have a rapid effect.

The downside is that they are not always easy to follow. It is important to respect several conditions to lose weight. You must be careful during the balance phase to avoid the yo-yo effect. Specialists recommend consulting a doctor before starting a diet that exposes you to nutritional deficits.