Cohen Diet: Operation, Menus & Notice

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

Although losing weight is a fairly common goal, people’s desire to follow a diet that suits their lifestyle and needs is increasing. This is why the Cohen diet is one of the most popular. What this diet promises is to reduce your body weight quickly without needing to neglect the pleasure of eating. This method is based on the diversity and balance of foods, so all foods are allowed, including pizza and chocolate.

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What is the Cohen diet?

It is not necessary to stop eating to lose weight according to Jean-Michel Cohen. This French doctor became famous thanks to his direct confrontation with Dr. Dukan, whom he sued claiming that his weight loss method was dangerous. A lawsuit that Cohen won, making his regime even more famous.

The Cohen method
The formula that Cohen himself proposes for weight loss is a personalized system that has been reflected through his books and publications, in which he defends that it is possible to lose weight without dietary restrictions.

A series of recommendations to guide you

Dr. Cohen lays out a series of guidelines that can be very helpful to anyone considering losing weight, beyond a certain diet. These are general tips that can help you improve your relationship with food in the long term.

For example, he emphasizes the importance of eating calmly, chewing food well without haste to obtain a greater feeling of satiety. Indeed, you must eat enough so that our brain receives the signal that it is full.

Need to include protein in your diet

What you eat is important and that’s why Cohen emphasizes that you shouldn’t forget about protein. These very satiating nutrients are also very thermogenic and help prolong your weight loss. They are also essential for the proper functioning of your body.

Don’t forget that you need to consume fiber and also eat starchy foods, which are lower in calories. He recommends having whole wheat pasta and al dente, not skipping meals. He also advises preparing healthy snacks to avoid consuming other more caloric products. Finally, he advises avoiding industrial products.

Importance of a favorable state of mind: no frustration

Dr. Cohen also emphasizes the importance of feeling happy because there is a large psychological component when it comes to losing weight. Don’t avoid social gatherings, but if you are there, opt for light meals instead. Choose between wine or dessert and, if you ate excessively at lunch, opt for a light dinner instead of skipping it.

How does this diet work?

This 12-week program begins with a blood test. This is because the diet must be adapted to the physiological needs of each individual. This is why doctors tailor a tailor-made diet based on the respective hormonal levels.

The first thing is to follow a balanced and varied diet, in moderation. We need to eat different foods every day. These foods must come from different product groups. These include lean meats, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy products and healthy oils.

The cardiologist also recommends exercising regularly. He recommends 30 minutes of exercise such as brisk walking, running or swimming, three times a week. To improve your cardiovascular health, it is best to take 10,000 steps per day. And finally, never forget to savor the pleasure of what you eat. Learn to appreciate good food and healthy dishes, then eat that way.

The basic principles of the Cohen diet

Don’t skip meals

You need three full meals a day, but avoid snacking between meals. If necessary, provide a light snack, such as raw vegetables.

Cohen Diet
Don’t skip any meals and present each meal well during your Cohen diet.

Eat enough and calmly

For the brain to receive satiety signals, the stomach needs a certain volume of food. Cohen recommends adding beaten egg white or gelatin to the soup as a starter. It’s a quick and effective tip to increase the volume of our meals without adding fat. Dr. Cohen recommends taking a break of at least 20 minutes to eat slowly. This positively impacts work efficiency because a well-nourished brain functions better.

Chew food well and enjoy the textures

Chewing is essential for satiety. For example, it makes an apple more satisfying than apple juice.

Eat protein and fiber

You don’t lose weight if you only eat vegetables or salad. Proteins have a satiating effect and effective appetite suppressant and allow lasting and harmonious weight loss. They are essential to ensure tissue synthesis and the functioning of the immune and hormonal systems. Soluble (fruits and vegetables) and insoluble (whole grains) fiber slows stomach emptying, so fullness lasts longer.

Avoid industrial and processed products

These products contain additives that end up becoming fast sugars. To quench your appetite in a lasting way, it is better to eat wholemeal bread than sliced ​​bread, for example.

Reintroduce starches into the diet

Starches are not as high in calories as we often think. Pasta cooked al dente and wholemeal, without excessive use of butter or cream, provides energy and prevents blood sugar spikes that cause sugar cravings.

To learn more about butter, check out this article:

Take care of the presentation of the dish

Food comes in through the eyes and a well-set table helps you feel full.

How does the Cohen diet work?

According to Dr. Cohen, a diet must above all be healthy and balanced. The main thing in a slimming diet is to initially limit caloric intake by reducing it through diet and favoring fruits and vegetables. Of course, all diets should include exercise. On this diet, there are no prohibited foods, so forget about deprivation and the yo-yo effect.

The three phases of the Cohen diet


The comfort phase is based on a 1400 calorie diet. The latter lasts 16 weeks in total and with this program, you can expect to lose between 2 and 4 kg per month, all without feeling hungry or tired! For this program, your meals should consist of protein and complex carbohydrates, but in small amounts. You can eat vegetables as much as you want. You should also include a fruit in each menu and limit fats. You can also eat one serving of cheese per day.


This boost phase provides 900 calories and allows you to lose 2 to 3 kg in just 15 days. During this phase, you can eat unlimited vegetables, two fruits per day and protein at every meal. But you will have to limit complex carbohydrates, fats and ban cheese. You should only follow this strengthening phase for 2 weeks per month.


The consolidation phase is based on a 1600 calorie diet and lasts 20 weeks (this duration can be increased if at the end of this period you have not reached your ideal weight). The goal of this phase is to help you stabilize your weight in the long term. During this program, you will be able to reintroduce foods into your diet that are not allowed in the first two phases, such as fats, complex carbohydrates and dairy products with less than 20% fat.

Foods to Eat/Foods to Avoid

To follow your Cohen diet correctly and make it effective, here are some rules to follow regarding food. When it comes to fruits, you can eat peaches, kiwis, pears, apples and citrus fruits. In the case of vegetables, all are allowed. If you want to make soups, cut the vegetables into pieces. This will make you feel like you’re eating more.

In the case of meat, only lean, fat-free meat is permitted. For shellfish and fish, you can eat anything. In the case of eggs, the white will be favored and whole eggs will be limited. When it comes to dairy products, only those with a fat content of less than 50% should be consumed. For drinks, sweets are prohibited as well as alcohol.

In principle, fast foods should be avoided during the Cohen slimming program. But if it might cause some frustration for you, then go moderately. Besides, pizza is allowed!

The benefits of the Cohen diet

The most important thing is to adapt the diet to your needs. It allows you to eat healthily so that the metabolism continues to function properly. On top of that, this diet allows your body to learn to eat until you feel truly full. You won’t need to snack on other foods. Additionally, cholesterol and calories will decrease without much effort.

A number of Cohen’s clients rave about the ripple effect their diet has had on their families, especially their children. The latter “love vegetables” now because their parents eat more green vegetables.

The must is the weight loss induced by the Cohen method. Functioning as a good fat burner, this method helps you get rid of your excess body fat.

The lessers

Despite the successes attributable to the Cohen program, it continues to receive mixed reviews due to a number of factors. On the one hand, the cost of the program is quite prohibitive. The Cohen strategy is not as cheap as the others because the requirement for blood tests or personal assessment comes at a significant cost. On the other hand, some people have also criticized the program for being “unsustainable.” Some clients have reported gaining weight during the last phase of the program.

Effectiveness of the Cohen diet

The Cohen method leads you to make peace with your body and eat better. It is not just a simple diet but a strategic nutritional program which aims to rebalance your diet. With the Cohen tip, you will eliminate your bad habits and learn to eat better. There is therefore no longer any risk of weight regain because you are guaranteed to permanently maintain the good habits acquired throughout the Cohen program.


The Cohen weight loss strategy lasts at least 38 weeks for those who follow it correctly. This duration is extended if the ideal weight is not reached.

Typical day: recipes and special menus

ComfortTea or coffee without sugar + 1 slice of bread with 10 g of butter + 150 ml of skimmed milk + 1 fruit (peach for example).green salad with a little light vinaigrette + vegetable julienne + 2 poached eggs + 0% fat yogurt + 150 g pineapplegrated carrots with a little light homemade vinaigrette + 125g veal chop + steamed peppers + half a mango + 1 slice of bread
ReinforcementA tea or coffee without sugar + half a slice of bread with 5 g of butter + 100 g of 0% fat cottage cheese + 1 nectarinea few cherry tomatoes + 150 g of oven-roasted chicken + sautéed beans with a little butter + 0% fat yogurta salad of peppers with balsamic vinegar + a lean, cooked minced steak of 125 g + zucchini and carrots + 3 small plums
Consolidationtea or coffee without sugar + 2 slices of bread with 10 g of butter on top + 100 g of 0% fat cottage cheese + half a bananacelery salad with homemade light vinaigrette + 125g baked salmon steak + grilled eggplant + 30g 20% ​​fat cheese + a slice of bread + 1 applecucumber salad with light homemade vinaigrette + 125 g of roast beef with mustard + cooked cabbage + 30 g of Camembert + 1 slice of bread

Opinion of health professionals

In 2015, the Order of Physicians criticized Dr. Cohen for his proven business dealings on the Savoir Maigrir website. This results in a ban on practicing medicine for two years, including 12 months suspended. A conviction confirmed by the Council of State following a cassation appeal by the accused. This major criticism of the Order of Physicians concerns the doctor’s profiteering behavior. Cohen’s clever weight loss method is therefore not directly affected.

Cohen diet user reviews

On YouTube, a user with the pseudonym LOL PM confides that she lost 27 kilograms of weight between 8 months and a year by following the Cohen method. Before, she weighed 87 kg and had a buffalo hump. She even gives her typical day during the Cohen diet. This user has black coffee without sugar for breakfast, chicken breast and steamed vegetables without sauce for lunch and then a good vegetable soup for dinner. She cut out rice, pasta, bread, cakes, ice cream and other sweets.

Nadia C. claims to have lost 7 kg in just 10 days by following the latest Cohen diet. She explains that she felt very weak the first week and was unable to do any physical activity. The second week, she had a boost of energy to take up cycling and walking.

On a forum, Neuilly is delighted to lose 7 kilograms of weight in one month thanks to the Cohen strategy.