Who are the best dietitians/nutritionists in Montpellier and its region?

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

Want to eat well is a good resolution. However, it is never easy to know where to start and how to proceed. It is then preferable to turn to professionals such as dieticians and nutritionists. Here is a list of 8 specialists working in Montpellier and its region.

Before reading on

I’m not an expert in this field, but I am passionate about nutrition and health.

The articles you’ll find on my site are the result of in-depth research that I’d like to share with you. However, I would like to stress that I am not a health professional and that my advice should in no way replace that of a qualified physician. I’m here to guide you, but it’s important that you consult a professional for specific questions or medical concerns. Your well-being is important. So be sure to consult the appropriate experts and take the best possible care of yourself.

Maryse THIEBAUD, nutrition specialist


This food specialist holds numerous diplomas. She is notably an engineer in Science And Technologies of the Industries Food (S.T.I.A.) everything by having a doctorate in Sciences of Food. HAS this is added to his DU in Food-Health and Micronutrition and his DUT Dietetic option (obtained in VAE).

Dietitians in Montpellier
Maryse Thiebaud, food specialist


She can monitor patients in a specific condition such as menopause, pregnancy or breastfeeding. Globally, she concocts the best menus for those who have problems food.

Other illnesses such as diarrhea, hypertension, cholesterol, triglycerides, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, kidney failure, chronic fatigue, burn-out or still cancer can be treated.


Name: Maryse THIEBAUD
Website : https://www.dietetique-sport-sante.fr/
Telephone: 06 25 50 53 61

Sébastien MAGUB, nutritionist in Montpellier


Health and food are specialties of nutritionist Sébastien MAGUB, like his diplomas, his experiences and his knowledge attest to this:

Dietitians in Montpellier
Nutritionist Sébastien Magub
  • State-certified dietician;
  • Expert and member of the Counter League Obesity;
  • Nutrition teacher at EDNH Montpellier);
  • Sports coach with a license in Activities Adapted Physical Education and Health;
  • Master’s degree in STAPS;
  • European Master in Sport and Psychology Psychology physical activity).


An assessment of your dietary health is carried out through a record of your eating habits. Children, adolescents, adults, seniors and even entire groups can be taken in charge.

Monitoring during the diet is ensured. Note that activities Physical exercises can also accompany a diet.


Name: Sébastien MAGUB
Website : http://dieteticien-coach-montpellier.fr/
Telephone: 06 30 94 47 06

Maurianne RAILLIER, qualified dietician


Maurianne RAILLIER, holder of a BTS in dietetics, has had the opportunity to work in several fields and executives having directly or indirectly related to nutrition. She has notably evolved in the field hospitals, the food sector or even collective catering.

Dietitians in Montpellier
Maurianne Raillier, graduate in dietetics

She is part of the Regional Health Agency and the French Association of Dietitians Nutritionists. Note, moreover, that she is co-founder of the company FeelingFood.


It offers everything firstly to know your expectations in order to carry out a diagnosis of your culinary habits and draw up a nutritional assessment.

This will allow him to establish a plan for your future menus. She also monitors the process. Of the cooking classes can, moreover, be given to always have succulent flavors in the dishes.

Finally, Maurianne RAILLIER offers both in-office and at-home services.


Name: Maurianne RAILLIER
Website : http://dieteticien-montpellier.com/
Telephone: 04 67 82 64 28

Christine CONTE


Christine CONTE is a nutritionist with numerous diplomas and training in the field of health, she is notably a Doctor of Pharmacy and has university degrees in nutrition and metabolic diseases, on the one hand, and in micronutrition and healthy eating on the other.

Dietitians in Montpellier
Christine Conte, qualified nutritionist

Added to this are various training courses, notably in sustainable healthy weight nutrition from the SIIS institute. or Scientific Institute for Intelligent Nutrition, in the management of obesity and diabetes and herbal medicine.


Christine CONTE welcomes patients of all ages and categories. She proposes to know the desires and expectations of each person through a consultation where all your culinary habits will be scrutinized.

A specific diet will be then recommended, with follow-ups throughout the process.

To contact her

Name: Christine CONTE
Website : http://www.micronutrition-montpellier.com/
Telephone: 07 81 13 39 10



Diane BASSAN first worked in the catering field before retraining in dietetics in 2012. She also obtained a BTS in dietetics in 2014.

Dietitians in Montpellier
Diane Bassan, dietitian nutritionist

She worked in several medical services dedicated to nutrition such as clinics, institutes and even associations like “Graine de santé” or “Fang and move” again.


Diane BASSAN proposes first of all to take stock of nutrition as the habits, weight, etc. It can even extend to social habits.

All this will allow him to recommend the best dietary program. In fact, she does not generality, but individualizes the diet for each individual.

She is always behind each patient to provide psychological support and maintenance during the entire duration of the program. She can even cook herself or do the walk.

How to contact her?

Name: Diane BASSAN
Website : https://www.consultation-en-dietetique.com/
Contact: 06 20 12 94 10



Specialist in field of nutrition, Guillaume BLANCHARD offers individual treatments depending on the patient’s condition.

Dietitians in Montpellier
Guillaume Blanchard, nutrition specialist

He specializes in specific branches such as weight loss for athletes, food intolerances, monitoring of pregnant women, disorders digestive problems, water retention problems or even digestive disorders. eating behavior.


Guillaume BLANCHARD first carries out a diagnosis of eating habits. For arrive, an impedancemetry will be carried out. There are also the consultations focused on eating habits to assess the needs of the patient.

He will then give general and specific advice on foods that should be eaten daily. For this, detailed menus will be provided.

Monitoring is also provided throughout the duration of the treatment. This makes it possible to detect the problems encountered, to what extent you can support your diet, etc.


Name: William BLANCHARD
Website : http://www.cabinetdedietetique.fr/
Telephone: 06 26 15 21 33

Iseline ROSSI


Iseline ROSSI has a CAP in cooking and a BTS in dietetics. This dietician State-certified nutritionist also specializes in nutrition sporty, vegetarian or vegan.

Dietitians in Montpellier
Iseline Rossi, state-certified dietitian nutritionist


Its objective is to recommend a most balanced diet while having flavor in the plates. She will therefore see your desires and adapt this with the diet which will be given to you.

In any case, Iseline ROSSI starts from the principle that diets should not be draconian and frustrating, whether from a physical or mental point of view. A rebalancing food must be carried out without suffering.


Name: Iseline ROSSI
Website : https://www.isenutrition.com/
Telephone: 06 31 50 64 18

Tiphaine FLIPO


Dietitian and nutritionist Tiphaine FLIPO has over a dozen years of experience in the field of healthy eating.

Dietitians in Montpellier
Tiphaine FLIPO, dietitian nutritionist

She can support anyone who needs support or help in this area, whether an adult, a child or an elderly person.


Tiphaine FLIPO offers his best nutrition tips, and can also help get out of certain unpleasant conditions such as smoking.

Menus for people suffering from various illnesses are also within its scope such as diabetes, digestive pathologies, etc. She can also give advice on slimming diets.

How do I contact her?

Name: Tiphaine FLIPO
Website : http://www.maigrir34.fr/
Telephone: 06 64 73 57 96