Who are the best dietitians/nutritionists in Lille and its region?

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

Dietitians are professionals who help people with eating problems find a balance at this level. Here is a list of the best specialists in the field of dietetics for all those in Lille and its region and who feel the need or desire to consult.

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I’m not an expert in this field, but I am passionate about nutrition and health.

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Pauline Lecomte, graduate in dietetics

Pauline Lecomte is the holder a BTS in dietetics. She also trained in psychology, allowing it today to analyze the eating behaviors of patients. She has been self-employed since 2010 in her practice. Marcq-en-Barœul.

dieticians in Lille
Pauline Lecomte, dietitian in Lille

At the same time, she directs nutritional workshops for children and adults. Pauline Lecomte has has the qualities required to be a good dietitian, because she has good sense interpersonal skills, which allows him to listen to patients.

During the consultations, she uses his sense of listening, understanding and analysis to find the best solutions. She carries out an individual analysis and provides as much information as possible about the patient’s habits. Once everything is discussed, it establishes a feeding program with suggestions for recipes to easily achieve goals.

Name: Pauline Lecomte
Website : https://www.dietetique-nutrition-lille.fr/
Contact: +33 6 29 18 31 30

Laetitia Knopik, dietitian nutritionist in Lille

Laetitia Knopik is a dietitian nutritionist who helps people who suffer from obesity or overweight and need sporting activities. She is qualified in the sports nutrition sector while also having certification as a mental coach for athletes.

dietitian in Lille
Laetitia Knopik, dietitian nutritionist

Every day she receives patients who need support with their weight problem or who follow a diet that does not bear fruit.

She analyzes each case individually, taking into account eating habits, disciplines and. Laetitia Knopik’s main objective is to allow everyone world to feel better about themselves while also taking into account the factors psychosociological.

Name: Laetitia Knopik
Website: https://dietlaet.fr
Contact: +33 6 60 06 87 10

Charlotte Perat, state-certified dietician

Holder of a BTS in dietetics, Charlotte Perat has gained experience in different places such as clinics, retirement homes and in different clinical areas (obesity, but also other pathologies).

Dietitian in Lille
Charlotte Perat, dietician

Charlotte Perat is a member of the French association of dietician nutritionists (AFND), thus working in compliance with the standards and regulations relating to this work. It is based on diet for better health and good physical shape.

Two types of consultations are led by Charlotte Perat. The first type boils down to the analysis of patient expectations and habits. Then, this dietitian does a review of everything that was said to establish the nutrition program. THE Objectives are defined together so that they are at the patient’s pace. THE second type constitutes a follow-up consultation during which the impairment objectives are evaluated. Changes may be made depending on of each person’s development.

In any case, you have a pathology, digestive disorders, food allergies or need for lose weight, this dietitian will help you restore balance to your life.

Name: Charlotte PERAT
Website : http://dieteticienne.perat.free.fr/
Contact: +33 6 48 54 62 32

Adeline Hage, dietitian nutritionist who advocates healthy eating

This dietitian nutritionist completed higher education in Belgium, acquiring modern techniques for caring for patients in the field of dietetics and nutrition.

Dietitian in Lille
Adeline Hage, a dietitian who listens

The activities she carries out are diverse: nutrition trainer in a foster home medicalized, collective trainer for adults and children and professionals. Adeline Hage also studied bariatric surgery. She puts benefit to excel in her profession as a dietician.

Adeline Hage takes charge all categories of patients. Its main objective is to balance their diet while bringing them pleasure. It evaluates your daily with your eating habits to provide the appropriate solution. Throughout the consultations, patients learn to recognize the signals that their bodies send them.

Name: Adeline Hage
Website: https://dieteticienne-lille-carvin.fr/
Contact: +33 6 67 59 22 53

Coline Flandrin, qualified dietician on Lille

Qualified dietician since 2012, Coline Flandrin followed various training courses on obesity and education therapy of the patient. She is also qualified as a specialist eating disorders. This dietitian takes care of patients of all categories and welcomes them in consultation as well individually than as a couple.

Dietitian in Lille
Coline Flandrin, qualified dietician

The first contact with Coline Flandrin is based on the study of eating behavior. Whatever due to the consultation, it takes care of all the details of your habits and your current state of mind. It helps you reconcile with the food and then recommends exercises to do regularly. In his approach, this dietician supports you while still letting you autonomous.

Name: Coline Flandrin
Website : http://colineflandrin-dieteticienne.fr/
Contact: +33 6 72 68 18 58

Bernadette Saint-Léger, qualified dietitian status

Bernadette Saint-Léger had the opportunity to practice her profession as a dietician in hospital centers, collective catering establishments and EHPADs. Today, she is self-employed and offers both in-office and at-home consultations.

Dietitian in Lille
Bernadette Saint-Léger, dietician

Bernadette’s goals Saint-Léger are diversified according to patient expectations. he can it involves a rebalancing of food, work on symbolism food, a reconciliation with perceptions (tastes, hunger or satiety) or even adequate dietary advice. It takes care of patients of all ages, the objective being that everyone can rediscover pleasure and well-being in gluttony, but without excess.

Name: Bernadette Saint-Léger
Website: http://www.dietetique-lille-bsl.com/
Contact: +33 7 69 10 14 04

Valérie Leconte, dietitian nutritionist advocating the art of eating well

Dietitian-Nutritionist since 2012, Valérie Leconte has worked in agri-food companies, rehabilitation and rehabilitation physical medicine establishments and associations, but also with various companies and associations in as a trainer. In 2015, she graduated in Psychology and Pedagogy of eating behavior.

Dietitian in Lille
Valérie Lecompte, nutritionist dietician

Its objective is to provide a balanced diet to all patients. It helps them improve their relationship with food while having fun. She can travel for consultations. In all cases, according to Valérie Leconte, dietetics is the art of eating well to stay in good health.

Name: Valérie Leconte
Website : http://www.valerielecontedietetique.fr/
Contact: +33 6 62 98 13 77

Marine Bauchet Astier, state-certified dietitian

Marine Bauchet Astier is a greasetician, which means she likes fat. More specifically, it offers an approach through which patients can eat tasty meals while maintaining a healthy diet.

Dietitian in Lille
Marine Bauchet Astier, dietician

She supports all patients who wish to lose or gain weight in the office, at home or via the internet. All the nutritional supports it offers are unique and personalized. Also, they are adapted to your daily life and your desires. It’s obviously about paying attention to what you eat, but without depriving yourself too much.

Name: Marine Bauchet Astier
Website : https://www.grasteticienne.fr/
Contact: +33 6 60 33 64 44