Who are the best dietitians/nutritionists in Dijon and its region?

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

Having a balanced diet is very important to feel good in your mind and body. Professionals today offer their services to support people who would like better eat or achieve their goal in terms of weight. These are dieticians or nutritionists. Discover a selection of specialists in this category if you live near Dijon.

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I’m not an expert in this field, but I am passionate about nutrition and health.

The articles you’ll find on my site are the result of in-depth research that I’d like to share with you. However, I would like to stress that I am not a health professional and that my advice should in no way replace that of a qualified physician. I’m here to guide you, but it’s important that you consult a professional for specific questions or medical concerns. Your well-being is important. So be sure to consult the appropriate experts and take the best possible care of yourself.

Nutritionist Audrey Brochot

Who is Audrey Brochot?

Audrey Brochot is a state-certified dietician. His office is located in Dole and Beaune, in Jura. She helps her patients maintain a balanced diet customers while promoting their well-being. She followed training at faculty of medicine, specializing in particular in psychology and pedagogy of eating behavior to bring a behavioral dimension to its consultations.

Assessment and follow-up

Two types of consultations are proposed:

  • The assessment consultation: during this first contact, the customer shares his dietary profile in order to establish the management strategy;
  • The follow-up consultation: carried out it regularly increases the chances of success. The executive dietitian its patients throughout the process, each time putting in place Specific objectives.

Name: Audrey Brochot
Website : http://www.dieteticienne-beaune.fr/
Telephone: 07 83 99 63 93

Aurélie Sauvestre – Naturhouse Dijon

Who is she ?

Aurélie Sauvestre welcomes you, by appointment, to a center specializing in dietetics and nutrition which helps people with an overweight problem. The center recommends a natural approach to obesity and promotes the use of products and food supplements made with plants, vegetables and fruits, without forgetting minerals and vitamins.

The best dietitians in Dijon
Dietitian Aurélie Sauvestre

Lose weight with natural products

The services are oriented around one and the same goal: to lose weight. The dietician puts implement a targeted diet plan and ensure regular nutrition monitoring and the health of the patient, knowing that the program favors products natural.

Name: Aurélis Sauvestre – Naturhouse Dijon
Website : https://www.naturhouse.fr/liste-centres/20-dijon-universite/
Contact: 03 80 30 78 36

Aude Laurent

A qualified dietitian nutritionist

Aude Laurent followed several training before opening your practice. These were based on therapy cognitive and behavioral, the psychology interview technique positive behavior, therapy for eating disorders and so much more. This dietitian learns about all the patient’s dietary activities to find the best solution.

The best dietitians in Dijon
About dietitian Aude Laurent.

Consultations for everyone

Consultations carried out with Aude Laurent are aimed at everyone, young and old. From the first session, you establish a defined program together. Then, during the consultations that follow, the dietitian makes sure to follow your pace. A solution is put in place taking into account your needs or your budget.

Here are some examples of service: improvement of physical activities, dietary advice in case of illness, chemotherapy support, weight management.

Name: Aude Laurent
Website : http://www.dieteticienne-dijon.fr
Contact: +33 3 80 41 32 64

Fabienne Millet Armbruster, dietitian nutritionist. So that losing weight rhymes with Pleasure!

Who is she ?

Before becoming a nutritionist, Fabienne Millet Armbruster worked in the food industry. She is graduated in Food Sciences and has a BTS Dietetics. His advice on balanced diet is aimed at patients of all ages (children, adolescents, adults) and of all categories (sporty or not, etc.). If you carry out sporting activities, this dietician does everything possible to provide you with a balanced diet.

The best dietitians in Dijon
About dietician Fabienne Millet Armbruster.

Support and monitor patients

Fabienne’s main objective Millet Armbruster is to support people with weight problems so that they can regain well-being and good health. She helps on different points: establishing a balanced diet, moral support in the face of stress and depression.

Name: Fabienne Millet Armbruster
Site : http://dieteticien-nutritionniste-dijon.maigrir2000.com/
Contact: +33 3 80 58 51 39

Jourdan Aurélia

A dietitian qualified in dietetics

Aurélia Jourdan holds a BTS in Dietetics. She began working in a hospital, a rehabilitation center and a clinic in Dijon. It was during this time that she met an experienced and retiring dietitian who then gave her her patient log. Since then, she has managed her own practice.

The best dietitians in Dijon
Dietitian Aurélia Jourdan Gracia.

Services for everyone

Its services are aimed at small and large. She makes sure to match the personality, the activities, age or medical situation in the care program. Her objective is to make customers understand that food is a need vital. It helps in the fight against certain disorders such as obesity, high blood pressure, food allergies and so much more besides.

Name: Jourdan Aurélia
Website : https://cabinet-jourdan-garcia.fr/
Contact: +33 3 80 30 41 87

Anne Roblot Duhautoy

Liberal dietician

Anne Roblot Duhautoy gets her dietician diploma in Lyon in 2007. Before working on her own, she works within a university hospital with patients suffering from TCA or disorders of the eating behavior, including anorexia and bulimia. She also has worked in a slimming center. She became a liberal dietitian at from 2009.

About the dietitian Anne Roblot Duhautoy.

Two types of consultations with Anne Roblot Duhautoy

The first consultation allows the dietitian to discover the patient’s expectations, profile and background. It is a real exchange through which the practitioner and the patient can define together the objectives to be set.

The follow-up consultation is an opportunity to take stock. The dietician provides advice if necessary and Changes can also be decided.

Name: Anne Roblot Duhautoy
Website : https://www.dietetique-nutrition-dijon.com/
Contact details: +33 3 80 51 95 90

Virginie Leroueille

Dietitian and cooking specialist

She is a qualified dietitian of state, but she also followed cooking training. She therefore combined her two areas of expertise to become a dietician-nutritionist Peerless.

The best dietitians in Dijon
Dietitian Virginie Leroueille.

Consultations and care

For a diet program, four options are offered by Virginie Leroueille:

  • The initial consultation: this is the first contact between the nutritionist and the patient, allowing an assessment to be carried out initial. The latter shares his food journey and his problems on the subject ;
  • The follow-up consultation: patient and practitioner take stock of everything that was said and the developments in relation to the established objectives;
  • Electrotherapy treatments: these are aimed at people who want to accelerate weight loss;
  • Cooking workshops: This dietitian shares his know-how and knowledge in home cooking to allow the patient to eat healthily.

Name: Virginie Leroueille
Website : https://cabinet-leroueille-dietetique.fr/
Contact: +33 6 68 50 80 30

Marine Eminet

State-certified dietician

Marine Eminet was able to acquire extensive knowledge from working with professionals in different fields: psychology, pediatrics, endocrinology and many others Again. She also works with sports coaches to support practitioners to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

The best dietitians in Dijon
About dietitian Marine Eminet.

Assessment and follow-up

  • The assessment consultation: it’s a step essential for developing the feeding program. There dietician listens to the patient to better set goals;
  • The follow-up consultation: Both parties together discuss the efforts made since the first meeting. There dietician is also interested in managing emotions. Whether for weight loss or nutritional rehabilitation, she will provide the best advice.

Name: Marine Eminet
Website : https://www.dieteticienne-nutritionniste21.fr/
Contact: +33 7 69 44 03 34