Who are the best dietitians/nutritionists in Annecy and its region?

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

A dietitian/nutritionist provides nutritional advice. This professional has the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to recommend the diet adapted to your situation if you want to change your eating habits. It generally occurs in an office or hospital environment. Today, he can even offer in-home consultations. Discover the best in Annecy and its region.

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I’m not an expert in this field, but I am passionate about nutrition and health.

The articles you’ll find on my site are the result of in-depth research that I’d like to share with you. However, I would like to stress that I am not a health professional and that my advice should in no way replace that of a qualified physician. I’m here to guide you, but it’s important that you consult a professional for specific questions or medical concerns. Your well-being is important. So be sure to consult the appropriate experts and take the best possible care of yourself.

Doctor Elisabeth Caillet: nutritionist weight loss specialist


Doctor Elisabeth Caillet works as a nutritionist in Annecy. His skills in medicine general allow him to also take care of a patient presenting health problems like allergies.

Who are the best dietitians/nutritionists in Annecy and its region?
Nutritionist Dr Elisabeth Caillet.


Program development food intended to help lose weight is one of the specialties from nutritionist Dr Elisabeth Caillet. Each patient benefits from personalized approach.

She supports and motivates him so that he succeeds in losing weight in the best conditions. Its objective is to help him change his bad eating habits for better weight stabilization. Thus, the frequency of follow-up consultations is defined according to each case.


Name: Doctor Elisabeth Caillet
Website : http://nutrition-esthetique-annecy.com/
Telephone: 06 74 71 32 81

Aline Bernachot: experienced dietitian-nutritionist


Aline Bernachot works as a dietitian-nutritionist. She set up her private practice in Annecy in 2007 after obtaining her BTS diploma in dietetics in 2006. She has a DESS in Food Quality Control. She followed two different training courses on:

  • EDs or Eating Behavior Disorders;
  • Conducting maintenance in a relationship.
Who are the best dietitians/nutritionists in Annecy and its region?
Dietitian Aline Bernachot.


The proposed food program by Aline Bernachot does not present any form of food deprivation. According to her, it’s just tiring and frustrating. In addition, the effects are not always durable. Their strategies for the patient to achieve their goal are numerous :

  • Educate to choose and favor the good ones food ;
  • Learn to appreciate tastes food;
  • Motivate and support.


Name: Aline Bernachot
Website : http://aline-dieteticienne-annecy.com/
Telephone: 06 10 55 79 03

Ambre Mota: sports dietitian-nutritionist


Ambre Mota is a dietician-nutritionist in Annecy who is passionate about sport. She specializes in several areas, including nutritional care for children, adolescents, adults, seniors, athletes (of various disciplines) and pregnant or breastfeeding women. She took training on nutrition.

Who are the best dietitians/nutritionists in Annecy and its region?
Dietitian Ambre Mota.


Ambre Mota adapts her approaches to the nature and habits of his patient. She thus takes into account her sex, his age and his sporting activities. Her objective is to promote the serenity of everyone to avoid a possible frustration which would be responsible for the failure.

Each dietary program is carried out according to the patient’s state of health. The first consultation given by the health specialist lasts between 1 to 1 hour 30 minutes, for a diagnosis of lifestyle and eating habits. The others, for their part, are follow-ups and developed and last between 30 to 45 minutes.


Name: Amber Mota
Website : https://www.am-dieteticienne-annecy.com/
Telephone: 06 49 30 89 32

Geraldine Person: registered dietitian


Geraldine Person operates as as a dietitian in her office in Annecy. She obtained various diplomas and followed some training:

  • BTS in dietetics;
  • DU in childhood obesity and the adolescent;
  • DU in child nutrition and the adolescent;
  • Training on obesity and multiple disabilities infantile.

Her job as a PNNS trainer is approved by the Ministry of Health. It is affiliated with the AFDN or Association French Dietitian Nutritionists.

Who are the best dietitians/nutritionists in Annecy and its region?
Dietitian Geraldine Person.


Geraldine Person’s consultations take place in her office. Note that collaboration with the patient’s treating physician is possible. Its support and food program are intended for:

  • People looking to change their weight;
  • Intolerant or allergic;
  • Victims of pathology;
  • Seniors, pregnant or breastfeeding women.


Name: Geraldine Person
Website : http://www.dieteticienne-geraldineperson.com/
Telephone: 09 67 73 58 67

Véronique Zavagno: dietician-nutritionist specializing in physionutrition


Dietitian-nutritionist Véronique Zavagno is a specialist in eating disorders. She intervenes in events requiring the contribution of a health education professional and in school environments. It trains people to move towards a healthier and more balanced diet.

Who are the best dietitians/nutritionists in Annecy and its region?
About dietitian Véronique Zavagno.


The main mission of Véronique Zavagno is to offer consultations to patients wishing change their eating habits. It favors physionutrition as approach to his patients.

The dietician-nutritionist supports patients wishing to:

  • Become a vegetarian,
  • Lose weight without deprivation;
  • Avoid snacking habits;
  • Benefit from a nutritional program adapted to a pathology.


Name: Véronique Zavagno
Website : https://www.dieteticiennenutritionnisteannecysallanches.com/
Telephone: 06 82 04 12 15

Margaux Moulin: dietician-nutritionist specializing in nutrition for children


Margaux Moulin chose to become a dietitian-nutritionist after obtaining her BTS in dietetics. She has a state diploma in childcare assistant. This health professional is a member of:

  • CEDE or European Club of Childhood Dietitians;
  • AFDN or French Association of Dietitians Nutritionists.
Who are the best dietitians/nutritionists in Annecy and its region?
About the dietician Margaux Moulin.


Whatever the reasons for consultation, Margaux Moulin’s approach remains the same that is to say listening, pleasure and health. She’s trying to get you understand and take note of your habits and feelings around food.

It is at the level of the approach that the difference or rather the personalization lies. Regarding the dietary management of children, there are several specific methods. The same goes for the elderly, victims of pathology, children, adolescents, etc.


Name: Margaux Moulin
Website : https://margaux-moulin.fr/
Telephone: 07 67 30 57 95

Isabelle Mouy: liberal dietician-nutritionist


Isabelle Mouy operates as dietician/nutritionist in Annecy. She began accompanying patients about 15 years ago. She has a BTS in dietetics and DEUST in food nutrition and followed training in micronutrition and animation techniques and promotion of writings at CODES (Committee Departmental for Health Education). She previously worked in a food analysis laboratory for 8 years.

Who are the best dietitians/nutritionists in Annecy and its region?
The website of dietician Isabelle Mouy.


Micronutrition constitutes the basis of Isabelle Mouy’s approach. It poses no health risk. This professional assesses the patient’s micronutrient levels to establish a program personalized food, adapted to their situation. Isabelle Mouy treats all the types of cases requiring the intervention of a dietician or nutritionist.


Name: Isabelle Mouy
Website : https://www.nutritionniste-annecy.fr/
Telephone: 06 85 56 34 58

Valerie Pera: qualified dietician-nutritionist


The dietician-nutritionist and hypnosis practitioner, Valerie Pera, completed training in micronutrition and is qualified in:

  • Dietetics (BTS);
  • Psychology and Pedagogy of Food Behavior (DU) delivered by the University of Burgundy.

She is a member of the following associations:

  • AFDN;
Who are the best dietitians/nutritionists in Annecy and its region?
About dietician Valérie Pera.


Dietary rebalancing and weight loss are Valerie Pera’s specialties. Before proposing a treatment and/or program, she first carries out an in-depth general analysis. In this way, she better understands the relationship with food and weight changes.

Secondly, she develops the appropriate program for the patient before offering treatment. She remains attentive to their needs as the person enters a new turn in their life.


Name: Valerie Pera
Website : http://www.dietetiquecenter.fr/
Telephone: 06 44 04 15 53

Virginie Delestrade, Dietician-Nutritionist and psychonutritionist


Virginie Delestrade is a dietician specializing in psychonutrition, hypnosis, bariatric surgery, care of children (family and behavioral approach), athletes, patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and in the management of Eating Behavior Disorders. His office is located at the Medic Center in Annecy, 6 rue Jean Louis Grivaz.

Virginie Delestrade


Virginie Delestrade has a humanist dietary vision, working on associated feelings of hunger in order to achieve lasting weight loss. Respect and listening to the body are at the center of the interviews. Each person is unique and she adapts to each person and offers a personalized plan adapted to your needs and your story. A diet that will respect you.


Name: Virginie Delestrade
Website : https://www.dieteticienne-nutritionniste-annecy.com
Telephone: 04 50 10 04 69