Who are the best dieticians/nutritionists in Nice and its region?

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

A dietician-nutritionist takes care of people who wish adopt a healthy and balanced diet, whatever the reasons. You will find several in Nice and its region and I have selected eight of the best in this area. These health professionals help you and inform you about good eating habits to have and offer numerous programs to do this.

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I’m not an expert in this field, but I am passionate about nutrition and health.

The articles you’ll find on my site are the result of in-depth research that I’d like to share with you. However, I would like to stress that I am not a health professional and that my advice should in no way replace that of a qualified physician. I’m here to guide you, but it’s important that you consult a professional for specific questions or medical concerns. Your well-being is important. So be sure to consult the appropriate experts and take the best possible care of yourself.

Catherine Becker, dietician-nutritionist experienced in Nice


Catherine Becker has been working as a freelancer for almost ten years. of years. It is in Nice and its region. Previously, she worked in hospital environments in Monaco and Cannes. Today, it has its own office, in which she receives her patients.

The best dietitians in Nice and its region
Nutritionist Catherine Becker.

This health professional is a member of the AFDN or Association French Dietitian Nutritionists. She regularly intervenes in several establishments such as schools, businesses, healthcare clinics, living centers etc.


Catherine Becker offers her services for people wishing:

  • Lose/gain weight;
  • Adopt a balanced diet during pregnancy, to become vegetarian or vegan, to fight against cellulite or the disorders of old age;
  • Obtain a meal plan for treatment of a pathology: type 1 and 2 diabetes, cholesterol, renal failure etc.

During the first consultation, she first carries out an assessment complete nutritional status of the patient. Then, she prescribes a suitable program for him to his situation. Afterwards, she regularly monitors its progress to assess the effectiveness of the treatment.

Name: Catherine Becker
Website : https://www.catherinebecker.fr/
Telephone: 04 89 82 09 06

Caroline Biscarat: former sports coach


Caroline Biscarat is a former sports coach who decided to move into the field of dietetics and nutrition. She exercises her functions in the city of Nice and its region. Obtaining a BTS in dietetics encouraged him to open his own office at 16 av St Jean Baptiste. She chose this profession to help patients suffering from overweight. Indeed, this This scourge affects more and more people.

The best dietitians in Nice and its region
Dietitian Caroline Biscarat.


Caroline Bisacarat offers her services in her office and at home. During treatment, consultations and follow-up, this dietitian remains listens and is understanding to find a solution adapted to the case of each of his patients. During the first contact, she investigates their mode of life, their eating habits and the goals they want to achieve. It is also possible to accompany the program with sports sessions. if the patient wishes.

Name: Caroline Biscarat
Website : https://www.dieteticiennenice.com/
Telephone: 06 18 80 13 79

Sabrina Dupuy, dietician and hypnonutritionist in Nice and its region


Sabrina Dupuy is passionate about science, well-being and food. After obtaining a scientific BAC, she moved towards the health field. She obtained her BTS in dietetics after training for around two years.

The best dietitians in Nice and its region
Dietitian Sabrina Dupuy.


This dietician from Nice offers her services to children and adults and elderly people wishing:

  • Lose or gain weight;
  • Obtain a meal plan during a pregnancy or for pathological treatment;
  • Promote well-being;
  • Learn to eat well…

If you are interested, she also offers hypnosis sessions. This effective technique on certain patients with regard to self-control. The consultations take place in the form of a question/answer in which the patient shares their lifestyle, so that she can prescribe a program adapted to their needs.

Name: Sabrina Dupuy
Website : https://www.sabrina-dupuy.com/
Telephone: 06 20 15 38 55

Jade Bahuaud, qualified dietitian


Jade Bahuaud specializes in food and nutrition. Her passions guided her towards this profession. Indeed, this dietician has always loved sport, health and well-being and more or less cooking. Her studies made her what she is today: a food and nutrition professional.

The best dietitians in Nice and its region
Dietitian Jade Bahuaud.


She sees her patients in her medical office. It aims to distance dietary restriction in its programs. According to her, every food has virtues to exploit. As a result, she ensures that they are placed at the “right place” in treatment.

This specialist offers her services for patients wishing:

  • Losing weight ;
  • Have nutritional well-being;
  • Learn to manage desires and addictions ;
  • Adopt a nutrition method adapted to a situation: pregnancy, pathology etc.

Name: Jade Bahuaud
Website : http://www.dieteticiennesud.fr/
Telephone: 06 28 26 75 65

Stephanie Nucera, dietician-nutritionist


Stéphanie Nucera holds a BTS in dietetics and a DU NAPS or sports nutrition and is a member of the AFDN or French Association of Dietitian Nutritionists.

The best dietitians in Nice and its region
About dietitian Stéphanie Nucera

It operates on four sites:

  • His liberal office in Nice;
  • A Trinity Health Center located at 43 bd of General de Gaulle;
  • Saint Jean Health Center in Cagnes sur mer;
  • Antibes Saint Jean center in Antibes.


In order to provide an effective and appropriate solution, patients must indicate the objective they wish to achieve during the first session. It occurs in the following cases:

  • A problem of overweight or obesity;
  • The search for nutrition adapted to specific age category;
  • The need for a diet consistent with post-surgical treatment or a cure for a pathology;
  • A change to a special diet: vegetarian, vegan, lactose-free or gluten-free.

Name: Stephanie Nucera
Website : http://www.santedietetique.com/
Telephone: 06 66 52 26 34

Fanny Boulanger, dietician state graduate


Fanny Boulanger is a dietitian who works in Nice and in Menton. She has a state diploma in micronutrition and is member of the AFDN. Nutritional education constitutes the pillar of its programs. In other words, she teaches her patients to eat healthily. This, according to her, is the key to achieving any goal. And then, Eating well promotes the well-being of the entire body.

The best dietitians in Nice and its region
About dietician Fanny Boulanger.


Each consultation with Fanny Boulanger is personalized. She adapts her programs according to her patients, especially their lifestyle. Its objective is to reconcile the person with food and maintain the result over time. It is therefore possible to hope for long-term weight maintenance thanks to the techniques it offers. This health specialist has a redustim. This is a device intended to reduce excess fat located on the abdomen.

Name: Fanny Boulanger
Website : https://www.fanny-boulanger.com/
Telephone: 06 26 64 18 22

Karine Persico


Karine Persico is a dietician-nutritionist, holder of a BTS in dietetics, working in Nice and its region. Thanks to her training, she masters several fields including physiology, metabolic biochemistry, nuclear techniques, microbiology etc. This dietician from Nice is a member of the AFDN or Association of Nutritionist Dietitians and of the ADL or Association of Liberal Dietitians.

The best dietitians in Nice and its region
Dietitian Karine Persico.


Karine Persico has an office in the city center of Nice but she also offers a home service. Online consultations are also possible if necessary. Her skills allow her to care for patients of all ages. She is able to help people wishing to:

  • Lose or gain weight;
  • Treat hormonal upheavals;
  • Adopt a diet adapted to medical treatment;
  • Treat anorexia, bulimia, eating compulsions.

Name: Karine Persico
Website : https://kpersicodiet.wixsite.com/
Telephone: 07 78 05 53 13

Corinne Salesse


Corinne Salesse officially became a dietitian-nutritionist in 2017 thanks to the acquisition of a BTS diploma in dietetics. In the same year, she took the opportunity to take training in micronutrition at the MEI. She is also trained in naturopathy. However, his professional experience began much earlier. She worked as a Hygiene and Dietetics advisor in her home in 2000 and became a caregiver in 2008.

The best dietitians in Nice and its region
About dietician Corinne Salesse.


Corinne Salesse’s consultations are personalized. According to this dietitian, each patient has different needs. As a result, she adopts a specific approach for each patient. Note that dietary restriction is not included in his program. Furthermore, she uses and recommends the use of plants and micronutrients to drain toxins and prevent deficiencies. She also uses behavioral nutrition to learn to manage her emotions around food and lastingly change her behavior.

Name: Corinne Salesse
Website : https://www.corinne-salesse.fr/
Telephone: 06 79 21 26 40