The best dieticians/nutritionists in Toulouse and its region

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

You want to eat well to take care of your health, but you don’t know how to go about it. The best solution is to call on a specialist in the subject, in particular a dietitian or a nutritionist. If you live in Toulouse or the surrounding area, here is you a list of the best specialists in this sector.

Before reading on

I’m not an expert in this field, but I am passionate about nutrition and health.

The articles you’ll find on my site are the result of in-depth research that I’d like to share with you. However, I would like to stress that I am not a health professional and that my advice should in no way replace that of a qualified physician. I’m here to guide you, but it’s important that you consult a professional for specific questions or medical concerns. Your well-being is important. So be sure to consult the appropriate experts and take the best possible care of yourself.

Caroline SEGUIN, nutrition specialist

Caroline SEGUIN is a nutritionist who has followed studies on eating disorders. She also writes books and gives lectures on this theme. Note that she won 3 times in a row the program “Treating anorexic and bulimic behavior”. Furthermore, she is the founder and President of the association “The peas”.

Dietitian in Toulouse
Carole Seguin, nutrition specialist

To give the best solutions to your problems dietetics, she must know you better through consultations. She will know more about your eating habits. She will also assess your motivation to follow his advice and ends with an assessment which will allow him to give the instructions for your benefit.

It can treat several problems such as eating disorders, intestinal discomfort, aesthetic discomfort, heart pathologies and many other problems related to food.

Name: Caroline SEGUIN
Website :
Telephone: 06 78 54 17 75

Edwin LUCAS, nutritionist and sports coach in Toulouse

A natural sportsman, he specialized in nutrition, making sure what he eats fits perfectly with his exercises physical. He therefore followed specialized training to perfect his body.

Dietitian in Toulouse
Edwin Lucas, nutritionist and sports coach

Later, he studied micronutrition so that his work is in line with each person. In addition to being a dietitian, he is also a sports coach and physical educator.

As a nutrition specialist, he provides good advice on everything related to food like disorders and food phobias, intestinal discomfort and many others.

Everything that is food related to sport will of course part of the advice given by Edwin LUCAS.

Name: Edwin LUCAS
Website :
Phone : 06 45 63 85 90

Florence DE LE RUE, state-certified dietician in Toulouse

Florence DE LE RUE believes that the food we eat shows who we are: “I am what I eat”. Furthermore, she also specializes in all things psychic when it comes to food, including social interference.

Dietitian in Toulouse
Florence De Le Rue, state-certified dietitian

She is also a nutrition coach, which means that it can help to know when exactly to take this or that food like a trainer who would tell you which exercise to do at what time.

What Florence DE LE RUE first proposes is to combine dietetics with good taste, because many think that this discipline is often synonymous with tasteless food.

Its goal is therefore to show how to add flavor to each element without it losing its spark. She will give “cooking class” after researching your eating habits, ensuring that menus are always as tasty in your mouth.

Name: Florence DE LE RUE
Website :
Telephone: 06 88 96 83 55

Marie-Caroline ROSSI, dietitian experienced nutritionist

Dietician and nutritionist Marie-Caroline ROSSI has 13 years of experience in the field of good food. She helps their patients at this level, whether they are an adult, a child, a Old person. It also provides support in specific cases such as menopause, pregnancy or even breastfeeding.

Dietitians in Toulouse
Marie Caroline ROSSI, dietitian nutritionist

In addition to offering his best advice on nutrition, Caroline ROSSI can also help get out of certain conditions unpleasant things like smoking.

Finally, concoct menus for people suffering from various illnesses such as diabetes, digestive pathologies, etc. is also on his radar.

The little extra: she can do her consultations either in the office or at home. This therefore facilitates the doctor-patient relationship.

Name: Marie-Caroline ROSSI
Website :
Telephone: 06 22 76 37 18

Déborah JEAN, consultation at home, in office or remotely

Déborah JEAN is a dietitian state graduate who provides advice necessary in relation to food, whether for a child, a adult, an elderly person, but also for athletes, women speakers, etc. To ensure that the sessions go as smoothly as possible, she can move.

Dietitians in Toulouse
Déborah Jean, qualified dietician

However, you can come to his office to get answers about your eating disorder, your bulimia, etc. She will be able to give you all the necessary information to any question you may have. Déborah JEAN gets a pleasure of using your knowledge and skills on balance food and culinary methods by developing diets adapted.

Name: Déborah JEAN
Website :
Telephone: 06 22 15 81 98

Juliette TEYLETCHE, for dietary and psychonutritional

Juliette TEYLETCHE is a dietician whose specialty relates to everything relating to eating behavior and psycho-nutrition. She has been in the field since more than 10 years, recommending to everyone a personalized diet adapted to their profile.

Dietitians in Toulouse
Juliette Teyletche, dietetics and psychonutrition

She carries out an assessment of what you eat to better assess the situation and provide the best conditions based on its conclusions.

Note that Juliette TEYLETCHE also provides help for people wishing to stop to smoke. Whatever the situation, this dietician makes sure to rebalance the diet of each patient according to their metabolism.

Name: Juliette TEYLETCHE
Website :
Telephone: 05 61 23 61 72

Sophie RÉMÉSY holistic dietitian nutritionist

Sophie RÉMÉSY proposes personalized support for each patient as part of a process holistic for a healthy and balanced diet. She ensures that the food remains tasty: food must remain a pleasure.

Dietitians in Toulouse
Sophie-Rémésy, holistic nutritionist dietician

This dietitian carries out a complete assessment and is interested in to each aspect of its life: food, the psychological environment and physical or even lifestyle. This allows him to set up the program best suited to each individual. Ultimately, the diet must be healthy, but beneficial at all levels.

Name: Sophie RÉMÉSY
Website :
Telephone: 06 80 31 93 46

Emilie PASQUET-RAYNAL, qualified dietitian nutritionist

Emilie PASQUET-RAYNAL listens to her clients for their learn to eat better. Her approach is as follows: this dietician collaborates with other health professionals (including her patients’ treating doctor) to ensure complete care.

Dietitians in Toulouse
Emilie Pasquet Raynaldietician, qualified nutritionist

She suggests to her patients to eat all foods without yet go to excess. It therefore takes preferences into account to offer an adequate diet without being bad for your health. Watchword is a dietary rebalancing that takes into account habits and modes of life of everyone.

Website :
Telephone: 05 62 21 16 29