Lose weight and lose weight quickly

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

Do you have excess pounds that you want to lose quickly? This is entirely possible. There are many methods and tips to achieve your goals. For overweight men and women who want to have a model body, take stock through this article.

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The different diets to lose weight very quickly

There are various popular diets that are proven to help you lose weight quickly. That doesn’t mean you’re going to lose 20 kg in a few weeks ! But lose 5 kg quickly is entirely possible. They are most often based on a specific diet to burn fat as quickly as possible.

lose weight quickly
Diets to lose weight quickly impose new dietary rules

The “soup” diet for a stomach flat

The soup diet consists of eating only vegetables for a certain period of time in the form of soup. Very effective for losing weight very quickly, it also allows you to carry out a depurative treatment.

Cabbage, tomatoes, carrots, leeks… all vegetables are good to be eaten in delicious soup. This diet is both hypocaloric and hypoglycemic and has a diuretic.

The only notable drawback related on this diet, it is the severe lack of protein intake, which risks cause muscle wasting with fat mass.

The “fiber” diet for men and women who want to lose weight

This is a diet based foods rich in fiber. These are excellent for the body and allow you to lose weight quickly. This diet can provide up to 50 g of fiber to the body in one day, an amount above average recommended daily intake which is 35 g.

Foods rich in fiber include in the diet are vegetables, fruits, whole grains as well as dried vegetables. They are low-calorie and provide very quickly feel full.

The disadvantage of this diet, This type of diet tires you very quickly and we tend to give up too quickly.

The Dukan diet, an excellent slimming ally

The Dukan diet consists of eat foods rich in proteins and very low in materials fatty. For this, meat, eggs, poultry, seafood, fish as well as dairy products are recommended. The consumption of oats regularly should also be included in the diet.

After a while, you You can include green vegetables that are low in carbohydrates, but foods such as cereals, starches and even fruits are prohibited during the diet. Rapeseed oil or olive oil is allowed to cook food.

The fact of eating high-protein foods provide a longer feeling of satiety and avoid snacking. The diet being low in carbohydrates, the body draws on body fat to find the necessary resources and you lose weight quickly.

The Dukan diet is strongly Prohibit in people suffering from heart, kidney and kidney problems. diabetes. It also causes certain discomforts such as constipation, fatigue as well as bad breath.

The Atkins diet, a timeless classic

Diet is a mode diet established by an American doctor, Robert Coleman Atkins in the 1970s. It consists of removing all foods rich in carbohydrates from food, including starchy foods, bread, pastries and pastries, but also certain fruits and vegetables.

lose weight quickly
The Atkins diet favors proteins to lose weight quickly

On the other hand, he favors foods high in protein and fat such as meat, fish, eggs and dairy products, as well as those rich in plant lipids and green vegetables. The diet can be varied by adding dried fruits or legumes.

According to this specialist, the Fat can be consumed as long as carbohydrate intake is limited. Indeed, the latter promote the production of insulin responsible for fat storage. Without them, it is not assimilated by the body and can be consumed at will.

In addition, the fact of not consuming that foods rich in protein and fat make you lose weight quickly appetite and consume much less while feeling a feeling of satiety.

The Thonon diet, the trend of the moment

The Thonon diet is renowned for very quickly losing excess pounds on the stomach and all over the body. He would even be able to make you lose up to 10 kg in two weeks.

The secret of this method of increasingly popular is that it is based on a very low-energy diet. calories and very rich in protein and which completely excludes sugar and salt.

Meat, seafood and dairy as desired, everything must however be cooked with as little fat as possible, which gives you almost bland food.

The disadvantage with this diet is that are the side effects you experience during treatment: discomfort, headaches and other complaints are expected due to overuse of proteins.

Some practical tips for losing weight quickly

It is not always obligatory to comply with a draconian diet to quickly obtain results regarding your desire to lose weight. Here are some tips that are interesting to achieve your goals.

Change the way you eat

The first habit to change to lose weight effectively is to look at the way you eat otherwise. For example, you should eat slowly without rushing. THE brain takes about twenty minutes to realize that the body is full.

Also put a quantity less food on your plate. Indeed, whatever the quantity you place in it, you will have an unconscious obligation to finish your plate. By only putting a few rations, you may add more, but the total will be less than a large quantity at one time.

This tip allows you to lose weight more slowly, but is more effective in grading the line on the long term.

Never forbid yourself from foods

The real worry when you want to lose weight, it means that you are forbidding yourself from an innumerable list of food. This may be feasible in the short term, but impossible in the long run. long. And the danger is when you allow your body to taste once again to these delights, you may not be able to stop and to abuse it.

lose weight quickly
Your diet should be diversified

What is important is not to Do not deprive yourself of any food just because it makes you gain weight. YOU you only need to measure their consumption.

For example, sweets and Food from fast food restaurants should be limited to approximately once a month. It The same goes for pastries and pastries.

Know how to choose the foods to favor

As a direct result of the previous advice, you must therefore favor the consumption of certain foods compared to others, notably those who are low in caloric intake and high in nutrients.

Vegetables and fruits are the first on the list to put on your plate daily. They are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. It is advisable to consume as raw as possible so that they retain their virtues or cooked steam so as not to soak up any fat.

Then prioritize others foods like legumes, lean meat or fish. You can consume several times a week to balance your intake protein.

Eat at the right time

The common mistake people make modern, it is to eat at varied times and at any time in a day. Sometimes lunch happens an hour earlier than usual or an hour later depending on the schedule.

It also happens that we snacks too much, since the meal will be delayed by a meeting or the traffic. As a result, the body becomes completely disrupted and causes an intake of considerable weight.

It is important to regularize the time you eat. For example, get into the habit of taking breakfast at 6 a.m., lunch at noon and dinner at 8 p.m., with a snack at 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Once this trend is respected, you will hardly be hungry in the meantime and will not snack.

Do regular physical activities

Physical activities are excellent for health and also for effective weight loss. Changing your eating habits is sometimes not enough, but a little sport is necessary to boost your desire to lose weight.

Indeed, it is thanks to the activities physical activity as you consume more calories. Practice walking, jogging, cycling or swimming regularly to sweat and burn the fat. A little muscle strengthening also helps you tone up your stomach, thighs or buttocks and strengthen your muscles.

Any opportunity to move your body is good to grasp: walk if the workplace is not far from at home, climb the stairs to get to the office instead of taking elevators, going to work by bike…

lose weight quickly
Doing physical exercises is essential to lose weight quickly

Sleep properly

Be sure to respect the hours of sleep. In fact, those who sleep properly about 8 hours on average per day tend to lose weight more effectively and balance more easily their BMI compared to those who are sleep deprived.

This is due to an imbalance hormonal which is created when lack of sleep becomes recurrent. Moreover, you become more exposed to stress and anxiety, which contributes to you gain weight.

So, don’t neglect your sleep for the good of your body and to lose weight as quickly as possible possible.

Consume fat burning products powerful

There are many powerful fat burning products available on the market. You can find, for example, PhenQ, an excellent product which acts as both an appetite suppressant and a fat burner to buy in pharmacies, drugstores or on specialized online sales sites.

You can also concoct drink recipes effective fat burners which exist in dozens on the internet and which are easy to make. In addition to helping you lose excess weight very quickly, they also have certain depurative properties on the body.

However, be sure to ask your doctor’s opinion on these miracle fat burner products before consume them to see if they have any adverse effects on your body.

The dangers of losing weight too quickly

The real risk when you If you want to lose weight too quickly, you also risk losing weight. regain very quickly. This is the “yoyo” effect.

In other words, at the moment when you stop your diet or when you stop adopting your new mode of life, you automatically start to gain weight again. Your figure refined gained in a few weeks will very quickly disappear.

It is especially at the level of draconian regimes that this phenomenon is most observed. You deprive yourself of a thousand and one foods to maximize weight loss, and these become more and more desirable.

For example, you love pizzas and you decide to deprive yourself of them. As soon as you see it, you feel a crazy desire to eat it to such an extent that when you stop your diet, you risk catching up by consuming twice as many pizzas, which is fatal for your weight loss.

Another danger linked to weight loss rapid by following strict diets comes from the fact that the body suffers a lot of the lack of balance in the diet. Either the diet is hyper protein, or it is outrageously lacking in lipids and carbohydrates. The body therefore constantly attacked, which sometimes leads to various illnesses.


To conclude, it is entirely possible to lose weight quickly, but it is important to take care of the health of the body and take into account the risks that this could entail on the body. Whether you are a man who wants to lose weight or a woman who wants to flatten her stomach, you can get results quickly. Once you have weighed the pros and cons, start your weight loss program and stay motivated to see it through to the end.