Natural appetite suppressant: what are the most effective foods?

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

Staying in shape or losing weight has become problematic for many people suffering from overweight or obesity. To get rid of excess pounds, many people use different appetite suppressants. These include both natural appetite suppressants which promote the feeling of satiety, as well as synthetic appetite suppressants. My advice and opinion: opt for natural appetite suppressant foods that will help your body get rid of stored bad fats. The reason is that resorting to a slimming diet is not always easy to observe in the long term.

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I’m not an expert in this field, but I am passionate about nutrition and health.

The articles you’ll find on my site are the result of in-depth research that I’d like to share with you. However, I would like to stress that I am not a health professional and that my advice should in no way replace that of a qualified physician. I’m here to guide you, but it’s important that you consult a professional for specific questions or medical concerns. Your well-being is important. So be sure to consult the appropriate experts and take the best possible care of yourself.

The best natural appetite suppressant: Zotrim, my #1 choice

Three boxes of Zotrim
Zotrim food supplement, my #1 choice

The Zotrim pill is a powerful natural appetite suppressant that you can purchase freely from your approved supplier. Its composition based on 100% natural plant extracts makes this food supplement a very powerful organic slimming ally. As proof, on the packaging, you find the following inscription: “herbal weight loss aid”. Clinical tests have confirmed the effectiveness of this slimming capsule. Zotrim is both an appetite suppressant and a highly proven weight loss product available on the market.

The main active ingredients of your Zotrim appetite suppressant

Zotrim is 100% natural. Its main ingredients are:

Yerba mate – Leaf extract

Mate or Yerba Mate (Ilex paraguariensis) is rich in caffeine and saponins and also contains polyphenols such as flavonoids. It has anti-oxidant properties. It produces more heat, therefore burning more calories and reducing body fat. It is a powerful appetite suppressant used in the fight against obesity. It helps you lose weight or lose weight until you naturally reach the expected figure or weight range.

Guarana – Seed Extract

Guarana (Paullina cupana) is an Amazonian shrub containing the highest concentration of caffeine in the world! It acts as an energizer. Caffeine accelerates the burning of body fat; it boosts human metabolism. It even has the particularity of inhibiting the genes responsible for fat production.

In addition to its anti-oxidant properties, guarana also improves blood circulation and helps overcome fatigue.

Damiana – Leaf Extract

The Damiana or Damiane (Turnera diffused) has the ability to increase metabolism and improve energy levels in the body. It helps in reducing body fat.


Very well known and used for weight loss, caffeine stimulates and tones the body. It keeps you alert and increases your ability to concentrate. The most interesting thing here is its proven effects on weight loss.

Vitamins B3 and B6

Both are essential for the proper functioning of the body. Vitamin B3 or Niacin regulates cholesterol levels in the blood. This vitamin intervenes to slow down the amount of fat in the body, the production of energy in the cells as well as for the protection of nerve cells.

As for vitamin B6, it plays an essential role in energy production by using muscle glycogen. It also contributes to the synthesis of certain antibodies as well as the production of hemoglobin. However, it should be noted that these different constituents of your Zotrim appetite suppressant are only briefly presented.

My comparison of the best natural appetite suppressant foods

Losing weight, burning excess fat and calories from the body: this seems to be the objective that everyone, man or woman, has set for themselves to have the perfect figure. “Staying in shape” becomes obsessive, and resorting to any kind of treatment to achieve this goal is a major concern. Among these remedies, we could classify the exercise of a sporting activity, the use of appetite suppressants or fat burners, or the use of slimming diets. So, among your favorite foods, you will find true wonders that nature offers you to help you in your quest to lose weight. This list is not a top but presents you the best appetite suppressants which you can easily find on the market.

#1 Green tea

Green tea is perfect to start the day with a punch. It acts on weight loss (it helps to lower cholesterol). Indeed, its polyphenol content makes this appetite suppressant a powerful organic antioxidant. In addition, rich in epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), green tea extract contributes to increasing energy expenditure and lipid metabolism, as evidenced by the studies of Dulloo AG, et al., (1999) and Cronin JR . (2000).

a cup of green tea
Green tea (Camelia sinensis) is a natural beverage highly recommended if you want to lose a few pounds that have become annoying.

Caffeine, catechin and theanine, other constituents of green tea, would also contribute to this natural effect in food supplements against obesity. So, taken at breakfast, it tends to eliminate fat. This therefore ensures weight loss on the scale by inhibiting the feeling of hunger and therefore your appetite.

During the afternoon, taking your infusion constitutes a barrier against cravings. Thanks to its water supply, it allows good hydration of your body and helps burn body fat through its draining effect. A cup of this precious beverage, one hour before meals, effectively calms the feeling of hunger. Three cups on average daily would protect you from snacking or cravings.

Chantre et al., (2002) demonstrated that standardized green tea extract containing 25% EGCG contributes to weight loss in moderately obese patients.

How to benefit from the many natural virtues of green tea?

In order to benefit from all its virtues and avoid any possible breakdown, consider making your own preparations.

Bring your water to the boil (90°C minimum) and let your tea steep for 2 to 5 minutes maximum depending on the variety used. Take the time to savor your delight. It would also have the ability to lower blood pressure, fight diabetes, prevent cardiovascular diseases and have anti-cancer properties.

Good to know, overconsumption of your slimming ally, especially in the evening, could lead to sleep problems in some people due to its caffeine content.

#2 Oatmeal

Oatmeal acts as an effective appetite regulator. Oats balance the nerves and reduce cholesterol. It is also one of the natural foods richest in soluble fiber; these fibers give it the power to capture sugars and fats and have them evacuated by the body even before their assimilation.

Appetite suppressant foods
Oatmeal is an appetite suppressant food.

These soluble fibers are regulators of blood cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels. This factor helps melt excess fat from your body. Thus, you will be able to observe a much appreciated calorie loss, if you are one of those who control their weight and watch their figure. Oats are an excellent appetite suppressant. Because another impact of fiber on appetite is certainly the slowing down of gastric emptying. It also helps lower blood sugar levels in patients with type 2 diabetes.

Its outer shell, oat bran, contains a multitude of nutrients essential to the body: vitamins E, B1, proteins, manganese, selenium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, copper. A bowl of oatmeal for breakfast or dinner is pleasant to eat thanks to its texture and taste, but can also occupy your stomach for long hours.

#3 Banana

The banana has the properties of an appetite suppressant because it contains complex slow sugars. The characteristic of slow sugars is that they are slowly assimilated by the body. This therefore causes a feeling of satiety which lasts for several hours. These slow sugars end up being transformed into simpler sugars (glucose), your body’s real energy reservoir.

Banana, a natural appetite suppressant
Banana, fruits

Additionally, bananas contain lipase. This compound would promote fat burning and facilitate the loss of unwanted pounds. Bananas limit snacking and reduce body fat: when the body ingests fewer calories than it uses to function, then there is weight loss.

It is also a fruit rich in starch, relatively filling. This appetite suppressant fruit is rich in fiber, vitamin B and potassium. It is suitable for people under treatment and suffering from heart disease or high blood pressure (non-potassium-sparing diuretics and digitalis type cardiotonics).

These people need a greater intake of potassium which can be obtained healthily from bananas. The banana limits snacking and the consumption of sweet products (especially at breakfast). It provides a feeling of satiety and contributes to weight loss

However, the banana is a fruit naturally rich in sugar, consuming it alone in the morning can cause significant variations in blood sugar levels. This is not without risk in people taking insulin or suffering from insulin resistance.

#4 Melon

Melon is your very popular fruit in summer because it is naturally full of water. It is precisely its high water potential that makes this food an excellent organic appetite suppressant. It is ideal for helping you lose weight because, in addition to hydrating your body, it blocks the feeling of hunger and on the contrary gives you a feeling of fullness throughout the day.

This fruit is very low in calories (around 34 calories per 100g), which makes it an ideal companion if you want to lose weight.

Also very rich in potassium and minerals, your slimming companion is also good for your kidneys because it is a detoxifier. It has diuretic properties and helps eliminate toxins. Taken as a starter, dessert or snack, depending on your convenience, this powerful moisturizer quickly gives you a feeling of satiety and in great shape all day long.

I recommend a homemade smoothie, made from melon that you can take everywhere with you and drink as much as you want. This is quite convenient than walking around with slices on you all day long. Consider consuming it just before meals to curb hunger, because remember, it contains a lot of water.

#5 Apple

Your favorite fruit is actually a great ally if you plan to lose a few pounds. It is a fat-burning food whose effectiveness no longer needs to be demonstrated. Thanks to its high content of soluble dietary fiber, apples help trap lipids in the body.

The soluble fibers contained in apples block bile salts and cholesterol in your body and promote their elimination by boosting intestinal transit. These soluble fibers even help regulate blood cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels. Hence their beneficial action on melting fat mass.

Rich in vitamins (notably vitamin C), with a low caloric intake (50 kcal per 100 g), the apple remains the ideal fruit, because not only does it contain few or no calories, but it has the advantage of acting as an appetite suppressant. Thanks to its powerful appetite suppressant action, the apple is undoubtedly a fruit to consume without moderation if the desired effect is to stay in shape.

And if by chance you can’t resist a craving: no need to stress, bite into an apple as a snack and that’s it. This fruit, very low in calories and an excellent appetite suppressant, will give you the necessary resources to last until your next scheduled meal.

The apple, the remedy for men and women

Natural appetite suppressant
Apple is a natural appetite suppressant.

Apple is a fruit rich in pectin which helps burn fat better. Pectin accelerates the elimination of excess fat via intestinal transit.

In addition, apple cider vinegar is rich in pectin and provides a feeling of satiety. Acetic acid, another active ingredient in cider vinegar, causes the burning of body fat, particularly in the stomach, thighs and buttocks. No more rebellious fat hiding in your thighs, your hips, your viscera or your buttocks. You are fuller longer.

Not only is this fruit an excellent appetite suppressant, a fat burner to solve your overweight problems, but it also helps solve your diarrhea or constipation problems. This fruit is well assimilated by almost everyone and ideal for your starters, desserts, snacks, salads and so on. This fruit remedy boosts your metabolism.

#6 Agar agar

You have often been afraid to approach your scales, you feel uncomfortable looking in the mirror because of your body distorted by the pounds. No more complexes. Eat healthy by consuming agar agar, preferably organic. Far from being a talisman or a miracle potion, it is the best-known fiber (or almost) for suppressing hunger and regulating your appetite.

agar-agar appetite suppressant
Agar-agar is a food product extracted from red algae.

The viscous fibers contained in this red algae extract have exceptional appetite suppressant properties. This natural appetite suppressant is very effective in reducing your cholesterol level and even in boosting your intestinal transit because it is useful in combating constipation.

How it works ?

Agar-agar is rich in soluble fiber which will swell in your stomach upon contact with liquids. This is the origin of its appetite suppressant effect. Consumed in the form of capsules or infusion, this natural gelling agent of plant (non-animal) origin with a powerful appetite suppressant action can also be suitable for vegetarians. For weight loss, I strongly recommend using agar-agar, if you are not allergic to marine products.

Preferably dissolved in a hot liquid, the powder becomes gelatin, which allows you to eat less at meals and reinforces its effectiveness. You can still use lukewarm water or fruit juice (to prevent it from gelling), about 30 minutes before the main meals. The feeling of hunger will be felt less during meals.

Good to know: your natural gelling agent could be a substitute for pork gelatin sheets in your cakes and other preparations requiring consistency and firmness.

#7 egg


The egg is a food accessible to everyone. But these enormous benefits are probably unknown to many, especially people looking for a weight loss diet. The egg is an immense source of protein and can be consumed in different forms. But if you suffer from a complex because of your overweight and want to control calories, I strongly recommend boiled or hard-boiled eggs.

Egg is an animal protein. It is very filling and an effective appetite suppressant.

Why the hard boiled egg?

The hard-boiled egg is known as a food that facilitates the effect of satiety (appetite suppressant effect). Just one hard-boiled egg will satisfy your hunger. Because, in addition to being very protein-rich, the hard-boiled egg has the particularity of being filling, it sits well in your stomach. This is what makes this food an excellent appetite suppressant. It is also a low-calorie food. Consuming a hard-boiled egg will only provide around 80 kilocalories to your body, which is very low.

Just as good to know, a hard-boiled egg can easily replace meat during your meal. It is also a great source of vitamins and nutrients essential to your body. It is clear that the egg is an excellent food to include in your weight loss diet. Your appetite suppressant also contains amino acids, vitamins A, D, E, B12. It provides your body with zinc, phosphorus, iron, potassium and magnesium.

With a low energy value, you are sure to refine your figure. You can accompany it with a small salad of raw carrots, or according to your convenience, with cooked carrots, all seasoned with aromatic herbs to enhance the taste. Above all, consume your hard-boiled eggs without mayonnaise or other added products.

#8 Legumes

In addition to being pleasant to the palate, legumes (lentils, beans, etc.) are slimming allies. Very rich in complex carbohydrates or slow sugars, they have the advantage of providing a feeling of satiety quickly and lastingly thanks to the action of these slow sugars.

An assortment of legumes

The fibers they contain also give them an appetite suppressant property in their role as regulator of intestinal transit. They are beneficial for the intestines. Fiber, by soaking up water, increases the effect of satiety and takes up an important place in the stomach. Hunger is naturally suppressed.

Legumes essentially provide complex carbohydrates, the main source of energy for the brain and muscles. It is therefore right that I recommend them to you at every meal. In addition, the body’s assimilation of complex carbohydrates from pulses is relatively slow. This allows a gradual diffusion of energy in the body. Legumes therefore cause a feeling of satiety and provide you with the resources to resist the temptation to snack and last until the next meal.

#9 Caffeine

One of the compounds in your favorite natural slimming ally, Zotrim, is caffeine. It increases your body’s resting metabolism. It is a principle that tones, energizes, reduces fatigue and above all inhibits hunger and your crazy desires to snack. It is also a natural ingredient taken into account in the composition of food supplements against overweight and obesity. Caffeine is a very good ingredient for health because it would lower the rate of diabetes in patients suffering from diabetes 2, those suffering from overweight.

A cup of coffee
Caffeine (contained in coffee, tea and Guarana) also helps increase energy expenditure and lipid metabolism. It is known to help with weight loss.

The appetite-suppressing properties of caffeine are common knowledge. Caffeine causes energy expenditure and increases lipolysis. This substance acts on the central nervous system, the cardiovascular system and the adipocyte. Caffeine stimulates an increase in nervous activity, it blocks adenosine receptors in the brain. The consequence is the release of norepinephrine which instructs adipocytes to release their contents and therefore “burn fat” to provide energy.

Coffee consumption promotes the burning of body fat through the action of caffeine. This accelerates the melting of fatty substances, increases the basic metabolism of cells and thus promotes the elimination of stored fats. It also stimulates the release of catecholamines, including adrenaline which allows the body to burn fat more quickly. However, I would advise you not to exceed a daily intake of 400 mg of caffeine.

#10 Foods rich in vitamins B3 and B6

The main use of vitamin B3 or niacin is to regulate cholesterol. Its contribution to the body is beneficial because it would indeed help to reduce the level of bad cholesterol (LDL-C and lipoproteins) in favor of good cholesterol (HDL-C).

Vitamin B3 provides a feeling of satiety. Another interesting property, if you want to control your weight, is the action of vitamin B3 on increasing leptin levels. Indeed, leptin is the satiety hormone par excellence. It plays the role of regulator of fat reserves in the body. The higher the leptin level, the greater its appetite suppressant effect. This is where we see the usefulness of vitamin B3 (niacin) in weight control or control.

Vitamin B3 also reduces the level of triglycerides, the main constituents of fats, which could be harmful to health when their levels increase in the blood. True energy sources and transformers, vitamins B3 and B6 provide you with the energy essential to your body in the event of asthenia following your weight loss.

Vitamin B6 and konjac

A very little known source of vitamin B6 is konjac. It is, without a doubt, one of the most effective natural appetite suppressant foods. A very high fiber and vitamin B6 content gives konjac enormous health and slimming benefits. Among other things, he:

  • swells in the stomach and gives the feeling of fullness;
  • has an appetite suppressant effect and reduces appetite;
  • regulates the glycemic index and the absorption of sugars;
  • proves energizing thanks to its vitamin B6 content;
  • regulates cholesterol levels.

Vitamin B6 participates in the mobilization of several digestive and metabolizing enzymes, contributing to weight loss.

the konjac plant
A view of the plant called konjac

#11 Yerba mate leaf extract

Originally from South America, mate is a shrub very appreciated for its numerous medicinal virtues. The delicately dried leaves of mate are infused to give a beverage with enormous benefits, especially for weight control. Indeed, Yerba Maté herbal tea has a diuretic and appetite suppressant effect.

Mate tea contains compounds such as methylxanthines (caffeine and theobromine). This tea boosts metabolism and increases caloric expenditure at rest thanks to its thermogenic effect. This increases fat burning in the stomach, thigh, buttocks and leads to weight loss.

In addition, your mate tea has diuretic properties (fight against water retention). Rich in antioxidants with a stimulating effect, yerba mate leaf extract improves heart and brain health in addition to facilitating digestion.

Yerba Mate, a plant with appetite suppressant extracts

The different types of appetite suppressant foods

Foods can be classified into several categories: foods for growth, protection and those of strength. There are different categories: lipids, proteins, carbohydrates. Within these large groups, we find subgroups. And when it comes to appetite suppressant foods, I can cite the following different types:

  • Proteins (meat, eggs and fish)
  • Starchy foods;
  • Milk and dairy products;

Animal proteins: how are they appetite suppressant foods?

Fish and meat require relatively long chewing. However, the brain therefore has time to better react to satiety signals. A high protein content causes the lining of the duodenum to secrete pancreozymin or cholecystokynin, a satiating hormone. Protein stimulates many other satiety mechanisms that reduce or suppress hunger.

Are starchy foods really appetite suppressant foods?

Contrary to popular belief which recommends avoiding them to lose weight, starchy foods are indeed appetite suppressant foods. They maintain satiety by giving the body stable and lasting energy. But, for starchy foods to have an appetite suppressant effect, they must be consumed whole and unrefined. Starchy foods include bread,

Milk and dairy products suppress appetite

Skimmed or semi-skimmed milk, cottage cheese and natural yogurt have a thick consistency. Once consumed, they quickly induce a feeling of satiety. However, they are also rich in proteins and bio-active components whose energy supply induces a feeling of satiety that lasts.

Among the appetite suppressant foods, it would be possible to make categorizations. However, to keep it simple, I propose another categorization of appetite suppressant foods. On one side, liquid appetite suppressants and on the other, foods to suppress hunger.

Liquid appetite suppressants

In my humble opinion, you will find among the good liquids to ward off hunger sugar-free green tea, caffeine (in coffee), herbal teas made from plant extracts (Maté, Guarana Damiana) and pure water. The truth is, it’s not just by eating that you can satisfy hunger.

Solid appetite suppressants

You can store eggs, starchy foods, legumes (chickpeas, beans, beans, small weights, lentils, etc.) there.

How do natural appetite suppressants work?

Appetite suppressants are foods whose action is to inhibit your sometimes overflowing appetite. The desired result is to allow your body to burn fat, reduce appetite, reduce calories in order to lose weight. By losing kilos in this way, you tend towards your most beautiful figure.

full woman
Appetite suppressants are not magic potions that a few insiders prescribe to you to get rid of stubborn pounds. It is important to follow the opinions and advice of doctors and other practitioners.

According to a study by Jenkins, D. (2000), there are three effective ways to lose weight with a weight loss diet:

  • reduce the food portions eaten;
  • eat a diet high in protein and low in complex carbohydrates;
  • or eat a diet high in complex carbohydrates and low in fat.

If the first two processes sometimes give mixed results, the last method has convincing results. The distension of the stomach walls after eating food stimulates the release of several hormones which block the feeling of hunger. In the process of digestion, certain receptors send an inhibitory signal to the part of the brain that manages appetite. It is especially in the intestine that proteins help deliver an “appetite suppressant” message.

These characteristics are more present in some foods than others. Foods with this strong appetite suppressant potential are appetite suppressants. They act as obstacles to your desire to snack or eat for several hours.

Your questions

What foods burn belly fat?

There are many foods that burn belly fat. These include, among others: lemon, apple, eggplant, cinnamon, pineapple, avocado, green tea, coffee, ginger and papaya. Many of them can also help you slim down your thighs and buttocks.

What is the best natural appetite suppressant?

I would cite Zotrim as the best appetite suppressant because of the synergistic effect displayed by its active ingredients. However, there are other very good natural appetite suppressants, such as PhenQ in particular. In terms of natural foods, the 11 presented above are excellent!

Are there foods that bloat the stomach?

Yes, raw vegetables, raw vegetables, fatty and salty foods, dairy products, chewing gum and your soft drinks are all foods that make the stomach bloat.

Is the glycemic index of foods important to limit the feeling of satiety?

Yes, very important. Foods with a low glycemic index (below 55) are preferred because they prolong the feeling of satiety. The fewer foods with a high glycemic index you eat, the better off you will be.

Can you eat appetite suppressant foods all day? Even in the evening?

Yes it is doable, even in the evening. Don’t take the risk of “catching up” on everything you missed during the day and regaining the weight you lost. As a nutrition lover would say: “Your stomach has not yet digested dinner and is already asking for a biscuit? Help it calm down by preparing a herbal tea. Not only will you benefit from its soothing properties to better sleep, but it can also calm the feeling of hunger and the desire to snack.

Is it better to eat liquids or solids to suppress hunger?

Appetite suppressants can be both solid and liquid (a glass of water, your infusion of green tea, etc.). It’s not just by eating that you can satisfy hunger!

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