Linden sapwood

[Article updated on 19/09/2023]

Difficult to find natural preparations in pharmacies. Far too often, we leave the field open to large pharmaceutical groups to produce drugs or products that allow us to lose weight. However, moving away from natural can sometimes cause problems with side and unwanted effects. But when we stay natural, organic, in the composition of a medicine, the effects are perfectly controlled. This is how linden sapwood has repeatedly proven itself in terms of weight loss treatment.

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What is lime sapwood?

Sapwood is a part of the lime tree, living tissue like leaves or fruits. It is in this part of the tree that the raw sap circulates. It is therefore an innervated part which transports a huge number of minerals and materials necessary for the growth of the tree. And this is what makes this part so interesting in its consumption thanks to an extraordinary composition.

The lime sapwood is harvested in an artisanal manner and with respect for nature

But when we talk about lime, we are talking about the species of Roussillon, because it is this one, the tilia sylvestris which is used to extract sapwood. There is only in this variety that we find therapeutic virtues.

The sapwood is the soft part of the tree. And in this case, lime tree. This is the light wood which is located just under the bark. At the opposite, we find the heart of the tree which is located in the center of the trunk. The two distinguish easily. The sapwood is light and tender. The heart is darker and harder. During the rise of the sap, the sapwood is loaded with water, that contained in the soil and transports the minerals essential to the growth of subjects, trees often several centuries old.

Linden sapwood is considered to have several virtues. Among these are the properties draining, diuretic, slimming which allows you to lose weight thanks to organic products. He also acts as an antispasmodic, to calm the stomach in case of pain or difficulty digesting.

Not all trees are sapwood producers

Indeed, as has just been discussed, only the lime trees of the Roussillon allows sapwood to be extracted with therapeutic properties. Virtues which are intrinsically linked to the quality of the water in the region, also known for its spas. But that’s not all !

In fact, there is only a tiny portion of the trees planted that can be cut to extract the sapwood.

First of all, it is necessary that the tree possesses a certain maturity. The trunk must therefore be at least 25 years old. In addition to the trunk, we can use other large branches to remove sapwood. Smaller branches are useless, because they do not contain sufficiently rich sapwood. Of Moreover, you have to choose the trees carefully, because they are cut. All error therefore results in a loss of 25 years of growth. Same if we leave the tree becomes infected or rots, it will no longer be usable…

Then, the harvest can only be done during a short period over the year. You have to wait until the beginning of June when the sap begins to rise. Then, a window of 6 to 8 weeks allows the trees to be cut down, peel and dry the plates outdoors in the sun.

The interest of this period lies in the fact that the tree is fully awake and creating a lot of sap. So much so that once cut, It looks like the wood is wet.

How to make a preparation with lime sapwood?

There’s nothing complicated about it. It’s like a herbal tea or infusion. Of course, there are multiple ways to prepare your decoction, depending on whether you are a purist or have a more pragmatic approach; that we take the time to infuse or we look for an immediate solution and fast.

To prepare a true decoction based on linden sapwood, it was approximately 40 grams of sticks Place in a liter of cold water. He then heat everything at a low simmer for a twenty minutess. The true purist will say not to cover the pan to let the water vapor escape. At the end of cooking, only 2/3 of the mixture should remain in the saucepan and it should be drunk from the daytime. This decoction does not keep in the fridge and cannot be kept for several days.

Not everyone has time to prepare their linden sapwood decoction. For these people, several manufacturers have succeeded in developing light bulbs containing a ready-to-use solution. Simply ingest it as if you were drinking an ampoule of vitamins. Here, it is no longer really a slimming drink prepared by infusion, but rather a cold-extracted concentrate.

It is easy to prepare a decoction with linden sapwood, but it must be drunk during the day.

What are the virtues attributed to lime sapwood?

Linden sapwood was once part of the vast array grandmothers. It was considered a remedy in its own right which justified its use in a number of situations. Moreover, he was a time when the purchase of lime sapwood was reimbursed by Security Social. Today, of course, this is no longer the case.

An action on the liver

Decoctions from this tree contain substances that influence the liver. The latter is stimulated. And who says stimulation says improvement of metabolism. This is called a depurative action.

Certain periods of the year are also well known for clog the liver. For example, end-of-year holidays, Easter, etc. These are times when we eat a lot and during which the liver becomes engorged. As it is an organ through which blood passes and which acts as a filter, it becomes clogged with impurities and toxins that the body has ingested.

Consuming lime sapwood allows the liver to produce more of juices and better evacuate everyone waste. The time required to cleanse your body varies, but it is often considered that a treatment of around ten days is necessary to have an overall slimming effect.

An action on the kidneys

Linden sapwood also acts on the kidneys thanks to its draining power. Like many infusions, it stimulates the evacuation of bodily fluids. And that’s still the case here.

The kidneys tend to work poorly when we don’t hydrate well. In fact, the volume of fluids in the body makes it possible to thin the blood, but also to extract waste and toxins from the body in the form of urine. However, when the body is dehydrated, these impurities have tendency to precipitate and form small stones. That’s what we call of the kidney stones.

Very painful, it is difficult to get rid of. Today, the simplest method is a hospital intervention with ultrasound to break up these stones. The sapwood acts in particular on this point and dissolving uric acid. This acid is the basis of kidney stones and drop.

Actions on other internal organs

In addition to the liver and kidneys, lime sapwood also acts on other organs of the digestive system.

The activity of the vesicle is better regulated. This means that it produces bile depending on what is necessary for the body and meets its needs. Which is not always the case when the body ingests too much food that is too fatty, too rich or too much alcohol. In these cases, digestion becomes difficult, which is resolved by a treatment of lime sapwood.

It will also be noted that the intestines work better during and after this decoction treatment.

Finally, for people who suffer from water retention, lime sapwood has an undeniable advantage. It helps drain the body and prevents cells from retaining too much water.

It is at the foot of Canigou that the lime sapwood is harvested.

Antispasmodic action

When we talk about antispasmodic, we must understand that it acts mainly on smooth muscles. These muscles are those which line the interior of the organs. They are therefore to be opposed to skeletal muscles, those that are visible: biceps, hamstrings, glutes, etc.

THE smooth muscles are those who cannot be seen. They cover all the organs that must be contract, that is to say almost all of them. It is found in the stomach, intestines, gallbladder, bladder, etc. These are hollow organs (stomach, bladder) or tubular (intestines) and which contract naturally to work.

Their functioning also comes from the unconscious. Person doesn’t feel these muscles working. All this is managed by the system autonomic nervous (or visceral), and it controls everything that is not voluntary.

However, these muscles also sometimes cramp. Those are internal pain that is difficult to make disappear, because it is not possible to massage them. In these cases, a decoction of lime sapwood is perfect, because it acts directly on these pains and alleviates them. It’s that called an antispasmodic. This effect is produced by one of the substances contained in the sapwood: the phloroglucinol.

Are there any dangers in consuming lime sapwood?

The sapwood is a part of the lime tree and is, as such, completely natural. Drink as a decoction, it is even more digestible and gentle for the organism. However, as it has a targeted action on the liver, People with liver problems may experience difficulty.

This is particularly the case for people suffering from hepatic colic. Ingestion of a Sapwood infusion can trigger a small attack.

Apart from this particular case, there is no contraindication to the use of lime sapwood.

Where can you buy lime sapwood?

This is an unusual product, but it is not rare. And if you are looking for a quality product, it is imperative to stay on French. There are ersatz products in the food and slimming supplements section from other regions of the world, but they are pale copies of what is done here, where only one family still exploits this in an artisanal way. ancestral know-how.

Also, we can forget the supermarkets and hypermarkets generalists regarding a purchase. To do this, you will have to go to an herbalist or in an organic store.

Finally, there are also online purchasing solutions, but they are relatively few in number. And then, there are enough physical sellers who will also give good advice on preparation and use.

Linden sapwood has slimming properties thanks to its draining properties

Is there a scientific opinion on lime sapwood?

Big pharmaceutical companies have always observed nature before producing medicines. It is therefore certain that they studied the sapwood under a microscope to know its active ingredients and produce medicines.

At the level of the literature scientist, it is also a subject in its own right with books, more or less scientific, which are devoted to it and numerous doctoral theses.

Some of the actions of the sapwood have been scientifically proven thanks to its composition. This is the case of the dissolving action of uric acid and diuretic properties of the decoction. The results are included in a “Pharmacological study of Tilia sylvestris sapwood by Doctor Cahen.

Then, an in-depth analysis of the components of the sapwood demonstrates that it contains a lot of polyphenols in its composition basic.

Among these we can count the phloroglucinols, referred elsewhere in this article, which has antispasmodic properties.

We also find tilliadin having proven draining power, tannins with antioxidant action and coumarins. The latter have several characteristics: venotonic, vasculoprotective, analgesic and anti inflammatory.